number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,26 Feb 86,"Secret of the Dragon Ball",""
2,1,2,05 Mar 86,"The Emperor's Quest",""
3,1,3,12 Mar 86,"The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi",""
4,1,4,19 Mar 86,"Oolong the Terrible",""
5,1,5,26 Mar 86,"Yamcha the Desert Bandit",""
6,1,6,02 Apr 86,"Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls",""
7,1,7,09 Apr 86,"The Ox-King on Fire Mountain",""
8,1,8,16 Apr 86,"The Kamehameha Wave",""
9,1,9,23 Apr 86,"Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch",""
10,1,10,30 Apr 86,"The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!",""
11,1,11,07 May 86,"The Penalty is Pinball",""
12,1,12,14 May 86,"A Wish to the Eternal Dragon",""
13,1,13,21 May 86,"The Legend of Goku",""
14,1,14,28 May 86,"Goku's Rival",""
15,1,15,04 Jun 86,"Look Out for Launch",""
16,1,16,11 Jun 86,"Find That Stone!",""
17,1,17,18 Jun 86,"Milk Delivery",""
18,1,18,25 Jun 86,"The Turtle Hermit Way",""
19,1,19,02 Jul 86,"The Tournament Begins",""
20,1,20,09 Jul 86,"Elimination Round",""
21,1,21,16 Jul 86,"Smells Like Trouble",""
22,1,22,23 Jul 86,"Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun",""
23,1,23,30 Jul 86,"Monster Beast Giran",""
24,1,24,06 Aug 86,"Krillin's Frantic Attack!",""
25,1,25,13 Aug 86,"Danger from Above",""
26,1,26,20 Aug 86,"The Grand Finals",""
27,1,27,27 Aug 86,"Number One Under the Moon",""
28,1,28,03 Sep 86,"The Final Blow",""
29,2,1,11 Feb 02,"The Roaming Lake",""
30,2,2,12 Feb 02,"Pilaf and the Mystery Force",""
31,2,3,13 Feb 02,"Wedding Plans?",""
32,2,4,14 Feb 02,"The Flying Fortress: Vanished!",""
33,2,5,15 Feb 02,"The Legend of a Dragon",""
34,2,6,18 Feb 02,"Cruel General Red",""
35,2,7,19 Feb 02,"Cold Reception",""
36,2,8,20 Feb 02,"Major Metallitron",""
37,2,9,21 Feb 02,"The Ninja Murasaki is Coming!",""
38,2,10,22 Feb 02,"Five Murasakis",""
39,2,11,25 Feb 02,"Mysterious Android No.8",""
40,2,12,26 Feb 02,"Horrifying Buyon",""
41,2,13,27 Feb 02,"The Fall of Muscle Tower",""
42,2,14,28 Feb 02,"The Secret of Dr. Flappe",""
43,2,15,01 Mar 02,"A Trip to the City",""
44,2,16,04 Mar 02,"Master Thief, Haski",""
45,2,17,05 Mar 02,"Danger in the Air",""
46,2,18,06 Mar 02,"Bulma's Bad Day",""
47,2,19,07 Mar 02,"Kame House: Found!",""
48,2,20,08 Mar 02,"Deep Blue Sea",""
49,2,21,11 Mar 02,"Roshi's Surprise",""
50,2,22,12 Mar 02,"The Trap is Sprung",""
51,2,23,13 Mar 02,"Beware of the Robot",""
52,2,24,14 Mar 02,"The Pirate Treasure",""
53,2,25,15 Mar 02,"Blue, Black and Blue",""
54,3,1,21 Oct 02,"Escape from Pirate Cave",""
55,3,2,22 Oct 02,"Penguin Village",""
56,3,3,23 Oct 02,"Strange Visitor",""
57,3,4,24 Oct 02,"Arale vs. Blue",""
58,3,5,28 Oct 02,"The Land of Korin",""
59,3,6,29 Oct 02,"The Nortorious Mercenary",""
60,3,7,30 Oct 02,"Tao Attacks!",""
61,3,8,04 Nov 02,"Korin Tower",""
62,3,9,05 Nov 02,"Sacred Water",""
63,3,10,06 Nov 02,"The Return of Goku",""
64,3,11,07 Nov 02,"The Last of Mercenary Tao",""
65,3,12,08 Nov 02,"Confront the Red Ribbon Army",""
66,3,13,11 Nov 02,"A Real Bind",""
67,3,14,12 Nov 02,"The End of Commander Red",""
68,3,15,13 Nov 02,"The Last Dragon Ball",""
69,3,16,14 Nov 02,"Who is Fortuneteller Baba?",""
70,3,17,15 Nov 02,"We Are the Five Warriors",""
71,3,18,18 Nov 02,"Deadly Battle",""
72,3,19,19 Nov 02,"Goku's Turn to Fight",""
73,3,20,20 Nov 02,"Devilmite Beam",""
74,3,21,21 Nov 02,"The Mysterious Fifth Man",""
75,3,22,22 Nov 02,"The Strong Ones",""
76,3,23,25 Nov 02,"The True Colors of the Masked Man",""
77,3,24,26 Nov 02,"Pilaf's Tactics",""
78,3,25,27 Nov 02,"The Eternal Dragon Rises",""
79,3,26,28 Nov 02,"Terror and Plague",""
80,3,27,29 Nov 02,"Goku vs. Sky Dragon",""
81,3,28,02 Dec 02,"Goku Goes to Demon Land",""
82,3,29,03 Dec 02,"The Rampage of InoShikaCho",""
83,3,30,04 Dec 02,"Which Way to Papaya Island?",""
84,3,31,05 Dec 02,"Rivals and Arrivals",""
85,3,32,06 Dec 02,"Preliminary Peril",""
86,3,33,09 Dec 02,"Then There Were Eight",""
87,3,34,10 Dec 02,"Yamcha vs. Tien",""
88,3,35,11 Dec 02,"Yamcha's Big Break",""
89,3,36,12 Dec 02,"Full-Moon Vengeance",""
90,3,37,13 Dec 02,"The Dodon Wave",""
91,3,38,16 Dec 02,"Counting Controversy!",""
92,3,39,17 Dec 02,"Goku Enters the Ring",""
93,3,40,18 Dec 02,"Tien Shinhan vs. Jacky Chun",""
94,3,41,19 Dec 02,"Stepping Down",""
95,3,42,20 Dec 02,"Goku vs. Krillin",""
96,3,43,23 Dec 02,"Tail's Tale",""
97,3,44,25 Dec 02,"Final Match: Goku vs. Tien Shinhan",""
98,3,45,26 Dec 02,"Victory's Edge",""
99,3,46,27 Dec 02,"Tien's Insurrection",""
100,3,47,30 Dec 02,"The Spirit Cannon",""
101,3,48,31 Dec 02,"The Fallen",""
102,4,1,01 Sep 03,"Enter King Piccolo",""
103,4,2,02 Sep 03,"Tambourine Attacks!",""
104,4,3,03 Sep 03,"Mark of the Demon",""
105,4,4,04 Sep 03,"Here Comes Yajirobe",""
106,4,5,05 Sep 03,"Terrible Tambourine",""
107,4,6,09 Sep 03,"Tien's Atonement",""
108,4,7,10 Sep 03,"Goku's Revenge",""
109,4,8,11 Sep 03,"Goku vs. King Piccolo",""
110,4,9,15 Sep 03,"Piccolo Closes In",""
111,4,10,16 Sep 03,"Roshi's Gambit",""
112,4,11,17 Sep 03,"King Piccolo's Wish",""
113,4,12,18 Sep 03,"Siege on Chow Castle",""
114,4,13,22 Sep 03,"Conquest and Power",""
115,4,14,23 Sep 03,"Awaken Darkness",""
116,4,15,24 Sep 03,"A Taste of Destiny",""
117,4,16,25 Sep 03,"The Ultimate Sacrifice",""
118,4,17,29 Sep 03,"Prelude to Vengeance",""
119,4,18,30 Sep 03,"Battle Cry",""
120,4,19,01 Oct 03,"Goku Strikes Back",""
121,4,20,02 Oct 03,"The Biggest Crisis",""
122,4,21,06 Oct 03,"Final Showdown",""
123,5,1,07 Oct 03,"Lost and Found",""
124,5,2,08 Oct 03,"Temple Above the Clouds",""
125,5,3,09 Oct 03,"Earth's Guardian Emerges",""
126,5,4,13 Oct 03,"Eternal Dragon Resurrected",""
127,5,5,14 Oct 03,"Quicker Than Lightning",""
128,5,6,15 Oct 03,"Secret of the Woods",""
129,5,7,16 Oct 03,"The Time Room",""
130,5,8,20 Oct 03,"Goku's Doll?",""
131,5,9,21 Oct 03,"Walking Their Own Ways",""
132,5,10,22 Oct 03,"Hotter Than Lava",""
133,5,11,23 Oct 03,"Changes",""
134,5,12,27 Oct 03,"Preliminary Peril",""
135,5,13,28 Oct 03,"Battle of Eight",""
136,5,14,29 Oct 03,"Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao",""
137,5,15,30 Oct 03,"Anonymous Proposal",""
138,5,16,03 Nov 03,"The Mysterious Hero",""
139,5,17,04 Nov 03,"Rematch",""
140,5,18,05 Nov 03,"Goku Gains Speed",""
141,5,19,06 Nov 03,"The Four Faces of Tien",""
142,5,20,10 Nov 03,"Kami vs. Piccolo",""
143,5,21,11 Nov 03,"Battle for the Future",""
144,5,22,12 Nov 03,"Super Kamehameha",""
145,5,23,13 Nov 03,"Junior No More",""
146,5,24,17 Nov 03,"Goku's Trap",""
147,5,25,18 Nov 03,"Goku Hangs On",""
148,5,26,19 Nov 03,"The Victor",""
149,5,27,20 Nov 03,"Dress in Flames",""
150,5,28,24 Nov 03,"The Fire-Eater",""
151,5,29,25 Nov 03,"Outrageous Octagon",""
152,5,30,26 Nov 03,"Mystery of the Dark World",""
153,5,31,01 Dec 03,"The End, the Beginning",""
S05,5,0,24 Sep 96,"Curse of the Blood Rubies",""
S05,5,0,30 Jan 01,"Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle",""
S05,5,0,27 Feb 01,"Mystical Adventure",""
S05,5,0,29 Apr 03,"The Path to Power",""