number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Sep 66,"Joy Unconfined",""
2,1,2,19 Sep 66,"The Dynamite Driver",""
3,1,3,26 Sep 66,"High Devil",""
4,1,4,03 Oct 66,"Right of Way Through Paradise",""
5,1,5,10 Oct 66,"Pride at the Bottom of the Barrel",""
6,1,6,17 Oct 66,"Broken Gun",""
7,1,7,24 Oct 66,"Cougar Man",""
8,1,8,31 Oct 66,"War Cloud",""
9,1,9,07 Nov 66,"No Wedding Bells for Tony",""
10,1,10,14 Nov 66,"The Man from New Chicago",""
11,1,11,21 Nov 66,"Explosion at Waycrossing",""
12,1,12,28 Nov 66,"Through Ticket to Gunsight",""
13,1,13,05 Dec 66,"Town Full of Fear",""
14,1,14,12 Dec 66,"Big Deal",""
15,1,15,19 Dec 66,"A Dozen Ways to Kill a Man",""
16,1,16,26 Dec 66,"Hellcat",""
17,1,17,02 Jan 67,"Welcome for the General",""
18,1,18,09 Jan 67,"The Pembrooke Blood",""
19,1,19,16 Jan 67,"Volcano Wagon",""
20,1,20,23 Jan 67,"The Bridge at Forty-Mile",""
21,1,21,30 Jan 67,"Shadow Run",""
22,1,22,06 Feb 67,"Banner with a Strange Device",""
23,1,23,13 Feb 67,"Appointment with an Epitaph",""
24,1,24,20 Feb 67,"The Red Tornado",""
25,1,25,27 Feb 67,"Decision at Sundown",""
26,1,26,06 Mar 67,"The Passenger",""
27,1,27,13 Mar 67,"The Execution",""
28,1,28,20 Mar 67,"Death by Triangulation",""
29,1,29,27 Mar 67,"The Golden Web",""
30,1,30,03 Apr 67,"Sister Death",""
31,2,1,16 Sep 67,"Diablo",""
32,2,2,23 Sep 67,"Consignment, Betsy the Boiler",""
33,2,3,30 Sep 67,"Gallows for Bill Pardew",""
34,2,4,07 Oct 67,"Five Days to Washtiba",""
35,2,5,14 Oct 67,"The Silver Bullet",""
36,2,6,21 Oct 67,"Grapes of Grass Valley",""
37,2,7,28 Oct 67,"Leopards Try, But Leopards Can't",""
38,2,8,04 Nov 67,"The Return of Hode Avery",""
39,2,9,11 Nov 67,"Four Guns to Scalplock",""
40,2,10,18 Nov 67,"Steel Chain to a Music Box",""
41,2,11,25 Nov 67,"Six Hours to Sky High",""
42,2,12,02 Dec 67,"T is for Traitor",""
43,2,13,09 Dec 67,"Dealer's Choice",""
44,2,14,16 Dec 67,"Wild Track",""
45,2,15,23 Dec 67,"Death Has Two Faces",""
46,2,16,30 Dec 67,"The Prisoner",""
47,2,17,06 Jan 68,"Dry Run to Glory",""
S01,1,0,10 Apr 66,"Scalplock (120 min)",""