number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jul 17,"Baxter's Back!",""
2,1,2,28 Jul 17,"Big Trouble in Little Apartment",""
3,1,3,04 Aug 17,"The Baxters Get Bounced",""
4,1,4,11 Aug 17,"The Bearer of Dad News",""
5,1,5,18 Aug 17,"You're Gonna Get It",""
6,1,6,25 Aug 17,"Adventures in Mommy-Sitting",""
7,1,7,08 Sep 17,"Dancing Tween",""
8,1,8,15 Sep 17,"Vending the Rules",""
9,1,9,22 Sep 17,"In-Vision of Privacy",""
10,1,10,29 Sep 17,"Fears of a Clown",""
11,1,11,06 Oct 17,"The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson",""
12,1,12,13 Oct 17,"Dream Moms",""
13,1,13,20 Oct 17,"Vest in Show",""
14,2,1,25 Jun 18,"The Falcon and the Raven – Part One",""
15,2,2,26 Jun 18,"The Falcon and the Raven – Part Two",""
16,2,3,27 Jun 18,"Because",""
17,2,4,28 Jun 18,"Cop to It",""
18,2,5,03 Jul 18,"Weirder Things",""
19,2,6,06 Jul 18,"Missteps",""
20,2,7,10 Jul 18,"All Sewn Up",""
21,2,8,13 Jul 18,"Oh Father, Where Art Thou?",""
22,2,9,20 Jul 18,"The Trouble with Levi",""
23,2,10,27 Jul 18,"Head Over Wheels",""
24,2,11,31 Jul 18,"The Most Interesting Mom in the World",""
25,2,12,21 Sep 18,"Sleevemore Part One: Frozen",""
26,2,13,28 Sep 18,"Sleevemore Part Two: Found",""
27,2,14,05 Oct 18,"Sleevemore Part Three: Future",""
28,2,15,12 Oct 18,"Raven's Home: Remix",""
29,2,16,19 Oct 18,"Switch-Or-Treat",""
30,2,17,26 Oct 18,"Just Call Me Vic",""
S02,2,0,12 May 18,"Raven's Home LIVE from Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest",""