number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,31 Jul 07,"A New Project",""
2,1,2,07 Aug 07,"Under Pressure",""
3,1,3,14 Aug 07,"Betting Men",""
4,1,4,21 Aug 07,"Bargaining Tactics",""
5,1,5,28 Aug 07,"Inspections",""
6,1,6,04 Sep 07,"Moving On, Looking Forward",""
7,1,7,11 Sep 07,"Jeff Lewis' Open House",""
8,2,1,17 Jun 08,"Selling Out",""
9,2,2,24 Jun 08,"The Flip Side",""
10,2,3,01 Jul 08,"Good Cop/Bad Jeff",""
11,2,4,08 Jul 08,"Closer Inspection",""
12,2,5,15 Jul 08,"Tear Down",""
13,2,6,22 Jul 08,"Looks Like New",""
14,2,7,29 Jul 08,"Tapped Out",""
15,2,8,05 Aug 08,"Back in the Market",""
16,2,9,12 Aug 08,"Reunion",""
17,3,1,18 Aug 09,"Beware of Falling Houses",""
18,3,2,25 Aug 09,"Pajamas and Other Games",""
19,3,3,01 Sep 09,"Never Trust a Contractor",""
20,3,4,08 Sep 09,"Bad Mojo",""
21,3,5,15 Sep 09,"Jenni 911",""
22,3,6,22 Sep 09,"Friend or Foe",""
23,3,7,29 Sep 09,"Irreconcilable Differences",""
24,3,8,06 Oct 09,"Pledging Allegiance",""
25,3,9,13 Oct 09,"Spirit of the Land",""
26,3,10,20 Oct 09,"Baby Boom",""
27,3,11,27 Oct 09,"Reunion",""
28,4,1,10 Aug 10,"Hot Streak, Lots of Baggage",""
29,4,2,17 Aug 10,"Hard to Break Family",""
30,4,3,24 Aug 10,"Urine Trouble",""
31,4,4,31 Aug 10,"Never Mix Food With Business",""
32,4,5,07 Sep 10,"Bright Lewis, Big City",""
33,4,6,14 Sep 10,"Too Much of a Good Thing",""
34,4,7,21 Sep 10,"Hazard: Jeff at Work",""
35,4,8,28 Sep 10,"It's Not Me, It's You",""
36,4,9,05 Oct 10,"Never According to Planner",""
37,4,10,12 Oct 10,"Rock, Paper and the Kitchen Sink",""
38,5,1,06 Jul 11,"New Kid on the Block",""
39,5,2,12 Jul 11,"Wake-up Call",""
40,5,3,19 Jul 11,"New York or Bust",""
41,5,4,26 Jul 11,"What Stays in Vegas",""
42,5,5,02 Aug 11,"Dropping the Axe",""
43,5,6,09 Aug 11,"Don't Be Tardy to the Party",""
44,5,7,16 Aug 11,"Showdown at Sunshine Terrace",""
45,5,8,23 Aug 11,"Money Changes Everything",""
46,5,9,30 Aug 11,"Substitutes",""
47,5,10,06 Sep 11,"There's No Place Like Home",""
48,5,11,13 Sep 11,"Reunion",""
49,6,1,04 Sep 12,"A House Divided",""
50,6,2,11 Sep 12,"Showdown in Chi Town",""
51,6,3,18 Sep 12,"Drawing the Line",""
52,6,4,25 Sep 12,"The Talented Mr. Coleman",""
53,6,5,02 Oct 12,"House of Lies",""
54,6,6,09 Oct 12,"Bad Move",""
55,6,7,16 Oct 12,"Cleaning House",""
56,6,8,23 Oct 12,"Windy City Wedding",""
57,6,9,30 Oct 12,"Barbie Bitch",""
58,6,10,13 Nov 12,"Grandma's House",""
59,6,11,20 Nov 12,"Cabogate",""
60,6,12,27 Nov 12,"Til Death Do Us Part",""
61,7,1,05 Mar 14,"When the Water Breaks",""
62,7,2,12 Mar 14,"The New Girl",""
63,7,3,19 Mar 14,"Road Trip",""
64,7,4,26 Mar 14,"Back Flipping",""
65,7,5,02 Apr 14,"Due Date",""
66,7,6,09 Apr 14,"Flipping Nashville",""
67,7,7,16 Apr 14,"I Want You Back",""
68,7,8,23 Apr 14,"Out of Bounds",""
69,7,9,30 Apr 14,"No Respect",""
70,7,10,07 May 14,"Retreat",""
71,8,1,01 Jul 15,"What the Flip!",""
72,8,2,08 Jul 15,"A New Gage in Town",""
73,8,3,15 Jul 15,"Womb for Rent",""
74,8,4,22 Jul 15,"It's Sabotage",""
75,8,5,29 Jul 15,"DSI: Design Scene Investigation",""
76,8,6,05 Aug 15,"Say Hello to Hollywood",""
77,8,7,12 Aug 15,"Trouble in Paradise",""
78,8,8,19 Aug 15,"The House That Jeff Built",""
79,9,1,13 Jul 16,"Appetite for Demolition",""
80,9,2,14 Jul 16,"Todo Limpio",""
81,9,3,21 Jul 16,"Ready Set Glow",""
82,9,4,28 Jul 16,"Scope of Work",""
83,9,5,04 Aug 16,"Mary, Mary Quite Contrary",""
84,9,6,18 Aug 16,"It's Not Your Fault",""
85,9,7,25 Aug 16,"I Know What You Did Last Saturday",""
86,9,8,01 Sep 16,"Unagi You Didn't!",""
87,9,9,08 Sep 16,"What the Duck?",""
88,9,10,15 Sep 16,"The End Is Nigh",""
89,10,1,17 Aug 17,"What Will Jeff Do?",""
90,10,2,24 Aug 17,"Two Week Notice",""
91,10,3,31 Aug 17,"Well, Hello, Monroe",""
92,10,4,07 Sep 17,"Welcome Home, Monroe",""
93,10,5,14 Sep 17,"Baby Brain",""
94,10,6,21 Sep 17,"Baby's First Move",""
95,10,7,28 Sep 17,"Oh My, Versailles",""
96,10,8,05 Oct 17,"The Gema Dilemma",""
97,10,9,12 Oct 17,"The Good, the Bad, the Goodbye",""
98,10,10,19 Oct 17,"Full Circle",""
99,11,1,11 Sep 18,"A Series of Unfortunate Flips",""
100,11,2,18 Sep 18,"Furniture Porn",""
101,11,3,25 Sep 18,"A Very Lewis Christmas",""
102,11,4,02 Oct 18,"All That Glitters",""
103,11,5,09 Oct 18,"Edward vs. Lewis",""
104,11,6,16 Oct 18,"The Straw(berry) That Broke the Camel's Back",""
105,11,7,30 Oct 18,"Diamonds Aren't Forever",""
106,11,8,06 Nov 18,"Trimming The Fat",""
107,11,9,13 Nov 18,"Destructive Criticism",""
108,11,10,20 Nov 18,"The Final Flip",""