number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Sep 15,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,29 Sep 15,"Badge! Gun!",""
3,1,3,06 Oct 15,"The Legend of Marcos Ramos",""
4,1,4,13 Oct 15,"Page 44",""
5,1,5,20 Oct 15,"Personality Crisis",""
6,1,6,27 Oct 15,"Side Effects May Include...",""
7,1,7,03 Nov 15,"Brian Finch's Black Op",""
8,1,8,10 Nov 15,"When Pirates Pirate Pirates",""
9,1,9,17 Nov 15,"Headquarters!",""
10,1,10,24 Nov 15,"Arm-Ageddon",""
11,1,11,15 Dec 15,"This is Your Brian on Drugs",""
12,1,12,05 Jan 16,"The Assassination of Eddie Morra",""
13,1,13,19 Jan 16,"Stop Me Before I Hug Again",""
14,1,14,09 Feb 16,"Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture",""
15,1,15,16 Feb 16,"Undercover!",""
16,1,16,23 Feb 16,"Sands, Agent of Morra",""
17,1,17,08 Mar 16,"Close Encounters",""
18,1,18,15 Mar 16,"Bezgranichnyy",""
19,1,19,22 Mar 16,"A Dog's Breakfast",""
20,1,20,05 Apr 16,"Hi, My Name is Rebecca Harris",""
21,1,21,19 Apr 16,"Finale: Part One!",""
22,1,22,26 Apr 16,"Finale: Part Two!!",""