number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Sep 16,"Jamallies",""
2,1,2,21 Sep 16,"Child Please",""
3,1,3,28 Sep 16,"Come Out to Play",""
4,1,4,12 Oct 16,"Inspired by Isis",""
5,1,5,19 Oct 16,"The Legend of Tupaquia",""
6,1,6,26 Oct 16,"Class President",""
7,1,7,09 Nov 16,"Cane and Disabled",""
8,1,8,16 Nov 16,"End of Days",""
9,1,9,30 Nov 16,"More Than a Video Game",""
10,1,10,07 Dec 16,"25th Hour",""
11,2,1,18 Jun 17,"The G-word",""
12,2,2,25 Jun 17,"Chocolate Milk",""
13,2,3,02 Jul 17,"Coach Fishy",""
14,2,4,09 Jul 17,"Just Say No to Cracky",""
15,2,5,16 Jul 17,"Hurricane Jermaine",""
16,2,6,23 Jul 17,"Confederate Flags of Our Fathers",""
17,2,7,30 Jul 17,"My Father the Zero",""
18,2,8,06 Aug 17,"Party Over Here, F... You Over There",""
19,2,9,13 Aug 17,"Hom*coming",""
20,2,10,20 Aug 17,"Legends Of Lock Up",""