number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,28 Dec 16,"The Cat and the Swan",""
2,1,2,30 Dec 16,"Witch Hunters",""
3,1,3,02 Jan 17,"How to Save a Princess",""
4,1,4,03 Jan 17,"Bad Bad Mandolin",""
5,1,5,04 Jan 17,"Epic Ballroom",""
6,1,6,04 Jan 17,"Fashion Victims",""
7,1,7,05 Jan 17,"Attack of the 50ft Squire",""
8,1,8,05 Jan 17,"The Helmet of Epic",""
9,1,9,06 Jan 17,"The Challenge",""
10,1,10,06 Jan 17,"Queen's Guard",""
11,1,11,09 Jan 17,"The Road Knight",""
12,1,12,10 Jan 17,"Epic Traffic",""
13,1,13,11 Jan 17,"The Stinky Swamp Witch",""
14,1,14,12 Jan 17,"The Harvest Festival",""
15,1,15,13 Jan 17,"Treasure Trap",""