number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Sep 15,"Pig Girls Don't Cry",""
2,1,2,29 Sep 15,"Hostile Makeover",""
3,1,3,06 Oct 15,"Bear Left Then Bear Write",""
4,1,4,13 Oct 15,"Pig Out",""
5,1,5,27 Oct 15,"Walk the Swine",""
6,1,6,03 Nov 15,"The Ex-Factor",""
7,1,7,10 Nov 15,"Pig's in a Blackout",""
8,1,8,17 Nov 15,"Too Hot to Handler",""
9,1,9,01 Dec 15,"Going, Going, Gonzo",""
10,1,10,08 Dec 15,"Single All the Way",""
11,1,11,02 Feb 16,"Swine Song",""
12,1,12,09 Feb 16,"A Tail Of Two Piggies",""
13,1,13,16 Feb 16,"Got Silk?",""
14,1,14,23 Feb 16,"Little Green Lie",""
15,1,15,01 Mar 16,"Generally Inhospitable",""
16,1,16,01 Mar 16,"Because... Love",""
S01,1,0,21 Jul 15,"Pilot",""