number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Sep 64,"The Vulcan Affair",""
2,1,2,29 Sep 64,"The Iowa Scuba Affair",""
3,1,3,06 Oct 64,"The Quadripartite Affair",""
4,1,4,13 Oct 64,"The Shark Affair",""
5,1,5,20 Oct 64,"The Deadly Games Affair",""
6,1,6,27 Oct 64,"The Green Opal Affair",""
7,1,7,10 Nov 64,"The Giuoco Piano Affair",""
8,1,8,17 Nov 64,"The Double Affair",""
9,1,9,24 Nov 64,"The Project Strigas Affair",""
10,1,10,24 Nov 64,"The Finny Foot Affair",""
11,1,11,08 Dec 64,"The Neptune Affair",""
12,1,12,15 Dec 64,"The Dove Affair",""
13,1,13,22 Dec 64,"The King of Knaves Affair",""
14,1,14,29 Dec 64,"The Terbuf Affair",""
15,1,15,11 Jan 65,"The Deadly Decoy Affair",""
16,1,16,18 Jan 65,"The Fiddlesticks Affair",""
17,1,17,25 Jan 65,"The Yellow Scarf Affair",""
18,1,18,01 Feb 65,"The Mad, Mad, Tea Party Affair",""
19,1,19,08 Feb 65,"The Secret Sceptre Affair",""
20,1,20,15 Feb 65,"The Bow-Wow Affair",""
21,1,21,22 Feb 65,"The Four-Steps Affair",""
22,1,22,01 Mar 65,"The See-Paris-and-Die Affair",""
23,1,23,08 Mar 65,"The Brain-Killer Affair",""
24,1,24,15 Mar 65,"The Hong Kong Shilling Affair",""
25,1,25,22 Mar 65,"The Never-Never Affair",""
26,1,26,28 Mar 65,"The Love Affair",""
27,1,27,05 Apr 65,"The Gazebo in the Maze Affair",""
28,1,28,12 Apr 65,"The Girls of Nazarone Affair",""
29,1,29,19 Apr 65,"The Odd Man Affair",""
30,2,1,17 Sep 65,"The Alexander the Greater Affair (1)",""
31,2,2,24 Sep 65,"The Alexander the Greater Affair (2)",""
32,2,3,01 Oct 65,"The Ultimate Computer Affair",""
33,2,4,08 Oct 65,"The Foxes and Hounds Affair",""
34,2,5,15 Oct 65,"The Discotheque Affair",""
35,2,6,22 Oct 65,"The Re-Collector's Affair",""
36,2,7,29 Oct 65,"The Arabian Affair",""
37,2,8,05 Nov 65,"The Tigers are Coming Affair",""
38,2,9,12 Nov 65,"The Deadly Toys Affair",""
39,2,10,19 Nov 65,"The Cherry Blossom Affair",""
40,2,11,03 Dec 65,"The Virtue Affair",""
41,2,12,10 Dec 65,"The Children's Day Affair",""
42,2,13,17 Dec 65,"The Adriatic Express Affair",""
43,2,14,24 Dec 65,"The Yukon Affair",""
44,2,15,31 Dec 65,"The Very Important Zombie Affair",""
45,2,16,07 Jan 66,"The Dippy Blonde Affair",""
46,2,17,14 Jan 66,"The Deadly Goddess Affair",""
47,2,18,21 Jan 66,"The Birds and the Bees Affair",""
48,2,19,28 Jan 66,"The Waverly Ring Affair",""
49,2,20,04 Feb 66,"The Bridge of Lions Affair (1)",""
50,2,21,11 Feb 66,"The Bridge of Lions Affair (2)",""
51,2,22,18 Feb 66,"The Foreign Legion Affair",""
52,2,23,25 Feb 66,"The Moonglow Affair",""
53,2,24,04 Mar 66,"The Nowhere Affair",""
54,2,25,11 Mar 66,"The King of Diamonds Affair",""
55,2,26,18 Mar 66,"The Project Deephole Affair",""
56,2,27,25 Mar 66,"The Round Table Affair",""
57,2,28,01 Apr 66,"The Bat Cave Affair",""
58,2,29,08 Apr 66,"The Minus-X Affair",""
59,2,30,15 Apr 66,"The Indian Affairs Affair",""
60,3,1,16 Sep 66,"The Her Master's Voice Affair",""
61,3,2,23 Sep 66,"The Sort of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair",""
62,3,3,30 Sep 66,"The Galatea Affair",""
63,3,4,07 Oct 66,"The Super-Colossal Affair",""
64,3,5,14 Oct 66,"The Monks of St. Thomas Affair",""
65,3,6,21 Oct 66,"The Pop Art Affair",""
66,3,7,28 Oct 66,"The Thor Affair",""
67,3,8,04 Nov 66,"The Candidate's Wife Affair",""
68,3,9,11 Nov 66,"The Come with Me to the Casbah Affair",""
69,3,10,18 Nov 66,"The Off Broadway Affair",""
70,3,11,25 Nov 66,"The Concrete Overcoat Affair (1)",""
71,3,12,02 Dec 66,"The Concrete Overcoat Affair (2)",""
72,3,13,09 Dec 66,"The Abominable Snowman Affair",""
73,3,14,16 Dec 66,"The My Friend, the Gorilla Affair",""
74,3,15,23 Dec 66,"The Jingle Bells Affair",""
75,3,16,30 Dec 66,"The Take Me to Your Leader Affair",""
76,3,17,06 Jan 67,"The Suburbia Affair",""
77,3,18,13 Jan 67,"The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair",""
78,3,19,20 Jan 67,"The Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum Affair",""
79,3,20,27 Jan 67,"The Napoleon's Tomb Affair",""
80,3,21,03 Feb 67,"The It's All Greek to Me Affair",""
81,3,22,17 Feb 67,"The Hula Doll Affair",""
82,3,23,24 Feb 67,"The Pieces of Fate Affair",""
83,3,24,03 Mar 67,"The Matterhorn Affair",""
84,3,25,10 Mar 67,"The Hot Number Affair",""
85,3,26,17 Mar 67,"The When in Roma Affair",""
86,3,27,24 Mar 67,"The Apple a Day Affair",""
87,3,28,31 Mar 67,"The Five Daughters Affair (1)",""
88,3,29,07 Apr 67,"The Five Daughters Affair (2)",""
89,3,30,14 Apr 67,"The Cap and Gown Affair",""
90,4,1,11 Sep 67,"The Summit-Five Affair",""
91,4,2,18 Sep 67,"The Test Tube Killer Affair",""
92,4,3,25 Sep 67,"The 'J' for Judas Affair",""
93,4,4,02 Oct 67,"The Prince of Darkness Affair: Part I",""
94,4,5,09 Oct 67,"The Prince of Darkness Affair: Part II",""
95,4,6,16 Oct 67,"The Master's Touch Affair",""
96,4,7,23 Oct 67,"The Thrush Roulette Affair",""
97,4,8,30 Oct 67,"The Deadly Quest Affair",""
98,4,9,06 Nov 67,"The Fiery Angel Affair",""
99,4,10,20 Nov 67,"The Survival School Affair",""
100,4,11,27 Nov 67,"The Gurnius Affair",""
101,4,12,04 Dec 67,"The Man from Thrush Affair",""
102,4,13,18 Dec 67,"The Maze Affair",""
103,4,14,25 Dec 67,"The Deep Six Affair",""
104,4,15,08 Jan 68,"The Seven Wonders of the World Affair (1)",""
105,4,16,15 Jan 68,"The Seven Wonders of the World Affair (2)",""
S04,4,0,05 Apr 83,"The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair",""
S04,4,0,05 Apr 83,"The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair",""