number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Oct 17,"I Hardly Recognized You",""
2,1,2,18 Oct 17,"Spit It Out",""
3,1,3,25 Oct 17,"Guilt is for Insecure People",""
4,1,4,01 Nov 17,"Private as a Circus",""
5,1,5,08 Nov 17,"Company Slut",""
6,1,6,15 Nov 17,"I Exist Only for Me",""
7,1,7,29 Nov 17,"A Taste of Your Own Medicine",""
8,1,8,06 Dec 17,"The Best Things in Life",""
9,1,9,13 Dec 17,"Rotten Things",""
10,1,10,17 Jan 18,"A Well-Dressed Tarantula",""
11,1,11,24 Jan 18,"I Answer to No Man",""
12,1,12,31 Jan 18,"Promises You Can't Keep",""
13,1,13,07 Feb 18,"Nothing But Trouble",""
14,1,14,09 Mar 18,"The Gospel According to Blake Carrington",""
15,1,15,16 Mar 18,"Our Turn Now",""
16,1,16,23 Mar 18,"Poor Little Rich Girl",""
17,1,17,30 Mar 18,"Enter Alexis",""
18,1,18,06 Apr 18,"Don't Con a Con Artist",""
19,1,19,20 Apr 18,"Use or Be Used",""
20,1,20,27 Apr 18,"A Line from the Past",""
21,1,21,04 May 18,"Trashy Little Tramp",""
22,1,22,11 May 18,"Dead Scratch",""
23,2,1,12 Oct 18,"Twenty-Three Skidoo",""
24,2,2,19 Oct 18,"Ship of Vipers",""
25,2,3,26 Oct 18,"The Butler Did It",""
26,2,4,02 Nov 18,"Snowflakes in Hell",""
27,2,5,09 Nov 18,"Queen of Cups",""
28,2,6,16 Nov 18,"That Witch",""
29,2,7,30 Nov 18,"A Temporary Infestation",""
30,2,8,18 Jan 19,"TBA",""