number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 Sep 90,"Lenny",""
2,1,2,19 Sep 90,"Three Men and Three Babies",""
3,1,3,26 Sep 90,"Opportunity Knocks Out",""
4,1,4,03 Oct 90,"The Loan Ranger",""
5,1,5,15 Dec 90,"Yes, Virginity, There is a God",""
6,1,6,22 Dec 90,"Career Day",""
7,1,7,29 Dec 90,"New York Stories",""
8,1,8,05 Jan 91,"My Boyfriend's Black and There Gonna Be Trouble",""
9,1,9,12 Jan 91,"G.I. Joe",""
10,1,10,26 Jan 91,"Lenny Get Your Gun",""
11,1,11,02 Feb 91,"The Gas Man Cometh",""
12,1,12,09 Feb 91,"A Fine Romance",""
13,1,13,16 Feb 91,"Cold",""
14,1,14,02 Mar 91,"Family Matters",""
15,1,15,09 Mar 91,"It AIn't The Heat",""
16,1,16,         ,"One of Our Hubbys is Missing",""