number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jan 12,"War Next Door",""
2,1,2,28 Jan 12,"Flipping on Ice",""
3,1,3,04 Feb 12,"The House that Dave Built",""
4,1,4,11 Feb 12,"New Flipper on the Block",""
5,2,1,13 Oct 12,"No Flippin' Respect",""
6,2,2,20 Oct 12,"Stinks to High Heaven",""
7,2,3,27 Oct 12,"No Good Deed ...",""
8,2,4,03 Nov 12,"Dave's Design Dilemma",""
9,2,5,10 Nov 12,"A Family Affair",""
10,2,6,17 Nov 12,"Dave's Rental Breakdown",""
11,2,7,23 Feb 13,"The Salem Flip Trials",""
12,2,8,02 Mar 13,"Dave's Quick Flip",""
13,2,9,09 Mar 13,"Pete's-A-Place",""
14,2,10,16 Mar 13,"Winter Wonder Flip!",""
15,3,1,01 Mar 14,"Desi's Debut",""
16,3,2,08 Mar 14,"Flip or Fumble",""
17,3,3,15 Mar 14,"Ticked Off Tenant",""
18,3,4,29 Mar 14,"Trouble and Strife",""
19,3,5,05 Apr 14,"Dave's Demons",""
20,3,6,12 Apr 14,"Stink House",""
21,3,7,19 Apr 14,"Dave vs. Goliath",""
22,3,8,26 Apr 14,"Flipping Boston Strong",""
23,3,9,03 May 14,"Flip to the Finish",""
24,3,10,10 May 14,"Like Father, Like Son",""
25,4,1,09 Aug 14,"More for the Money",""
26,4,2,16 Aug 14,"Donaldson's Duck",""
27,4,3,23 Aug 14,"King of the Castle",""
28,4,4,30 Aug 14,"Dollars and Sense",""
29,4,5,06 Sep 14,"Daycare Dilemma",""