number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Jul 15,"Genesis",""
2,1,2,22 Jul 15,"On the Third Day...",""
3,1,3,29 Jul 15,"Bird of Pray",""
4,1,4,05 Aug 15,"Thou Shalt Not Steal",""
5,1,5,12 Aug 15,"Ex-Communication",""
6,1,6,19 Aug 15,"Honor Thy Boyfriend's Father and Mother",""
7,1,7,26 Aug 15,"The Body of Kenny Compels You",""
8,1,8,02 Sep 15,"Bingo Tell It on the Mountain",""
9,1,9,09 Sep 15,"Flings & Arrows",""
10,1,10,16 Sep 15,"Exodus",""
11,2,1,28 Sep 16,"The Devil Went Down to Ladner",""
12,2,2,05 Oct 16,"Guardian Angel",""
13,2,3,12 Oct 16,"Buddy's Prayer",""
14,2,4,19 Oct 16,"Sins of the Past-or Part 1",""
15,2,5,26 Oct 16,"Sins of the Past-or Part 2",""
16,2,6,02 Nov 16,"The Bish is Back",""
17,2,7,09 Nov 16,"Ah-Men",""
18,2,8,16 Nov 16,"My Little Brother's Little Brother's Keeper",""
19,2,9,30 Nov 16,"Judge Not",""
20,2,10,07 Dec 16,"Thy Neighbor's Wife",""