number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Mar 98,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,24 Mar 98,"The Games People Play",""
3,1,3,31 Mar 98,"The Mother of All Visits",""
4,1,4,07 Apr 98,"The Donor",""
5,1,5,14 Apr 98,"The Gift That Keeps on Giving",""
6,1,6,21 Apr 98,"The Good Doctor",""
7,1,7,28 Apr 98,"The Vows",""
8,1,8,05 May 98,"The Brother's Day",""
9,1,9,         ,"The Cookie Monster",""
10,1,10,         ,"The Drought",""
11,1,11,         ,"The Last One of the Season",""
12,2,1,17 Sep 98,"The Art of War",""
13,2,2,24 Sep 98,"The Divorce-i-versary",""
14,2,3,01 Oct 98,"The Hair Club for Men",""
15,2,4,08 Oct 98,"The Big Sleep",""
16,2,5,15 Oct 98,"The Most Valuable Player",""
17,2,6,29 Oct 98,"The Sister Act",""
18,2,7,05 Nov 98,"The Cuckoo's Nest",""
19,2,8,12 Nov 98,"The Goodwill Games",""
20,2,9,19 Nov 98,"The House of Cards",""
21,2,10,17 Dec 98,"The Runaround",""
22,2,11,07 Jan 99,"The Nightcap",""
23,2,12,14 Jan 99,"The Brother from Another Planet",""
24,2,13,21 Jan 99,"The Golf War",""
25,2,14,04 Feb 99,"The Endangered Species",""
26,2,15,11 Feb 99,"The Last Auction Hero",""
27,2,16,18 Feb 99,"The Paper Chase",""
28,2,17,25 Feb 99,"The Height of Passion",""
29,2,18,22 Apr 99,"The Van for All Seasons",""
30,2,19,29 Apr 99,"The Mother Load",""
31,2,20,06 May 99,"The First Big Break-up",""
32,2,21,13 May 99,"The Morning After",""
33,2,22,20 May 99,"The Baby Boom",""
34,3,1,24 Sep 99,"The Thanks You Get",""
35,3,2,01 Oct 99,"The Best Laid Plans",""
36,3,3,08 Oct 99,"The Girl Most Likely to...",""
37,3,4,15 Oct 99,"The Ex-Files",""
38,3,5,22 Oct 99,"The Trouble with Angels",""
39,3,6,05 Nov 99,"The Leap of Faith",""
40,3,7,12 Nov 99,"The Sins of the Mother...and the Boyfriend",""
41,3,8,19 Nov 99,"The Membership Drive",""
42,3,9,02 Dec 99,"The Couple's Court",""
43,3,10,07 Jan 00,"The Burden of Truth",""
44,3,11,14 Jan 00,"The Father Fixture",""
45,3,12,21 Jan 00,"The Special Delivery",""
46,3,13,04 Feb 00,"The Egg Timer",""
47,3,14,11 Feb 00,"The Adulterer Who Came to Dinner",""
48,3,15,18 Feb 00,"The French Lesson",""
49,3,16,25 Feb 00,"The Date That Time Forgot",""
50,3,17,07 Apr 00,"The Accidental Doctor",""
51,3,18,21 Apr 00,"The Bread Winner",""
52,3,19,28 Apr 00,"The Pregnant Pause",""
53,3,20,05 May 00,"The Prenuptial Disagreement",""
54,3,21,12 May 00,"The Shrink Gets Shrunk",""
55,3,22,19 May 00,"The Talented Mr. Rip-Off",""
56,4,1,08 Oct 00,"The Things We Do for Love",""
57,4,2,15 Oct 00,"The Out-of-Towners",""
58,4,3,22 Oct 00,"The Truth About Cats and Dogs",""
59,4,4,29 Oct 00,"The Craving",""
60,4,5,11 Mar 01,"The Rules of Engagement",""
61,4,6,18 Mar 01,"The Not-So-Hostile Takeover",""
62,4,7,08 Apr 01,"The Wedding",""
63,4,8,15 Apr 01,"The Second Big Breakup",""
64,4,9,22 Apr 01,"The Model Client",""
65,4,10,29 Apr 01,"The Replacements",""
66,4,11,06 May 01,"The Next Best Thing",""
67,4,12,13 May 01,"The Forbidden Dance",""
68,4,13,20 May 01,"The Birth Day",""
69,5,1,20 Jan 02,"The What Have I Done? Show",""
70,5,2,27 Jan 02,"The Great Escape",""
71,5,3,10 Feb 02,"The Friend in Need",""
72,5,4,17 Feb 02,"The Boy from Uncle",""
73,5,5,24 Feb 02,"The Reunion",""
74,5,6,03 Mar 02,"The Picture Perfect Family",""
75,5,7,10 Mar 02,"The Sexual Evolution",""
76,5,8,31 Mar 02,"The Affairs of the Heart",""
77,5,9,17 Mar 02,"The Green-Eyed Monster",""
78,5,10,31 Mar 02,"The Helpless Hand",""
79,5,11,28 Jul 02,"The Blast from the Past",""
80,5,12,04 Aug 02,"The Enemy Next Door",""
81,5,13,11 Aug 02,"The Odd Couples",""
82,5,14,11 Aug 02,"The Reel Deal",""
83,5,15,         ,"The Lifelong Dream",""
84,5,16,         ,"The Professionals",""
85,5,17,         ,"The Missing Link",""
86,5,18,         ,"The Blaze of Glory",""
87,5,19,         ,"The Married Little Christmas",""