number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Nov 16,"The Long Island Serial Killer: The Lost Girls",""
2,1,2,07 Nov 16,"The Long Island Serial Killer: New Revelations",""
3,1,3,14 Nov 16,"What Happened to Baby Lisa?",""
4,1,4,21 Nov 16,"Stranger Than Fiction",""
5,1,5,28 Nov 16,"Cabin 28: Horror in the Woods",""
6,1,6,05 Dec 16,"Hollywood Horror Story",""
7,1,7,12 Dec 16,"In the Name of Love",""
8,1,8,19 Dec 16,"JonBenet: The Untold Truth",""
9,1,9,26 Dec 16,"The Grim Sleeper",""
10,1,10,02 Jan 17,"The Darkest of Nights",""
11,1,11,09 Jan 17,"Jeffrey MacDonald: The Accused",""
12,2,1,06 Nov 17,"Golden State Killer",""
13,2,2,13 Nov 17,"Where is Baby DeOrr?",""
14,2,3,20 Nov 17,"Shallow Grave",""
15,2,4,27 Nov 17,"Connecticut Horror Story",""
16,2,5,04 Dec 17,"Once Bitten",""
17,2,6,11 Dec 17,"Murder at Sea",""
18,2,7,18 Dec 17,"Marked for Murder",""
19,2,8,01 Jan 18,"Killing Field",""
20,2,9,08 Jan 18,"Blood in the Sand",""
21,2,10,15 Jan 18,"My Father, the Serial Killer",""
22,2,11,22 Jan 18,"Alaskan Temptress",""
23,2,12,29 Jan 18,"Death Before Dawn",""
24,3,1,05 Nov 18,"Somebody's Watching",""
25,3,2,12 Nov 18,"Terror in Philadelphia",""
26,3,3,19 Nov 18,"Gone in 90 Seconds",""
27,3,4,26 Nov 18,"Fallen Angels",""
28,3,5,03 Dec 18,"Mystery in the Swamp",""
29,3,6,10 Dec 18,"Murder Among Friends",""
30,3,7,17 Dec 18,"Gone Girls",""
31,3,8,07 Jan 19,"Fatal Family Secrets",""
32,3,9,14 Jan 19,"Murder on Newberry St.",""
33,3,10,21 Jan 19,"The Unicorn Killer",""
34,3,11,28 Jan 19,"Children of Thunder",""
35,3,12,04 Feb 19,"Monster in the Desert",""
36,3,13,11 Feb 19,"The Sound of Silence",""
37,3,14,18 Feb 19,"Burned Alive",""
38,3,15,25 Feb 19,"Who Killed Jane Doe 59?",""
39,4,1,04 Nov 19,"The Springfield Three",""
40,4,2,11 Nov 19,"Vanished",""
41,4,3,18 Nov 19,"Without a Trace",""
42,4,4,25 Nov 19,"The Freeway Phantom",""
43,4,5,02 Dec 19,"A Killing in Chinatown",""
44,4,6,09 Dec 19,"Memphis Blues",""
45,4,7,16 Dec 19,"Law & Murder",""
46,4,8,23 Dec 19,"Nine Years in the Shadows",""
47,4,9,30 Dec 19,"The Cheerleader and The Hitman",""
48,4,10,06 Jan 20,"Oklahoma Horror Story",""
49,4,11,13 Jan 20,"Suburban Secrets",""
50,4,12,20 Jan 20,"Motor City Murder",""
S02,2,0,28 Apr 18,"The Golden State Killer Caught",""