number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Jun 17,"Worldwide Racism",""
2,1,2,13 Jun 17,"Unpacking Impeachment",""
3,1,3,20 Jun 17,"Criminal Injustice",""
4,1,4,27 Jun 17,"Health Care Unhinged",""
5,1,5,11 Jul 17,"Understanding the First Amendment",""
6,1,6,18 Jul 17,"America's Age of Unenlightenment",""
7,1,7,25 Jul 17,"Trophy Hunter Takedown",""
8,1,8,01 Aug 17,"The Fight for LGBT Military Rights",""
9,1,9,08 Aug 17,"The Threat of Nuclear War",""
10,1,10,15 Aug 17,"Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally",""
11,1,11,19 Sep 17,"Jim's Police Ride-Along",""
12,1,12,26 Sep 17,"Trump's Anti-NFL Freak Out",""
13,1,13,03 Oct 17,"Trump's Bungled Puerto Rico Response",""
14,1,14,10 Oct 17,"Hawaii's One-Party System",""
15,1,15,17 Oct 17,"Trump's Congressional Twitter Troll",""
16,1,16,24 Oct 17,"America's Opioid Epidemic",""
17,1,17,31 Oct 17,"After School Satan Club",""
18,1,18,07 Nov 17,"Mark Cuban vs. Donald Trump",""
19,1,19,14 Nov 17,"Roy Moore's Sexual Assault Allegations",""
20,1,20,21 Nov 17,"Let's Talk About Guns",""
21,2,1,27 Mar 18,"Jim Attends the March for Our Lives",""
22,2,2,03 Apr 18,"Day Drinking with the Press",""
23,2,3,10 Apr 18,"Scott Pruitt's Biggest Scandal",""
24,2,4,17 Apr 18,"Comey's Nasty Little Tell All",""
25,2,5,24 Apr 18,"Ireland's Abortion Ban",""
26,2,6,01 May 18,"Questioning Trump's North Korea Strategy",""
27,2,7,08 May 18,"The Exploitation of NFL Cheerleaders",""
28,2,8,15 May 18,"Learning About the Royal Family",""
29,2,9,22 May 18,"Why Scared White People Keep Calling 911",""
30,2,10,29 May 18,"The Sex Robot Revolution",""
31,2,11,19 Jun 18,"Jordan Peterson & Sarah Silverman",""
32,2,12,26 Jun 18,"The Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border",""
33,2,13,10 Jul 18,"Judging the Supreme Court",""
34,2,14,17 Jul 18,"America's Number One",""
35,2,15,24 Jul 18,"Comic Cons Problem",""
36,2,16,31 Jul 18,"America Reaches Peak Outrage",""
37,2,17,07 Aug 18,"The 1D Brain Behind 3D-Printed Guns",""
38,2,18,14 Aug 18,"Life During Trump's Topsy-Turvy Presidency",""
39,2,19,21 Aug 18,"What is QAnon?",""
40,2,20,28 Aug 18,"Jim's Deep Dive Into Religion",""
41,2,21,18 Sep 18,"Nike's Ad Campaign Stirs Up Controversy",""
42,2,22,25 Sep 18,"Republicans Stand by Brett Kavanaugh",""
43,2,23,02 Oct 18,"America's Racist Criminal Justice System",""
44,2,24,09 Oct 18,"The Exploitation of Victimhood",""
45,2,25,16 Oct 18,"The Downward Spiral of Climate Change",""
46,2,26,23 Oct 18,"Why Healthy Living is Impossible",""
47,2,27,30 Oct 18,"How Right Wing Rhetoric Leads to Violence",""
48,2,28,06 Nov 18,"Third-Party Debate: The Best of the Rest",""
49,2,29,13 Nov 18,"Trump Wages War Against Journalists",""
50,2,30,20 Nov 18,"Jim Becomes a U.S. Citizen",""
51,3,1,19 Mar 19,"The Rise of White Nationalism",""
52,3,2,26 Mar 19,"The Hidden Dangers of Vast Nuclear Arsenals",""
53,3,3,02 Apr 19,"How Chicago Became Central to the Gun Debate",""
54,3,4,09 Apr 19,"The Extra Hurdles for Trans Athletes",""
55,3,5,16 Apr 19,"Jim Goes on an Anti-Poaching Safari",""
56,3,6,23 Apr 19,"Jim's Guide to Growing Old and Dying",""
57,3,7,30 Apr 19,"Addicted to Everything",""
58,3,8,07 May 19,"Giving Kids in Foster Care a Leg Up",""
59,3,9,14 May 19,"Dividing the United States",""
60,3,10,21 May 19,"The Cost of Trading Away Freedom",""
61,3,11,17 Sep 19,"Americans Stopped Caring About Privacy",""
62,3,12,24 Sep 19,"Jim Gives Socialism an Overhaul",""
63,3,13,01 Oct 19,"Jim Takes on Cancel Culture",""
64,3,14,08 Oct 19,"The Decline of Sex In Japan",""
65,3,15,15 Oct 19,"Diving Into the Trump Impeachment Inquiry",""
66,3,16,22 Oct 19,"Jim's Ride-Along with His Cop Brother",""
67,3,17,29 Oct 19,"Legal Prostitution vs. Sex Trafficking",""
68,3,18,05 Nov 19,"Why Americans Fear the Wrong Things",""
69,3,19,12 Nov 19,"Are Japanese B-Stylers Racist?",""
70,3,20,19 Nov 19,"There Are Too Many Choices",""
S01,1,0,08 Aug 17,"Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness (18 min)",""