number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Sep 14,"A Dog Eat Dog World/Runaway Bedroom Set",""
2,1,2,22 Sep 14,"Dodging Grandma/Horrible Neighbors",""
3,1,3,23 Sep 14,"You Sold Me A Dead Woman's Car/MMA Fight To Get My Money",""
4,1,4,23 Sep 14,"Harley Slam/Summer of 2013",""
5,1,5,24 Sep 14,"Cell Phone Scam/Brooklyn Zoo",""
6,1,6,24 Sep 14,"Irresponsible/Hit and Split",""
7,1,7,25 Sep 14,"She's a Slumlord from Hell",""
8,1,8,25 Sep 14,"Caught on Video",""
9,1,9,26 Sep 14,"Senior Trip Flip/Food Truck Fiasco",""
10,1,10,26 Sep 14,"A Drone and a Dogfight/She's Not Flying the Friendly Skies",""
11,1,11,29 Sep 14,"Bed Bug in a Bottle/The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing",""
12,1,12,30 Sep 14,"Penetrating Numbers/No Good Deed",""
13,1,13,01 Oct 14,"Big Chef All Talk/30 Day Notice",""
14,1,14,02 Oct 14,"Let the Music Play",""
15,1,15,03 Oct 14,"My Landlord Held Me Hostage/The Great Escape",""
16,1,16,06 Oct 14,"Sugar Daddy Shakedown/Hit the Bottle, Hit the Pole",""
17,1,17,07 Oct 14,"First Stage Play/Bringing Down the House",""
18,1,18,08 Oct 14,"Blurred Lines/Fender Bender Flip-Flop",""
19,1,19,09 Oct 14,"Odometer Setback",""
20,1,20,10 Oct 14,"Facebook Phone Feud/Thought You Had a Friend",""
21,1,21,13 Oct 14,"Abandoned RV/Cruise Control",""
22,1,22,14 Oct 14,"Owned Not Operated; Beauty and the Birdseed Bone Collector",""
23,1,23,15 Oct 14,"Florida or Bust/No Money, More Problems",""
24,1,24,16 Oct 14,"Insta-Slam",""
25,1,25,17 Oct 14,"Crushed/Dream House Nightmare",""
26,1,26,20 Oct 14,"Bait and Switch/Feuding Neighbors, Dueling Dogs",""
27,1,27,21 Oct 14,"Lock Your Phone or Live Alone/Friendship Doesn't Compute",""
28,1,28,22 Oct 14,"Can't Play Me/Double Ended",""
29,1,29,23 Oct 14,"High School Break-In",""
30,1,30,24 Oct 14,"Daycare Dream/My First Accident",""
31,1,31,27 Oct 14,"Cupcake Wars/Big Bear, Small Crash",""
32,1,32,28 Oct 14,"Jackass: That Dog-Gone Rental",""
33,1,33,29 Oct 14,"Play No Pay/Left Behind Bumper",""
34,1,34,30 Oct 14,"Too Legit to Evict",""
35,1,35,31 Oct 14,"Apartment Lies or Lust/Barking Up the Wrong Tree",""
36,1,36,03 Nov 14,"To Hustle a Hustler/Strong-Armed",""
37,1,37,04 Nov 14,"Over the Hedge/Gone to the Dogs",""
38,1,38,05 Nov 14,"Rusty Whip/Condo Con",""
39,1,39,06 Nov 14,"Baby Boy Tenant/Look What I Can Do",""
40,1,40,07 Nov 14,"Not Fast, But Furious/In-Law Feud",""
41,1,41,10 Nov 14,"Waterfall in the Bronx/The Shade Tree Mechanic",""
42,1,42,11 Nov 14,"Model Mayhem",""
43,1,43,12 Nov 14,"Baby Mama Bang Up/No Bunnies Allowed",""
44,1,44,13 Nov 14,"Best Friend Betrayal",""
45,1,45,14 Nov 14,"Who's Car Is It Anyway/Sasha Fierce",""
46,1,46,17 Nov 14,"Living Free Off Me/Basket-Bull Tournament",""
47,1,47,18 Nov 14,"Unlivable",""
48,1,48,19 Nov 14,"Naughty Driving Behavior/Almighty Isis Took a Chunk Out of My Leg",""
49,1,49,20 Nov 14,"Underage Impound",""
50,1,50,21 Nov 14,"Family Loan Feud/Switch-A-Roo",""
51,1,51,24 Nov 14,"Gambling Grandma/To Your Left",""
52,1,52,24 Nov 14,"Unlicensed Driver on Board",""
53,1,53,26 Nov 14,"Five Months in Hell",""
54,1,54,12 Jan 15,"Diva Stomp/Bumper Battles",""
55,1,55,13 Jan 15,"Two Weeks' Notice/You Owe Me, Now Pay",""
56,1,56,14 Jan 15,"Smoke Shop Shenanigans/Full of Excuses",""
57,1,57,15 Jan 15,"Daddy's Girl",""
58,1,58,16 Jan 15,"Cruisin' for a Bruisin/Stop Snitching",""
59,1,59,19 Jan 15,"Leaf Blowout/I Thought We Were Friends",""
60,1,60,19 Jan 15,"Toilet Tantrums/Terror in the Dollhouse",""
61,1,61,20 Jan 15,"Cancer Free/No Free Rent",""
62,1,62,22 Jan 15,"Comic Relief",""
63,1,63,22 Jan 15,"Brake-ing Bad/He's No Rhinestone Cowboy",""
64,1,64,26 Jan 15,"Not So Brotherly Love",""
65,1,65,27 Jan 15,"Vacation Rental Regret/Keeping it Cool",""
66,1,66,27 Jan 15,"Excuses, Excuses, Excuses",""
67,1,67,30 Jan 15,"Pay Up or Ship Out/Kitchen Nightmares",""
68,1,68,30 Jan 15,"Transmission Fail",""
69,1,69,02 Feb 15,"Sweetheart Scandal/Motor Mischief",""
70,1,70,02 Feb 15,"Friendship Loan/Make-Up to Break Up",""
71,1,71,03 Feb 15,"Ring Around the Roses/Friends or Roommates",""
72,1,72,05 Feb 15,"Shady Surveillance",""
73,1,73,05 Feb 15,"Motor City Madnes/Old Grumpy Men",""
74,1,74,09 Feb 15,"Get Out",""
75,1,75,09 Feb 15,"Repo, Eviction, and Destitute",""
76,1,76,02 Oct 15,"A Kind Threat/Lover's Quarrel",""
77,1,77,12 Feb 15,"Lipstick Lovers Shack Attack",""
78,1,78,12 Feb 15,"Not My Brother's Keeper/Get Out, Tenant, Get Out!",""
79,1,79,16 Feb 15,"Dead Woman's Goods/Car Crashed Credit",""
80,1,80,16 Feb 15,"Hogging It All",""
81,1,81,17 Feb 15,"Pay Your Own Student Loan/Urine or You're Out",""
82,1,82,19 Feb 15,"Boat People",""
83,1,83,19 Feb 15,"Single White Male/Rent-A-Crash",""
84,1,84,23 Feb 15,"Bicycle Pitts Stop/Burning Down the House",""
85,1,85,23 Feb 15,"Handing Out Chances/Who Let the Dogs Out",""
86,1,86,24 Feb 15,"Roommate Run-Off/99 Cent Brick",""
87,1,87,26 Feb 15,"Double Hit and Run/Busted Up, Now Pay Up",""
88,1,88,26 Feb 15,"House of Lies/No Performance Motorcycle",""
89,1,89,02 Mar 15,"Smoggy Sale/Tenant Robbery",""
90,1,90,02 Mar 15,"One Less Brother/High-End",""
91,1,91,03 Mar 15,"Flew the Coop/Hell on the Second Floor",""
92,1,92,05 Mar 15,"Corrupt Contractor",""
93,1,93,05 Mar 15,"Like Mike/Soggy Consignment Store",""
94,1,94,09 Mar 15,"Mommy Money",""
95,1,95,09 Mar 15,"The Finish/Deposit Dispute",""
96,1,96,10 Mar 15,"Shower Head/Devious Driver",""
97,1,97,12 Mar 15,"Bad Breeding/Bite Me",""
98,1,98,12 Mar 15,"You Stole My Bedroom Set",""
99,1,99,16 Mar 15,"Beetlejuice Bedroom/Love, Death and Taxes",""
100,1,100,19 Mar 15,"Super Friends",""
101,1,101,23 Mar 15,"Rental Cat-Astrophe/Taking Its Toll",""
102,1,102,23 Mar 15,"Moldy Manor",""
103,1,103,24 Mar 15,"Black Mold/Horse Trailer Hostage",""
104,1,104,26 Mar 15,"I Should Have Bought an Italian Scooter/Down on My Luck",""
105,1,105,26 Mar 15,"My Wedding: A Tale of Two Limos/Save Momma's Ashes",""
106,1,106,06 Apr 15,"Movie Projector Madness",""
107,1,107,06 Apr 15,"Tenant Tally-Up/And They Called It Puppy Love",""
108,1,108,07 Apr 15,"You're in Carpet Hell/Return My Czech",""
109,1,109,09 Apr 15,"Slip-N-Slide Basement/Threats and Stolen Property",""
110,1,110,09 Apr 15,"Pregnant and Pit Bit/Craigslist Fail",""
111,1,111,13 Apr 15,"Playing Dirty/Motorcycle Mayhem",""
112,1,112,13 Apr 15,"Friend or Foe/Sweet Home Soured",""
113,1,113,14 Apr 15,"I'm No Loan Shark/Rental Retaliation",""
114,1,114,16 Apr 15,"Camper Con/Baby, It's Cold Inside",""
115,1,115,16 Apr 15,"As-Is Junk/Family Money Pit",""
116,1,116,20 Apr 15,"Home Is Where the Hunk Is/Hit and Tried to Run",""
117,1,117,21 Apr 15,"Football Feud",""
118,1,118,20 Apr 15,"Cell Phone Stalker/Man Overboard",""
119,1,119,23 Apr 15,"Orange Is Not the New Black",""
120,1,120,24 Apr 15,"Substandard Living/Lights, Camera, Action",""
121,1,121,27 Apr 15,"Harleys, Loans and Stolen Booze",""
122,1,122,27 Apr 15,"Petty Theft",""
123,1,123,28 Apr 15,"Dog Bite Showdown/Swoop and Squat?",""
124,1,124,30 Apr 15,"The Good Aunt",""
125,1,125,30 Apr 15,"Renter's Remorse/Terror in the Doll House",""
126,1,126,04 May 15,"Walking Dead Man",""
127,1,127,04 May 15,"Rabbi Real Estate/Taking Charge",""
128,1,128,05 May 15,"Instagram Flexing",""
129,1,129,07 May 15,"Football Thugs",""
130,1,130,07 May 15,"Fishing for Love",""
131,1,131,11 May 15,"Bedbug Bedlam",""
132,1,132,11 May 15,"Bus Driver's Buyout/Lover's Quarrel",""
133,1,133,12 May 15,"My Grandbaby or Car",""
134,1,134,14 May 15,"You Cheated Me Out of My Money",""
135,1,135,14 May 15,"Church Crush",""
136,1,136,18 May 15,"Love Don't Live Here Anymore/$24/Month Rent",""
137,1,137,18 May 15,"Rock City",""
138,1,138,19 May 15,"Cockroach Central/Family Friend Feud",""
139,1,139,21 May 15,"Designer Bag Wars/Roommates or Thieves",""
140,1,140,21 May 15,"Too Close for Comfort",""
141,1,141,25 May 15,"Baby Mama Bang Up Part Two/Best Friend Fist Fight",""
142,1,142,25 May 15,"Hair Gone Wrong",""
143,1,143,26 May 15,"Taxi Lover",""
144,1,144,28 May 15,"Credit Repair Fraud",""
145,1,145,28 May 15,"She Let Gangbangers Crash My Pad",""
146,1,146,01 Jun 15,"The Rat Zone/Our Friendship Is Fini",""
147,1,147,01 Jun 15,"Rock N Roll Electric Bill/Laptop Catfight",""
148,2,1,21 Sep 15,"Foster Daughter Drama/BFF Betrayal",""
149,2,2,21 Sep 15,"Beatdown in D-Town",""
150,2,3,22 Sep 15,"Hair Faux Pas",""
151,2,4,22 Sep 15,"Laptop Shower/Gigolo Broke My Heart",""
152,2,5,23 Sep 15,"I'm From the D/Blocked Friendship",""
153,2,6,23 Sep 15,"Flirting With Disaster/Massage Mishap",""
154,2,7,24 Sep 15,"Laundry/Stray Bullet",""
155,2,8,24 Sep 15,"Uber Madness",""
156,2,9,25 Sep 15,"Bad Boy Bailout",""
157,2,10,25 Sep 15,"Gold Swagger/BF Identity Theft",""
158,2,11,28 Sep 15,"Car Title Hostage/He Says, He Says",""
159,2,12,28 Sep 15,"Do as I Say/Repairing Friendships",""
160,2,13,29 Sep 15,"Serial Scammer",""
161,2,14,29 Sep 15,"Dental Disaster/She's Holding My Keyboard Hostage",""
162,2,15,30 Sep 15,"Angry Old Men/Duct Tape My Car",""
163,2,16,30 Sep 15,"Money Hungry Sister",""
164,2,17,01 Oct 15,"Photoshop at the Casket Shop/She Stole a Ticket to Ride",""
165,2,18,01 Oct 15,"Totaled Re-Car/Poker Buddy's Bluff",""
166,2,19,02 Oct 15,"Houseguest Theft",""
167,2,20,02 Oct 15,"Booty, Booze and Bites/Boot Camp Betrayal",""
168,2,21,05 Oct 15,"Peeping Tom/Fender Bender Backfire",""
169,2,22,05 Oct 15,"Best Friend Brawl",""
170,2,23,06 Oct 15,"Wheel of Misfortune/Television Tempest",""
171,2,24,06 Oct 15,"Selfish Sibling/Throwing Shade in the Parking Lot",""
172,2,25,07 Oct 15,"Church Pimping/Sick Puppy",""
173,2,26,07 Oct 15,"Coming to America",""
174,2,27,08 Oct 15,"Mr. Snowman/Landlord Catfight",""
175,2,28,08 Oct 15,"Jailbirds of a Feather/A Beautiful Trashcan",""
176,2,29,09 Oct 15,"Sublet Scammer/Bling Bling Gone",""
177,2,30,09 Oct 15,"Bye Felicia",""
178,2,31,12 Oct 15,"Disneyland Romance/The Mexican Dream",""
179,2,32,13 Oct 15,"Not My Mother's Keeper",""
180,2,33,14 Oct 15,"Roach and Rodent Rental/Pawned Friendship",""
181,2,34,15 Oct 15,"Showroom Showdown/The Diva Tenant",""
182,2,35,16 Oct 15,"Part-Time Lover/Sibling Tug-of-War",""
183,2,36,19 Oct 15,"Boyfriend Bailout/Tenant Shocker",""
184,2,37,20 Oct 15,"Repo on the Run/Neighborly Bite",""
185,2,38,21 Oct 15,"Lovesick Landlord/Smooth-Talking Contractor",""
186,2,39,22 Oct 15,"Check Cashing Con",""
187,2,40,23 Oct 15,"Strike the Partnership/Dogrooming Nightmare",""
188,2,41,26 Oct 15,"Nephew Nonsense/I Had the Hookup",""
189,2,42,27 Oct 15,"Pistol Whips & Rent Slips/Wedding Ringer",""
190,2,43,28 Oct 15,"Family Friend or Nah/Blind Ambition",""
191,2,44,29 Oct 15,"Bio-Dad DNA Pt.1",""
192,2,45,30 Oct 15,"Bio-Dad DNA Pt.2",""
193,2,46,02 Nov 15,"Party Monster/Roll of Quarters for Rent",""
194,2,47,03 Nov 15,"Boobjob Bestie/Without a Trace",""
195,2,48,04 Nov 15,"Unfriended Cousins",""
196,2,49,05 Nov 15,"Boss Better Have My Money/Damaged Besties",""
197,2,50,06 Nov 15,"The Cat Lady/Bestie's Bang-Up",""
198,2,51,09 Nov 15,"Thief",""
199,2,52,10 Nov 15,"Cougar Bailout",""
200,2,53,11 Nov 15,"And Your Little Dog Too/Beef With My Caterer",""
201,2,54,12 Nov 15,"Waffle House Scuffle/Sistah Gotta Pay",""
202,2,55,13 Nov 15,"Bogus House",""
203,2,56,16 Nov 15,"Lingerie Swag",""
204,2,57,17 Nov 15,"The Landlord Rules/Crash Test Cousins",""
205,2,58,18 Nov 15,"Co-Worker Sideswipe/Too Spoiled",""
206,2,59,19 Nov 15,"Baby Mama Drama",""
207,2,60,20 Nov 15,"Pimp My Ride/Marijuana Condo",""
208,2,61,23 Nov 15,"Nasty Tenant/VIP Sweet Sixteen",""
209,2,62,24 Nov 15,"Under Investigation",""
210,2,63,25 Nov 15,"Murder in the Fur-st/Miss Michaelangelo",""
211,2,64,26 Nov 15,"Frat Boy Spat/Astro Love",""
212,2,65,27 Nov 15,"Three's a Crowd",""
213,2,66,25 Jan 16,"Hair Salon Showdown",""
214,2,67,26 Jan 16,"Handyman Hustle/Grow Up",""
215,2,68,27 Jan 16,"House Holding/Your Cheating Heart",""
216,2,69,28 Jan 16,"Imperfect Pictures/Not Worth That",""
217,2,70,29 Jan 16,"Prom Rags",""
218,2,71,01 Feb 16,"My Right to Smoke/I'm Not My Brother's Keeper",""
219,2,72,02 Feb 16,"Ratchet Neighbors",""
220,2,73,03 Feb 16,"Blurred Landscape/Truck Dynasty",""
221,2,74,04 Feb 16,"Leaks and Lies",""
222,2,75,05 Feb 16,"Tax Fraud/Baby Mama Mayhem",""
223,2,76,08 Feb 16,"King Sized Scandal/A Bronx Tale",""
224,2,77,09 Feb 16,"Ex Stole My Heart/Yorkie Supercuts",""
225,2,78,10 Feb 16,"Repeated Steps",""
226,2,79,11 Feb 16,"Missing Food Truck",""
227,2,80,12 Feb 16,"Fight Club",""
228,2,81,15 Feb 16,"Scorned Vacation/Miss Piggy Fights Back",""
229,2,82,16 Feb 16,"Saving a Friendship/Cracked Aquarium",""
230,2,83,17 Feb 16,"Keep On Truckin'/Sticks and Stones",""
231,2,84,18 Feb 16,"Scrap 'N Scam",""
232,2,85,19 Feb 16,"3rd Party Hit/Lost in Translation",""
233,2,86,22 Feb 16,"Craigslist Queen/Virgin Hair Faux Pas",""
234,2,87,23 Feb 16,"It's Hammer Time/Slowdown Grandpa",""
235,2,88,24 Feb 16,"Dental Demolition",""
236,2,89,25 Feb 16,"BFF Sold Me a Mess/Harassing Landlord",""
237,2,90,26 Feb 16,"Punch Drunk Love/More Money More Problems",""
238,2,91,29 Feb 16,"Three Way Wrong Way",""
239,2,92,01 Mar 16,"No Longer Friends/Bad Roomie",""
240,2,93,02 Mar 16,"Pole Dance/Hashtag This",""
241,2,94,03 Mar 16,"Chains, Locks and Food",""
242,2,95,04 Mar 16,"Car Wash Clash/Bogus Bailout",""
243,2,96,07 Mar 16,"Broke Down Baby Daddy/Good Deed Gone Wrong",""
244,2,97,08 Mar 16,"Boobjob Bestie/Drunken Cowboy",""
245,2,98,11 Mar 16,"Scrap It?/You Stole My Tools",""
246,2,99,15 Mar 16,"Handyman Sham/Broken Promise",""
247,2,100,17 Mar 16,"Single White Female/Too Fast & Furious",""
248,2,101,21 Mar 16,"Grey's Anatomy/Family Mechanic",""
249,2,102,23 Mar 16,"Trailer Cash/Mustang Mishap",""
250,2,103,25 Mar 16,"Kitchen Kon Artist/ATV Jerk",""
251,2,104,29 Mar 16,"Fighting Like Cats and Dogs/Renter Retaliation",""
252,2,105,31 Mar 16,"Biker Bites Back/Bird Napper",""
253,2,106,04 Apr 16,"Death Grip",""
254,2,107,05 Apr 16,"Ka-Boom Contractor/Friend on the Run",""
255,2,108,06 Apr 16,"Misused Money/No Comprendo",""
256,2,109,07 Apr 16,"Life Saving Thief",""
257,2,110,08 Apr 16,"My Shingles/Shame on You",""
258,2,111,11 Apr 16,"Realty Reality/Your Rent Is Due",""
259,2,112,12 Apr 16,"Jacked Up Jaguar",""
260,2,113,13 Apr 16,"Nanny Don't Play That/Giddy Up",""
261,2,114,14 Apr 16,"Friends Have to Pay Too",""
262,2,115,15 Apr 16,"Hit and Run Around/Runaway Roommate",""
263,2,116,18 Apr 16,"Momma Grizzlies",""
264,2,117,19 Apr 16,"Tobi/Salvage Title",""
265,2,118,20 Apr 16,"Janky Awning",""
266,2,119,21 Apr 16,"Impound Pain/Another One Bites the Dust",""
267,2,120,22 Apr 16,"Love Hurts",""
268,2,121,25 Apr 16,"Cycle Mess/Lock and Key",""
269,2,122,26 Apr 16,"Micro Link Mess",""
270,2,123,27 Apr 16,"Pay Back Slap/Not Funny Roomie!",""
271,2,124,28 Apr 16,"Barbershop Brawl/Squabbling Siblings",""
272,2,125,29 Apr 16,"The Grifter",""
273,2,126,02 May 16,"Motorcycle Madness/Fishy Landlord",""
274,2,127,03 May 16,"Old Friend of Mine/Rear Ended on 8 Mile",""
275,2,128,04 May 16,"Hellraiser",""
276,2,129,05 May 16,"Where Is the DJ?/Playboy Rivalry",""
277,2,130,06 May 16,"Unpaid Promises",""
278,2,131,09 May 16,"Living Room Crash/Limo Biz Bust",""
279,2,132,10 May 16,"I'm a Survivor",""
280,2,133,11 May 16,"In a Door Jam/Mama Don't Play That",""
281,2,134,12 May 16,"Slow Down Kid",""
282,2,135,13 May 16,"Where's My Music?/Hit From Behind",""
283,2,136,16 May 16,"Cliffhanger",""
284,2,137,17 May 16,"Knock, Rock, Let Me In/Back That Thang Up",""
285,2,138,18 May 16,"Audi Scam/Sex in the Sublet",""
286,2,139,19 May 16,"Falsely Accused/BMW Boomerang",""
287,2,140,20 May 16,"Tummy Tuck Skinny Scammer",""
288,2,141,23 May 16,"I'm Not Yours Anymore",""
289,2,142,24 May 16,"Motorboat Blues/Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite",""
290,2,143,25 May 16,"Fake Ticket Talk",""
291,2,144,26 May 16,"Up Against the Wall/Your Fault",""
292,2,145,27 May 16,"Show Me the Money",""
293,2,146,30 May 16,"The Big Payback/Pay Me With Interest",""
294,2,147,31 May 16,"Trashing History/Rescue Gone Wrong",""
295,2,148,01 Jun 16,"We Do Cell Phones",""
296,2,149,02 Jun 16,"Until You Use Me Up/Turn On the Lights",""
297,2,150,03 Jun 16,"Friend or Boss?/Basement Burn",""