number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Sep 91,"Where Are We? (1)",""
2,1,2,21 Sep 91,"Where Are We Going? (2)",""
3,1,3,28 Sep 91,"Every Move a Work of Art",""
4,1,4,05 Oct 91,"Then Came Nessman",""
5,1,5,12 Oct 91,"Lotto Fever",""
6,1,6,19 Oct 91,"The Cincinnati Kids",""
7,1,7,26 Oct 91,"Cincinnati's Favorite Couple",""
8,1,8,02 Nov 91,"Here Comes Everybody (1)",""
9,1,9,09 Nov 91,"Here Comes Everybody (2)",""
10,1,10,16 Nov 91,"The Real Thing",""
11,1,11,23 Nov 91,"Good Old Radio Days",""
12,1,12,11 Jan 92,"Venus, We Hardly Knew Ya",""
13,1,13,18 Jan 92,"Hip Hop Krp",""
14,1,14,25 Jan 92,"You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine",""
15,1,15,01 Feb 92,"Razor D Rules",""
16,1,16,08 Feb 92,"Jennifer and the Prince",""
17,1,17,15 Feb 92,"Long Live the King",""
18,1,18,22 Feb 92,"Mamma Was a Rolling Stone",""
19,1,19,29 Feb 92,"Number One Fan",""
20,1,20,02 May 92,"Chicken a La Russe",""
21,1,21,09 May 92,"Where's Jack?",""
22,1,22,16 May 92,"Spies Like Us",""
23,1,23,23 May 92,"Herb's Got a Guy",""
24,2,1,12 Sep 92,"Razor's Edge",""
25,2,2,19 Sep 92,"Retreading on Thin Ice",""
26,2,3,26 Sep 92,"Sex, Lies & Videotape",""
27,2,4,03 Oct 92,"Can't We Get Along?",""
28,2,5,10 Oct 92,"Studs of the Airwaves",""
29,2,6,17 Oct 92,"Nancy in Charge",""
30,2,7,24 Oct 92,"Play Razor for Me",""
31,2,8,31 Oct 92,"Loveland to Look At",""
32,2,9,07 Nov 92,"Strange Bedfellows",""
33,2,10,14 Nov 92,"Moss Dies",""
34,2,11,21 Nov 92,"Flimm Flam Man",""
35,2,12,16 Jan 93,"Nancy's Old Man",""
36,2,13,23 Jan 93,"Herb's Lost Weekend",""
37,2,14,30 Jan 93,"Murder by Les",""
38,2,15,06 Feb 93,"Fever in the Morning",""
39,2,16,13 Feb 93,"Fever All Through the Night",""
40,2,17,20 Feb 93,"Johnny Goes Hollywood",""
41,2,18,27 Feb 93,"Old Boyfriend",""
42,2,19,01 May 93,"The Treasure of Sierra Smith",""
43,2,20,08 May 93,"My Fair Nun",""
44,2,21,15 May 93,"Chicago Story",""
45,2,22,22 May 93,"Father of the Groom",""
S01,1,0,07 Sep 91,"How Did We Get Here?",""
S02,2,0,05 Sep 92,"Donovan, Don't Leave Us",""