number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Jul 13,"Cool Your Jets",""
2,1,2,08 Jul 13,"It's Not Easy Being Green",""
3,1,3,15 Jul 13,"Dude, That's a Dude, Dude",""
4,1,4,22 Jul 13,"Luggage, Luggage Everywhere",""
5,1,5,29 Jul 13,"I'm Living with the Devil",""
6,1,6,05 Aug 13,"Sleeping with the Enemy",""
7,1,7,12 Aug 13,"Naughty Yachties",""
8,1,8,19 Aug 13,"There's a New Captain in Town",""
9,1,9,26 Aug 13,"Land Ahoy... Finally",""
10,1,10,02 Sep 13,"Reunion",""
11,1,11,09 Sep 13,"The Crew Tells All",""
12,2,1,12 Aug 14,"Shut Your Porthole!",""
13,2,2,19 Aug 14,"Hex on the Beach",""
14,2,3,26 Aug 14,"Mojitos Mo' Problems",""
15,2,4,02 Sep 14,"Charter Guest Soulmate",""
16,2,5,09 Sep 14,"Bitchy Resting Face",""
17,2,6,16 Sep 14,"Strains, Strains, and a Big Pain",""
18,2,7,23 Sep 14,"She'd Better Not Be Staying",""
19,2,8,30 Sep 14,"New Kid on the Deck",""
20,2,9,07 Oct 14,"You're Grounded",""
21,2,10,14 Oct 14,"Premature Corkulation",""
22,2,11,21 Oct 14,"Dry Land, Damp Eyes",""
23,2,12,28 Oct 14,"Crew Tells All",""
24,2,13,04 Nov 14,"Reunion",""
25,3,1,25 Aug 15,"More Foam, Bosun!",""
26,3,2,01 Sep 15,"Off the Radar",""
27,3,3,08 Sep 15,"Pretty Cheeks",""
28,3,4,15 Sep 15,"I Don't Date, I Mate",""
29,3,5,22 Sep 15,"I'm Ironing the Captain's Shorts",""
30,3,6,29 Sep 15,"My Dearest Emile...",""
31,3,7,06 Oct 15,"Storm's a Comin'",""
32,3,8,13 Oct 15,"Boom Boom in the Laundry Room",""
33,3,9,20 Oct 15,"Fire!",""
34,3,10,27 Oct 15,"What Took You So Long? (75 min)",""
35,3,11,03 Nov 15,"The Real Housewives of Atlanta",""
36,3,12,10 Nov 15,"Dirty Laundry",""
37,3,13,17 Nov 15,"Loose Lips Sink Ships",""
38,3,14,24 Nov 15,"Reunion",""
39,3,15,01 Dec 15,"Reunion, Part 2",""
40,4,1,06 Sep 16,"No One Said This Job Was Easy",""
41,4,2,13 Sep 16,"What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub",""
42,4,3,20 Sep 16,"Hair Models and Filthy Martinis",""
43,4,4,27 Sep 16,"That Tuna is F...ed",""
44,4,5,04 Oct 16,"The Freak Comes Out at Night",""
45,4,6,11 Oct 16,"The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die",""
46,4,7,18 Oct 16,"Decent Proposal",""
47,4,8,25 Oct 16,"One Less Fish in the Sea",""
48,4,9,01 Nov 16,"The Sea Was Angry (75 min)",""
49,4,10,09 Nov 16,"Bombed by a Care Bear",""
50,4,11,15 Nov 16,"Bosun Blues",""
51,4,12,22 Nov 16,"Bemily",""
52,4,13,29 Nov 16,"Waking the Resting Bitch Face",""
53,4,14,06 Dec 16,"50 Shades of Ben",""
54,5,1,05 Sep 17,"The 1 Percenters",""
55,5,2,12 Sep 17,"It Ain't Easy Being Green",""
56,5,3,19 Sep 17,"Jesus Saves",""
57,5,4,26 Sep 17,"Kate Goes to Church",""
58,5,5,03 Oct 17,"Cool Beans",""
59,5,6,10 Oct 17,"100 Feet from Catastrophe",""
60,5,7,17 Oct 17,"Blindsided",""
61,5,8,24 Oct 17,"Under Cover Boss",""
62,5,9,31 Oct 17,"Hot Mess Express",""
63,5,10,07 Nov 17,"King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya",""
64,5,11,14 Nov 17,"Only Doing It for the Money",""
65,5,12,21 Nov 17,"You Don't Mess with the Primary",""
66,5,13,28 Nov 17,"The One Where Jen Loses Her Mind",""
67,5,14,05 Dec 17,"The Champagne Campaign",""
68,5,15,12 Dec 17,"Reunion",""
69,6,1,02 Oct 18,"We're Not In The Caribbean Anymore!",""
70,6,2,09 Oct 18,"Foam, Party of One",""
71,6,3,16 Oct 18,"I'm Also a Boat Captain!",""
72,6,4,23 Oct 18,"Bitch in Charge",""
73,6,5,30 Oct 18,"Naked Smoothies",""
74,6,6,06 Nov 18,"Get Better or Go Home",""
75,6,7,13 Nov 18,"New Kids on the Dock",""
76,6,8,20 Nov 18,"Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star",""
77,6,9,27 Nov 18,"Insult to Injury",""
S02,2,0,28 Oct 14,"Crew Tells All",""
S02,2,0,04 Nov 14,"Reunion",""
S03,3,0,04 Aug 15,"Special: Don't Miss the Boat",""