number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Oct 14,"Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers",""
2,1,2,27 Oct 14,"Flice of the Living Dead",""
3,1,3,03 Nov 14,"The Legend of Prank Williams Jr.",""
4,1,4,10 Nov 14,"The Year of Fridays",""
5,1,5,17 Nov 14,"Kirby Almighty",""
6,1,6,24 Nov 14,"Killer Puppies",""
7,1,7,01 Dec 14,"Art Attack",""
8,1,8,02 Feb 15,"Kirby's Choice",""
9,1,9,09 Feb 15,"Mac's Back",""
10,1,10,23 Feb 15,"Kick the Bucket",""
11,1,11,16 Mar 15,"It's a Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad World",""
12,1,12,23 Mar 15,"Gimme Some Room",""
13,1,13,27 Apr 15,"Day of the Cat",""
14,1,14,17 Jun 15,"The Rise and Fall of 4th Period",""
15,1,15,24 Jun 15,"The Hurt Box",""
16,1,16,01 Jul 15,"Get a Grip",""
17,1,17,08 Jul 15,"All Hands on Dexter",""
18,1,18,15 Jul 15,"The Av Kid",""
19,1,19,22 Jul 15,"The Mother of All Lies",""
20,1,20,12 Aug 15,"Send in the Clowns",""
21,1,21,19 Aug 15,"Viva La Dad",""
22,2,1,07 Oct 15,"Failure to Launch",""
23,2,2,14 Oct 15,"The Gil in My Life",""
24,2,3,21 Oct 15,"The School Spirit",""
25,2,4,28 Oct 15,"War and Pizza",""
26,2,5,04 Nov 15,"The Kirbinator",""
27,2,6,04 Nov 15,"Balloonacy!",""
28,2,7,25 Nov 15,"Kirby Sells Out",""
29,2,8,30 Nov 15,"It's a Kirbyful Life",""
30,2,9,02 Dec 15,"Atta Boy",""
31,2,10,27 Jan 16,"I, Gregory",""
32,2,11,10 Feb 16,"Weekend with Inga",""
33,2,12,17 Feb 16,"Ripper Impossible",""
34,2,13,24 Feb 16,"Kirby to the Max",""
35,2,14,02 Mar 16,"Oh, Bros, Where Art Thou?",""
36,2,15,09 Mar 16,"Twinsies",""
37,2,16,16 Mar 16,"Say Uncle",""
38,2,17,23 Mar 16,"When Mitchell Met Dad",""
39,2,18,30 Mar 16,"Mitchell's Gauntlet",""
40,2,19,20 Jun 16,"Call of Doodie",""
41,2,20,27 Jun 16,"Tunnel Babies",""
42,2,21,11 Jul 16,"Buckets of Money",""
43,2,22,25 Jul 16,"Torched",""
44,2,23,15 Aug 16,"Me Time: The Ballad of Mac and Mom",""
45,2,24,22 Aug 16,"Battle of the Ballot",""
46,2,25,29 Aug 16,"The Goods",""
47,3,1,16 Jan 17,"Yep, This is Happening",""
48,3,2,17 Jan 17,"Bad Seed",""
49,3,3,18 Jan 17,"Queen for a Dawn",""
50,3,4,19 Jan 17,"Forest Hills Blues",""
51,3,5,20 Jan 17,"Cool Chad",""
52,3,6,23 Jan 17,"The Unpranked",""
53,3,7,24 Jan 17,"Commander Kirbo",""
54,3,8,25 Jan 17,"Dr. Mac 'n Cheese's Labyrinth of Horrors",""
55,3,9,26 Jan 17,"Closing Time",""
56,3,10,30 Jan 17,"A Tale of Two Kirbys",""
57,3,11,31 Jan 17,"That Sinking Feeling",""
58,3,12,01 Feb 17,"Orbed and Dangerous",""
59,3,13,02 Feb 17,"Yep, Still Happening",""