number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1964,1,05 Feb 64,"The World of Buckminster Fuller",""
2,1964,2,30 May 64,"Pesticides and Posterity",""
3,1964,3,27 Jun 64,"A Candle to Nature",""
4,1964,4,25 Jul 64,"Strangeness Minus Three",""
5,1964,5,22 Aug 64,"The Air of Science",""
6,1964,6,21 Sep 64,"The Knowledge Explosion",""
7,1964,7,19 Oct 64,"The Amateur Scientist",""
8,1964,8,16 Nov 64,"Tots and Quods and Woodgeries",""
9,1964,9,01 Dec 64,"Professor J.B.S. Haldane, Obituary",""
10,1964,10,14 Dec 64,"Science, Toys and Magic",""
11,1965,1,06 Jan 65,"Learning from Machines",""
12,1965,2,20 Jan 65,"The Technique of Change",""
13,1965,3,03 Feb 65,"Star Gazers",""
14,1965,4,17 Feb 65,"Science and Art",""
15,1965,5,03 Mar 65,"The Great Computer Scandal",""
16,1965,6,17 Mar 65,"Faster, Farther, Higher",""
17,1965,7,31 Mar 65,"Restless Genius",""
18,1965,8,14 Apr 65,"Other Side of the Pill",""
19,1965,9,12 May 65,"The Big Smoke",""
20,1965,10,26 May 65,"The Long Slide",""
21,1965,11,09 Jun 65,"Men and Sharks",""
22,1965,12,23 Jun 65,"The Sudden Light",""
23,1965,13,14 Jul 65,"Dr. Joseph Needham",""
24,1965,14,28 Jul 65,"Science Fiction: Science Fact?",""
25,1965,15,11 Aug 65,"Certain of Uncertainty",""
26,1965,16,25 Aug 65,"Time Stood Still",""
27,1965,17,08 Sep 65,"Fuel for the Future",""
28,1965,18,22 Sep 65,"Let Newton Be",""
29,1965,19,10 Oct 65,"Special Senses",""
30,1965,20,24 Oct 65,"An Affair of the Heart",""
31,1965,21,07 Nov 65,"10,000 Tombs",""
32,1965,22,21 Nov 65,"Toil, Sweat & Tears",""
33,1965,23,05 Dec 65,"The Big Dishes and the Living Stream",""
34,1965,24,19 Dec 65,"Boys on Bubbles",""
35,1966,1,02 Jan 66,"Windows of the Soul",""
36,1966,2,16 Jan 66,"The Troubled Mind",""
37,1966,3,30 Jan 66,"A Man of Two Visions",""
38,1966,4,13 Feb 66,"A Theory of the Earth",""
39,1966,5,27 Feb 66,"Route 128",""
40,1966,6,13 Mar 66,"The Beginning of Life",""
41,1966,7,27 Mar 66,"So You Want to Be an Inventor?",""
42,1966,8,10 Apr 66,"Chance and Decay",""
43,1966,9,24 Apr 66,"Towers of Ilium",""
44,1966,10,08 May 66,"Man in Space",""
45,1966,11,22 May 66,"Destination Mars",""
46,1966,12,05 Jun 66,"Man Meets Duck",""
47,1966,13,19 Jun 66,"Where Must the Money Go?",""
48,1966,14,03 Jul 66,"Genes in Action",""
49,1966,15,17 Jul 66,"The Lonely Children",""
50,1966,16,31 Jul 66,"Man of Science",""
51,1966,17,11 Sep 66,"The Dolphins That Joined the Navy",""
52,1966,18,25 Sep 66,"M.I.T's ABC",""
53,1966,19,10 Oct 66,"Ten Years in the Antarctic",""
54,1966,20,24 Oct 66,"The Athlete",""
55,1966,21,07 Nov 66,"From Peenemünde to the Moon",""
56,1966,22,21 Nov 66,"Sex-Change?",""
57,1966,23,05 Dec 66,"The Structure of Life",""
58,1966,24,25 Dec 66,"Hand Me My Sword, Humphrey",""
59,1967,1,17 Jan 67,"Sons of Cain",""
60,1967,2,17 Feb 67,"How Best to Make a Man, How Best to Make a Scientist",""
61,1967,3,28 Feb 67,"Dynamo - The Life of Michael Faraday",""
62,1967,4,14 Mar 67,"Migraine",""
63,1967,5,28 Mar 67,"How Safe is Surgery?",""
64,1967,6,25 Apr 67,"The Shape of War to Come",""
65,1967,7,09 May 67,"Memory",""
66,1967,8,23 May 67,"Masters of the Desert",""
67,1967,9,20 Jun 67,"Cancer - The Smoker's Gamble",""
68,1967,10,04 Jul 67,"Science and the Supernatural",""
69,1967,11,18 Jul 67,"Hypnosis",""
70,1967,12,12 Sep 67,"The War of the Boffins",""
71,1967,13,26 Sep 67,"Aspects of Alcohol",""
72,1967,14,10 Oct 67,"Lords of the Sea",""
73,1967,15,24 Oct 67,"Will Art Last?",""
74,1967,16,07 Nov 67,"Air Safety - The Unknown Factor",""
75,1967,17,21 Nov 67,"The Life and Death of the Pine Processionary",""
76,1967,18,05 Dec 67,"Koestler on Creativity",""
77,1967,19,12 Dec 67,"The World of Ted Serios",""
78,1967,20,24 Dec 67,"Professor in Toyland",""
79,1968,1,02 Jan 68,"An Ingenious Man - Sir H. John Baker",""
80,1968,2,30 Jan 68,"Man's Best Friend",""
81,1968,3,13 Feb 68,"Once a Junkie",""
82,1968,4,27 Feb 68,"Towns, Traffic and Tomorrow",""
83,1968,5,12 Mar 68,"The Man Makers",""
84,1968,6,26 Mar 68,"Man in Search of Himself",""
85,1968,7,09 Apr 68,"Investigating Murder",""
86,1968,8,07 May 68,"The Equation of Murder",""
87,1968,9,12 Sep 68,"The Lindemann Enigma",""
88,1968,10,19 Sep 68,"From Field to Factory",""
89,1968,11,26 Sep 68,"Comfort on Aging",""
90,1968,12,03 Oct 68,"Experiments in War",""
91,1968,13,17 Oct 68,"African Medicine",""
92,1968,14,24 Oct 68,"The Broken Bridge",""
93,1968,15,31 Oct 68,"Children Without Words",""
94,1968,16,07 Nov 68,"Computer Revolution",""
95,1968,17,14 Nov 68,"The Doctor's Dilemma",""
96,1968,18,21 Nov 68,"In the Matter of Dr. Alfred Nobel",""
97,1968,19,28 Nov 68,"Wheels Within Wheels",""
98,1968,20,05 Dec 68,"Black Man, White Science",""
99,1968,21,12 Dec 68,"Hidden World",""
100,1968,22,19 Dec 68,"The Talgai Skull",""
101,1968,23,24 Dec 68,"Phantasmagoria: The Magic Lantern",""
102,1969,1,02 Jan 69,"Inside Every Fat Man",""
103,1969,2,09 Jan 69,"If Only They Could Speak",""
104,1969,3,16 Jan 69,"The Miraculous Wonder: The Human Eye",""
105,1969,4,23 Jan 69,"The Years of the Locust",""
106,1969,5,30 Jan 69,"The Gifted Child",""
107,1969,6,06 Feb 69,"The Last of the Polymaths",""
108,1969,7,13 Feb 69,"Music and the Mind",""
109,1969,8,20 Feb 69,"Report on V.D.",""
110,1969,9,22 Feb 69,"A True Madness",""
111,1969,10,27 Feb 69,"Extra Sensory Perception",""
112,1969,11,06 Mar 69,"The Drift from Science",""
113,1969,12,13 Mar 69,"Powers of Persuasion",""
114,1969,13,20 Mar 69,"The View from Space",""
115,1969,14,27 Mar 69,"The Unborn Patient",""
116,1969,15,10 Apr 69,"King Solomon's Garden",""
117,1969,16,24 Apr 69,"Muck Today, Poison Tomorrow",""
118,1969,17,01 May 69,"Shark",""
119,1969,18,15 May 69,"Technology and Self-Determination",""
120,1969,19,22 May 69,"After Apollo",""
121,1969,20,29 May 69,"Discovery",""
122,1969,21,05 Jun 69,"Machines and People",""
123,1969,22,15 Sep 69,"Science on Safari",""
124,1969,23,29 Sep 69,"The Problem of Pain",""
125,1969,24,06 Oct 69,"Four Fast Legs and a Nose",""
126,1969,25,13 Oct 69,"Father of the Man",""
127,1969,26,20 Oct 69,"Master of the Microscope",""
128,1969,27,27 Oct 69,"C.E.R.N.",""
129,1969,28,03 Nov 69,"Snap, Crackle and Bang",""
130,1969,29,10 Nov 69,"Cancer Now",""
131,1969,30,17 Nov 69,"There's a Rhino in My Sugar",""
132,1969,31,24 Nov 69,"Fit to Live",""
133,1969,32,01 Dec 69,"Don't Cackle, Lay Eggs",""
134,1969,33,08 Dec 69,"How Much Do You Drink?",""
135,1969,34,15 Dec 69,"A Game of War",""
136,1969,35,22 Dec 69,"Bread",""
137,1969,36,29 Dec 69,"For the Safety of Mankind",""
138,1970,1,05 Jan 70,"Just Another World",""
139,1970,2,12 Jan 70,"Henry Royce, Mechanic",""
140,1970,3,19 Jan 70,"A Disease of Our Time - Stress",""
141,1970,4,26 Jan 70,"A Disease of Our Time - Heart Attacks",""
142,1970,5,02 Feb 70,"Sex and Sexuality",""
143,1970,6,16 Feb 70,"Whose Coast?",""
144,1970,7,23 Feb 70,"A Much Wanted Child",""
145,1970,8,02 Mar 70,"The Expert Witness",""
146,1970,9,09 Mar 70,"After the Iron Age",""
147,1970,10,16 Mar 70,"Let the Therapy Fit the Crime",""
148,1970,11,23 Mar 70,"The World Outside",""
149,1970,12,30 Mar 70,"In the Beginning Was the Word",""
150,1970,13,13 Apr 70,"The Drifting of the Continents",""
151,1970,14,20 Apr 70,"A Case of Priority",""
152,1970,15,27 Apr 70,"The Fretful Elements",""
153,1970,16,11 May 70,"One Man's Meat",""
154,1970,17,06 Jul 70,"Only Skin Deep",""
155,1970,18,13 Jul 70,"Wolves and Wolfmen",""
156,1970,19,10 Aug 70,"A Measure of Uncertainty",""
157,1970,20,17 Aug 70,"The Manhunters",""
158,1970,21,24 Aug 70,"Don't Get Sick in America",""
159,1970,22,31 Aug 70,"Crown of Thorns",""
160,1970,23,07 Sep 70,"Noah's Ark in Kensington",""
161,1970,24,14 Sep 70,"Virus",""
162,1970,25,21 Sep 70,"Water, Water",""
163,1970,26,28 Sep 70,"All Creatures Great and Small",""
164,1970,27,05 Oct 70,"Child for a Lifetime",""
165,1970,28,12 Oct 70,"Something for Our Children",""
166,1970,29,02 Nov 70,"Million Ton Tanker",""
167,1970,30,09 Nov 70,"The Insect War",""
168,1970,31,16 Nov 70,"The Savage Mind",""
169,1970,32,23 Nov 70,"Tanks",""
170,1970,33,30 Nov 70,"Mind the Machine",""
171,1970,34,07 Dec 70,"Square Pegs",""
172,1970,35,14 Dec 70,"The City That Waits to Die",""
173,1970,36,21 Dec 70,"The Man Who Talks to Frogs",""
174,1970,37,28 Dec 70,"The Gargantuan Triumph of Science",""
175,1971,1,04 Jan 71,"Wildlife - The Last Great Battle",""
176,1971,2,18 Jan 71,"Great Ormond Street",""
177,1971,3,25 Jan 71,"A Bulldozer Through Heaven",""
178,1971,4,01 Feb 71,"Rumors of War",""
179,1971,5,15 Feb 71,"I'm Dependent - You're Addicted",""
180,1971,6,22 Feb 71,"Kuru - To Tremble with Fear",""
181,1971,7,08 Mar 71,"Due to a Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Canceled",""
182,1971,8,15 Mar 71,"What Kind of Doctor?",""
183,1971,9,22 Mar 71,"Nice Sort of Accident to Have",""
184,1971,10,05 Apr 71,"The Wood",""
185,1971,11,12 Apr 71,"The Measure of a Man",""
186,1971,12,26 Apr 71,"Three Score Years and Then?",""
187,1971,13,03 May 71,"Darwin's Bulldog",""
188,1971,14,10 May 71,"The Secret",""
189,1971,15,17 May 71,"What Every Girl Should Know",""
190,1971,16,24 May 71,"Tastes of Food to Come",""
191,1971,17,31 May 71,"Looking for a Happy Landing",""
192,1971,18,07 Jun 71,"A Case of Depression",""
193,1971,19,14 Jun 71,"The Total War Machine",""
194,1971,20,21 Jun 71,"The Dinosaur Hunters",""
195,1971,21,27 Sep 71,"Your Country Needs You",""
196,1971,22,04 Oct 71,"Rheumatism",""
197,1971,23,11 Oct 71,"If at First You Don't Succeed...You Don't Succeed",""
198,1971,24,18 Oct 71,"One Liverpool or Two?",""
199,1971,25,25 Oct 71,"Rutherford, Cavendish",""
200,1971,26,01 Nov 71,"The Fierce People",""
201,1971,27,15 Nov 71,"The Men Who Painted Caves",""
202,1971,28,22 Nov 71,"The Crab Nebula",""
203,1971,29,29 Nov 71,"Can Venice Survive?",""
204,1971,30,06 Dec 71,"Willingly to School",""
205,1971,31,20 Dec 71,"Periscope War",""
206,1971,32,27 Dec 71,"Patently Absurd",""
207,1972,1,03 Jan 72,"The Missing Link",""
208,1972,2,10 Jan 72,"Navajo - The Last Red Indians",""
209,1972,3,17 Jan 72,"How Much Do You Smell?",""
210,1972,4,31 Jan 72,"Parasite of Paradise",""
211,1972,5,07 Feb 72,"The Day It Rained Periwinkles",""
212,1972,6,14 Feb 72,"Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor?",""
213,1972,7,21 Feb 72,"How They Sold Doomsday",""
214,1972,8,28 Feb 72,"For Love or Money",""
215,1972,9,06 Mar 72,"Whales, Dolphins and Men",""
216,1972,10,13 Mar 72,"What is Race?",""
217,1972,11,20 Mar 72,"Man-Made Lakes in Africa",""
218,1972,12,27 Mar 72,"Survival in the Sahara",""
219,1972,13,10 Apr 72,"Mind Over Body",""
220,1972,14,17 Apr 72,"Out of Volcanoes",""
221,1972,15,01 May 72,"The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor",""
222,1972,16,08 May 72,"Rail Crash",""
223,1972,17,22 May 72,"Do You Dig National Parks?",""
224,1972,18,12 Jun 72,"Sorry I Opened My Mouth",""
225,1972,19,03 Jul 72,"The Way We Move",""
226,1972,20,10 Jul 72,"The Life That Lives on Man",""
227,1972,21,24 Jul 72,"Sex Can Be a Problem",""
228,1972,22,31 Jul 72,"The Surgery of Violence",""
229,1972,23,12 Oct 72,"Hospital, 1922",""
230,1972,24,19 Oct 72,"When Polar Bears Swam in the Thames",""
231,1972,25,26 Oct 72,"The Making of the English Landscape",""
232,1972,26,02 Nov 72,"Shadows of Bliss",""
233,1972,27,09 Nov 72,"Billion Marsh",""
234,1972,28,16 Nov 72,"Do You Sincerely Want a Long Life?",""
235,1972,29,23 Nov 72,"The Making of a Natural History Film",""
236,1972,30,30 Nov 72,"Fire",""
237,1972,31,07 Dec 72,"Alaskan Pipe Dream",""
238,1972,32,21 Dec 72,"Their Life in Your Hands",""
239,1972,33,28 Dec 72,"Navigating Europe",""
240,1973,1,04 Jan 73,"Epidemic",""
241,1973,2,11 Jan 73,"Worlds in Collision",""
242,1973,3,18 Jan 73,"The Military Necessity",""
243,1973,4,25 Jan 73,"The Curtain of Silence",""
244,1973,5,01 Feb 73,"Crime Lab",""
245,1973,6,08 Feb 73,"When the Breeding Has to Stop",""
246,1973,7,15 Feb 73,"Science is Dead, Long Live Science",""
247,1973,8,01 Mar 73,"...And Where Will the Children Play?",""
248,1973,9,08 Mar 73,"Acupuncture: A Chinese Puzzle",""
249,1973,10,22 Mar 73,"What Time is Your Body?",""
250,1973,11,05 Apr 73,"Survival of the Weakest",""
251,1973,12,12 Apr 73,"Red Sea Coral and the Crown of Thorns",""
252,1973,13,26 Apr 73,"Lumbered with Back-Ache!",""
253,1973,14,03 May 73,"Airport",""
254,1973,15,17 May 73,"Do You Remember the Memory Man?",""
255,1973,16,24 May 73,"What a Waste!",""
256,1973,17,07 Jun 73,"The Laws of the Land",""
257,1973,18,14 Jun 73,"Do We Really Need the Railways?",""
258,1973,19,21 Jun 73,"The Telly of Tomorrow",""
259,1973,20,28 Jun 73,"The Rat Man",""
260,1973,21,05 Jul 73,"How Does It Hurt?",""
261,1973,22,09 Aug 73,"A Scientist Looks at Religion",""
262,1973,23,24 Sep 73,"In Search of Konrad Lorenz",""
263,1973,24,01 Oct 73,"Stretch Up Tall",""
264,1973,25,08 Oct 73,"Gilding the Lily",""
265,1973,26,15 Oct 73,"Black Holes of Gravity",""
266,1973,27,22 Oct 73,"What's So Big About Us?",""
267,1973,28,29 Oct 73,"The Steadfast Tin Soldier",""
268,1973,29,05 Nov 73,"Carry on Smoking",""
269,1973,30,26 Nov 73,"Air Crash Detective",""
270,1973,31,03 Dec 73,"An Element of Mystery",""
271,1973,32,17 Dec 73,"Digging Up the Future",""
272,1973,33,24 Dec 73,"Kula, a Reason for Giving",""
273,1974,1,07 Jan 74,"A Matter of Self-Defense",""
274,1974,2,14 Jan 74,"Bird Brain - The Mystery of Bird Navigation",""
275,1974,3,21 Jan 74,"Never Too Late to Learn",""
276,1974,4,28 Jan 74,"The Great Fish Hunt",""
277,1974,5,04 Feb 74,"Pedal Power",""
278,1974,6,11 Feb 74,"The Writing on the Wall",""
279,1974,7,18 Feb 74,"Where Did the Colorado Go?",""
280,1974,8,04 Mar 74,"The Future Goes Boom",""
281,1974,9,11 Mar 74,"Fusion: The Energy Promise",""
282,1974,10,22 Apr 74,"The First Ten Years",""
283,1974,11,29 Apr 74,"This Yankee Dodge Beats Mesmerism Hollow",""
284,1974,12,06 May 74,"The Hunting of the Quark",""
285,1974,13,13 May 74,"A Noah's Ark for Europe",""
286,1974,14,03 Jun 74,"Bridges: When It Comes to the Crunch",""
287,1974,15,10 Jun 74,"Search for Life",""
288,1974,16,10 Jun 74,"The Secrets of Sleep",""
289,1974,17,24 Jun 74,"Who Needs Skills?",""
290,1974,18,01 Jul 74,"Hills of Promise",""
291,1974,19,08 Jul 74,"The Race for the Double Helix",""
292,1974,20,15 Jul 74,"The Immigrant Doctors",""
293,1974,21,22 Jul 74,"Mines, Minerals and Men",""
294,1974,22,29 Jul 74,"What Price Steak?",""
295,1974,23,05 Aug 74,"Listen and Be Loyal",""
296,1974,24,12 Aug 74,"Adam or Eve?",""
297,1974,25,02 Sep 74,"An Unholy Scramble",""
298,1974,26,28 Oct 74,"Do as You Are Told",""
299,1974,27,04 Nov 74,"The First Signs of Washoe",""
300,1974,28,11 Nov 74,"The Other Way",""
301,1974,29,09 Dec 74,"Joey",""
302,1974,30,16 Dec 74,"The Neglected Harvest",""
303,1974,31,23 Dec 74,"How on Earth Did They Do That?",""
304,1974,32,30 Dec 74,"The Lysenko Affair",""
305,1975,1,06 Jan 75,"The Cleanest Place in the World",""
306,1975,2,20 Jan 75,"The Killer Dust",""
307,1975,3,27 Jan 75,"A Time to Be Born",""
308,1975,4,10 Feb 75,"The Unsafe Sea",""
309,1975,5,17 Feb 75,"The Change of Life",""
310,1975,6,24 Feb 75,"Project Fido",""
311,1975,7,07 Apr 75,"The Long, Long Walkabout",""
312,1975,8,14 Apr 75,"The Overworked Miracle",""
313,1975,9,21 Apr 75,"Not the Cheapest, But the Best",""
314,1975,10,28 Apr 75,"A Spoonful of Roughage",""
315,1975,11,05 May 75,"Brain Poison",""
316,1975,12,12 May 75,"The Bulldog's Last Bark",""
317,1975,13,19 May 75,"Benjamin",""
318,1975,14,02 Jun 75,"The McMaster Experiment",""
319,1975,15,09 Jun 75,"The Glazed Outlook",""
320,1975,16,16 Jun 75,"The Three Chord Trick",""
321,1975,17,23 Jun 75,"The Cleanest Place in the World",""
322,1975,18,30 Jun 75,"Strange Sleep",""
323,1975,19,07 Jul 75,"The Greatest Advance Since the Wheel?",""
324,1975,20,14 Jul 75,"How Do You Read?",""
325,1975,21,21 Jul 75,"The Sickly Sea",""
326,1975,22,28 Jul 75,"Happy Catastrophe",""
327,1975,23,04 Aug 75,"To Die, to Live - The Survivors of Hiroshima",""
328,1975,24,11 Aug 75,"Cannabis",""
329,1975,25,18 Aug 75,"Meditation and the Mind",""
330,1975,26,29 Dec 75,"The Trobriand Experiment",""
331,1976,1,05 Jan 76,"The Transplant Experience",""
332,1976,2,12 Jan 76,"Intimate Strangers",""
333,1976,3,19 Jan 76,"A Fair Share of What Little We Have",""
334,1976,4,26 Jan 76,"The Incredible Machine",""
335,1976,5,02 Feb 76,"King Coal Revived",""
336,1976,6,09 Feb 76,"A Question of Trust",""
337,1976,7,16 Feb 76,"The Case of the Bermuda Triangle",""
338,1976,8,23 Feb 76,"The Lords of the Labyrinth",""
339,1976,9,01 Mar 76,"Inside the Shark",""
340,1976,10,08 Mar 76,"The Chemical Dream",""
341,1976,11,15 Mar 76,"The Edelin Affair",""
342,1976,12,22 Mar 76,"The World of Margaret Mead",""
343,1976,13,29 Mar 76,"The Pathway from Madness",""
344,1976,14,05 Apr 76,"Geronimo's Children",""
345,1976,15,12 Apr 76,"The Vision of the Blind",""
346,1976,16,26 Apr 76,"A Lesson for Teachers",""
347,1976,17,03 May 76,"Why Did Stuart Die?",""
348,1976,18,10 May 76,"The Planets",""
349,1976,19,17 May 76,"The Children of Peru",""
350,1976,20,24 May 76,"Dying",""
351,1976,21,31 May 76,"The Great British Drought",""
352,1976,22,07 Jun 76,"A Home Like Ours... A Story of Four Children",""
353,1976,23,14 Jun 76,"What's Wrong with the Sun?",""
354,1976,24,25 Oct 76,"The Bull's Eye War",""
355,1976,25,01 Nov 76,"The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs",""
356,1976,26,08 Nov 76,"Billion Dollar Bubble",""
357,1976,27,15 Nov 76,"The Selfish Gene",""
358,1976,28,22 Nov 76,"A Child of Our Own",""
359,1976,29,29 Nov 76,"Secrets of a Coral Island",""
360,1976,30,06 Dec 76,"The Long Valley",""
361,1976,31,13 Dec 76,"Half-Way to 1984",""
362,1976,32,20 Dec 76,"The Mystery of King Arthur and His Round Table",""
363,1977,1,07 Jan 77,"A Smile for a Crocodile",""
364,1977,2,14 Jan 77,"The Pill for the People",""
365,1977,3,21 Jan 77,"The Ape That Stood Up",""
366,1977,4,04 Feb 77,"The Human Animal",""
367,1977,5,18 Feb 77,"The Guinea Pig and the Law",""
368,1977,6,25 Feb 77,"Hunters of the Seal",""
369,1977,7,04 Mar 77,"The Red Planet",""
370,1977,8,11 Mar 77,"One of Nature's Hotels",""
371,1977,9,18 Mar 77,"Dawn of the Solar Age",""
372,1977,10,01 Apr 77,"Genetic Roulette",""
373,1977,11,15 Jul 77,"The Amazing Doctor Newton",""
374,1977,12,22 Jul 77,"The Trouble with Medicine",""
375,1977,13,29 Jul 77,"Silent Speech",""
376,1977,14,05 Aug 77,"The Green Machine",""
377,1977,15,26 Aug 77,"Horizon 2002",""
378,1977,16,02 Sep 77,"The River That Came Clean",""
379,1977,17,09 Sep 77,"Blueprints in the Bloodstream",""
380,1977,18,16 Sep 77,"40 Years of Murder",""
381,1977,19,23 Sep 77,"Darwin's Dream",""
382,1977,20,30 Sep 77,"The Cry for Help",""
383,1977,21,07 Oct 77,"The Sunspot Mystery",""
384,1977,22,21 Oct 77,"The Rhine's Revenge",""
385,1977,23,02 Dec 77,"Icarus' Children",""
386,1977,24,09 Dec 77,"The Healing Nightmare",""
387,1977,25,23 Dec 77,"The Great Wine Revolution",""
388,1978,1,06 Jan 78,"Living Machines",""
389,1978,2,20 Jan 78,"A Land for All Reasons",""
390,1978,3,27 Jan 78,"I Don't Want to Be a Burden",""
391,1978,4,03 Feb 78,"Zero G",""
392,1978,5,17 Feb 78,"The Message in the Rocks",""
393,1978,6,24 Feb 78,"The Eddystone Lights",""
394,1978,7,10 Mar 78,"Light of the 21st Century",""
395,1978,8,24 Mar 78,"The New Breadline",""
396,1978,9,31 Mar 78,"Now the Chips Are Down",""
397,1978,10,14 Jul 78,"Explosions in the Mind",""
398,1978,11,21 Jul 78,"One Small Step",""
399,1978,12,28 Jul 78,"The Tsetse Trap",""
400,1978,13,04 Aug 78,"A Whisper from Space",""
401,1978,14,11 Aug 78,"Prisoners of Hope",""
402,1978,15,18 Aug 78,"On a Different Track",""
403,1978,16,25 Aug 78,"Careering Into Science",""
404,1978,17,01 Sep 78,"Cashing In on the Ocean",""
405,1978,18,08 Sep 78,"Bags of Life",""
406,1978,19,15 Sep 78,"Innocent Slaughter",""
407,1978,20,03 Nov 78,"The Beersheva Experiment",""
408,1978,21,10 Nov 78,"Divers Do It Deeper",""
409,1978,22,17 Nov 78,"The Big Sleep",""
410,1978,23,24 Nov 78,"The Vital Spark",""
411,1978,24,29 Dec 78,"The Red Deer of Rhum",""
412,1979,1,26 Feb 79,"The Forever Fuel",""
413,1979,2,05 Mar 79,"In Search of Pegasus",""
414,1979,3,12 Mar 79,"The Keys of Paradise",""
415,1979,4,19 Mar 79,"Sweet Solutions",""
416,1979,5,26 Mar 79,"Bronze Age Blast-Off",""
417,1979,6,02 Apr 79,"The Real Bionic Man",""
418,1979,7,09 Apr 79,"A Mediterranean Prospect",""
419,1979,8,23 Apr 79,"Elements of Risk",""
420,1979,9,30 Apr 79,"Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland",""
421,1979,10,07 May 79,"Where Nothing Happens Twice",""
422,1979,11,14 May 79,"Journey Through the Human Body",""
423,1979,12,21 May 79,"The Fight to Be Male",""
424,1979,13,28 May 79,"The Robots Are Coming",""
425,1979,14,24 Sep 79,"Mexican Oil Dance",""
426,1979,15,01 Oct 79,"Tracks on the Oregon Trail",""
427,1979,16,08 Oct 79,"The Race to Reshape Cars",""
428,1979,17,15 Oct 79,"Dragnet for Diabetes",""
429,1979,18,22 Oct 79,"The Lost Waters of the Nile",""
430,1979,19,29 Oct 79,"Survival of the Fastest",""
431,1979,20,05 Nov 79,"A Touch of Sensitivity",""
432,1979,21,12 Nov 79,"A Treasury of Trees",""
433,1979,22,19 Nov 79,"Darkness Visible",""
434,1979,23,03 Dec 79,"Uranium Goes Critical",""
435,1979,24,10 Dec 79,"The Fat in the Fire",""
436,1979,25,17 Dec 79,"Decade",""
437,1980,1,14 Jan 80,"The Ghost of the Amoco Cadiz",""
438,1980,2,21 Jan 80,"You Are Old, Father William",""
439,1980,3,04 Feb 80,"Cleared for Takeoff",""
440,1980,4,11 Feb 80,"A Sporting Chance",""
441,1980,5,18 Feb 80,"Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian",""
442,1980,6,25 Feb 80,"The Big If...",""
443,1980,7,03 Mar 80,"Cash from Trash",""
444,1980,8,10 Mar 80,"Encounter with Jupiter",""
445,1980,9,17 Mar 80,"Portrait of a Poison",""
446,1980,10,24 Mar 80,"Magnet Earth",""
447,1980,11,01 Sep 80,"Goodbye Gutenberg",""
448,1980,12,08 Sep 80,"Invasion of the Virions",""
449,1980,13,15 Sep 80,"Beyond the Milky Way",""
450,1980,14,22 Sep 80,"Little Boxes",""
451,1980,15,29 Sep 80,"The Other Kenya",""
452,1980,16,06 Oct 80,"Moving Still",""
453,1980,17,13 Oct 80,"The Way Out",""
454,1980,18,20 Oct 80,"The Dead Sea Lives",""
455,1980,19,27 Oct 80,"Once in a Million Years",""
456,1980,20,03 Nov 80,"Smoker's Luck",""
457,1980,21,10 Nov 80,"Behind the Horoscope",""
458,1980,22,17 Nov 80,"The Mondragon Experiment",""
459,1980,23,24 Nov 80,"The Spike",""
460,1980,24,01 Dec 80,"The Slatemakers",""
461,1980,25,15 Dec 80,"Anatomy of a Volcano",""
462,1981,1,05 Jan 81,"Spend and Prosper",""
463,1981,2,12 Jan 81,"A Whole New Medicine",""
464,1981,3,19 Jan 81,"The Qualyub Project",""
465,1981,4,26 Jan 81,"No-One Will Take Me Seriously",""
466,1981,5,02 Feb 81,"Living with Dying",""
467,1981,6,09 Feb 81,"A is for Atom, B is for Bomb",""
468,1981,7,16 Feb 81,"Who Will Deliver Your Baby?",""
469,1981,8,02 Mar 81,"West of Bangalore",""
470,1981,9,09 Mar 81,"Gentlemen, Lift Your Skirts",""
471,1981,10,16 Mar 81,"Hello Universe!",""
472,1981,11,23 Mar 81,"Voices from Silent Hands",""
473,1981,12,30 Mar 81,"Did Darwin Get It Wrong?",""
474,1981,13,06 Apr 81,"East of Bombay",""
475,1981,14,11 Apr 81,"Resolution on Saturn - The Rings",""
476,1981,15,13 Apr 81,"Resolution on Saturn - The Moons",""
477,1981,16,28 Sep 81,"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose",""
478,1981,17,05 Oct 81,"The Hunt for the Legion Killer",""
479,1981,18,12 Oct 81,"Breaking in Children",""
480,1981,19,19 Oct 81,"The Grid",""
481,1981,20,26 Oct 81,"Butterflies or Barley?",""
482,1981,21,02 Nov 81,"Science for the People",""
483,1981,22,09 Nov 81,"The Race to Ruin",""
484,1981,23,16 Nov 81,"Death of the Dinosaurs",""
485,1981,24,23 Nov 81,"The Pleasure of Finding Things Out",""
486,1981,25,30 Nov 81,"The Cornucopia",""
487,1981,26,07 Dec 81,"The Race Against Time",""
488,1981,27,21 Dec 81,"Painting by Numbers",""
489,1982,1,11 Jan 82,"The Secret of the Snake",""
490,1982,2,18 Jan 82,"Finding a Voice",""
491,1982,3,25 Jan 82,"The Sea Beyond the Dunes",""
492,1982,4,01 Feb 82,"Whatever Happened to the Energy Crisis?",""
493,1982,5,08 Feb 82,"Notes of a Biology Watcher",""
494,1982,6,15 Feb 82,"The Cline Affair",""
495,1982,7,22 Feb 82,"The Million Murdering Death",""
496,1982,8,01 Mar 82,"Shots in the Dark",""
497,1982,9,08 Mar 82,"The Victims",""
498,1982,10,15 Mar 82,"The Future - Made in Japan?",""
499,1982,11,22 Mar 82,"The Private Face of Medicine",""
500,1982,12,05 Apr 82,"The Fatal Bargain",""
501,1982,13,11 Oct 82,"The Miracle of Life",""
502,1982,14,18 Oct 82,"The Case of the UFOs",""
503,1982,15,25 Oct 82,"A Killing Rain",""
504,1982,16,01 Nov 82,"Intimate Relations",""
505,1982,17,08 Nov 82,"The Scientist and the Baby",""
506,1982,18,15 Nov 82,"Brave New Babies?",""
507,1982,19,29 Nov 82,"The Professor of Surgery",""
508,1982,20,06 Dec 82,"The Chopper",""
509,1982,21,13 Dec 82,"The State of the Planet",""
510,1982,22,20 Dec 82,"The Mysterious Mr. Tesla",""
511,1983,1,10 Jan 83,"Sizewell Under Pressure",""
512,1983,2,17 Jan 83,"The Tropical Time Machine",""
513,1983,3,24 Jan 83,"The Geneva Event",""
514,1983,4,07 Feb 83,"How Much Can You Drink?",""
515,1983,5,14 Feb 83,"Talking Turtle",""
516,1983,6,21 Feb 83,"What Little Girls Are Made of",""
517,1983,7,28 Feb 83,"British Science - On the Wrong Track?",""
518,1983,8,07 Mar 83,"The Great Plains Massacre",""
519,1983,9,14 Mar 83,"Hard Rock",""
520,1983,10,21 Mar 83,"Better Mind the Computer",""
521,1983,11,11 Apr 83,"Madness on Trial",""
522,1983,12,18 Apr 83,"Sixty Minutes to Meltdown",""
523,1983,13,25 Apr 83,"Killer in the Village",""
524,1983,14,26 Sep 83,"The Case of ESP",""
525,1983,15,03 Oct 83,"The Artificial Heart",""
526,1983,16,10 Oct 83,"Dr. Priestley and the Breath of Life",""
527,1983,17,17 Oct 83,"Professor Hawking's Universe",""
528,1983,18,24 Oct 83,"The Cruel Choice",""
529,1983,19,31 Oct 83,"A Child's Guide to Languages",""
530,1983,20,07 Nov 83,"China's Child",""
531,1983,21,14 Nov 83,"The Earthquake Connection",""
532,1983,22,28 Nov 83,"Prisoner or Patient?",""
533,1983,23,05 Dec 83,"Cancer - The Pattern in the Genes",""
534,1983,24,12 Dec 83,"The Academy",""
535,1984,1,09 Jan 84,"The Intelligence Man",""
536,1984,2,16 Jan 84,"Microworld!",""
537,1984,3,23 Jan 84,"A New Green Revolution?",""
538,1984,4,30 Jan 84,"Spies in the Wires",""
539,1984,5,13 Feb 84,"Valley of the Inca",""
540,1984,6,27 Feb 84,"The Conquest of Parasites",""
541,1984,7,05 Mar 84,"Reflections on a River",""
542,1984,8,12 Mar 84,"A Normal Face",""
543,1984,9,19 Mar 84,"Prisoners of Incest",""
544,1984,10,26 Mar 84,"Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales",""
545,1984,11,09 Apr 84,"Professor Bonner and the Slime Moulds",""
546,1984,12,16 Apr 84,"The Mind of a Murderer - The Case of the Hillside Strangler",""
547,1984,13,23 Apr 84,"The Mind of a Murderer - The Mask of Madness",""
548,1984,14,30 Apr 84,"A Cruel Inheritance",""
549,1984,15,07 May 84,"The Malvern Link",""
550,1984,16,05 Nov 84,"Contented Cows and Other Animals",""
551,1984,17,12 Nov 84,"Picking Winners",""
552,1984,18,19 Nov 84,"The Brain Puzzle",""
553,1984,19,26 Nov 84,"Global Village",""
554,1984,20,03 Dec 84,"Ivan",""
555,1984,21,10 Dec 84,"A Mathematical Mystery Tour",""
556,1984,22,17 Dec 84,"Supercharged",""
557,1985,1,07 Jan 85,"Colourful Notions",""
558,1985,2,14 Jan 85,"A World of Their Own",""
559,1985,3,21 Jan 85,"Decoding Danebury",""
560,1985,4,28 Jan 85,"A Mission to Heal",""
561,1985,5,04 Feb 85,"The Mystery of the Left Hand",""
562,1985,6,11 Feb 85,"The Theatre of War",""
563,1985,7,25 Feb 85,"The Careful Predator",""
564,1985,8,04 Mar 85,"What Einstein Never Knew",""
565,1985,9,11 Mar 85,"Eurekaaargh!",""
566,1985,10,18 Mar 85,"Careering On",""
567,1985,11,25 Mar 85,"How to Film the Impossible",""
568,1985,12,01 Apr 85,"The Food Allergy War",""
569,1985,13,15 Apr 85,"The Goddess of the Earth",""
570,1985,14,22 Apr 85,"IRAS - The Supercooled Eye",""
571,1985,15,29 Apr 85,"A Prize Discovery",""
572,1986,1,06 Jan 86,"Are You a Racist?",""
573,1986,2,13 Jan 86,"Genesis",""
574,1986,3,20 Jan 86,"Bitter Cold",""
575,1986,4,27 Jan 86,"The Mould, the Myth and the Microbe",""
576,1986,5,03 Feb 86,"Outbreak: The Microbe Masters the Mould",""
577,1986,6,10 Feb 86,"The Wrong Stuff",""
578,1986,7,17 Feb 86,"Science...Fiction?",""
579,1986,8,24 Feb 86,"The Children of Eve",""
580,1986,9,03 Mar 86,"The New Face of Leprosy",""
581,1986,10,10 Mar 86,"Hi-Tech a la Francaise",""
582,1986,11,17 Mar 86,"In the Wake of HMS Sheffield",""
583,1986,12,24 Mar 86,"AIDS: A Strange and Deadly Virus",""
584,1986,13,07 Apr 86,"The Case of the Frozen Addicts",""
585,1986,14,14 Apr 86,"Nice Guys Finish First",""
586,1986,15,21 Apr 86,"The Men Who Bottled a Cow",""
587,1986,16,28 Apr 86,"Twice Five Plus the Wings of a Bird",""
588,1986,17,12 May 86,"What Makes an Animal Smart?",""
589,1986,18,19 May 86,"A Handful of Sugar with a Pinch of Salt",""
590,1986,19,26 May 86,"Uranus Encounter",""
591,1986,20,09 Jun 86,"Who Built Stonehenge?",""
592,1986,21,16 Jun 86,"Battered Baby - From Generation to Generation",""
593,1986,22,23 Jun 86,"Battered Baby - Breaking the Chain",""
594,1986,23,30 Jun 86,"Doctors to Be",""
595,1987,1,05 Jan 87,"The Twentyfive Hour Clock",""
596,1987,2,12 Jan 87,"The Search for the Disappeared",""
597,1987,3,19 Jan 87,"The Blind Watchmaker",""
598,1987,4,26 Jan 87,"Riding the Stack",""
599,1987,5,02 Feb 87,"Bruno Bettelheim: The Man Who Cared for Children",""
600,1987,6,09 Feb 87,"Bruno Bettelheim: A Sense of Surviving",""
601,1987,7,16 Feb 87,"Energy from Outer Space",""
602,1987,8,23 Feb 87,"The Return of the Osprey",""
603,1987,9,02 Mar 87,"Can AIDS Be Stopped",""
604,1987,10,09 Mar 87,"Police Stress: The John Wayne Syndrome",""
605,1987,11,16 Mar 87,"To Engineer is Human",""
606,1987,12,23 Mar 87,"The Magma Chamber",""
607,1987,13,30 Mar 87,"Broken Images",""
608,1987,14,06 Apr 87,"Trial Babies",""
609,1987,15,13 Apr 87,"After Chernobyl - Closer to Home",""
610,1987,16,27 Apr 87,"Life Story",""
611,1987,17,11 May 87,"Making Sex Pay",""
612,1987,18,18 May 87,"The Anthropic Principle",""
613,1987,19,01 Jun 87,"Aircrash: The Burning Issue",""
614,1987,20,08 Jun 87,"The Riddle of the Joints",""
615,1987,21,15 May 87,"To Catch a Falling Star",""
616,1987,22,22 Jun 87,"In the Light of New Information",""
617,1987,23,29 Jun 87,"Janice's Choice",""
618,1988,1,04 Jan 88,"The Transplanted Brain",""
619,1988,2,11 Jan 88,"Death of a Star",""
620,1988,3,18 Jan 88,"Playing with Madness",""
621,1988,4,25 Jan 88,"The Canal in the Jungle",""
622,1988,5,01 Feb 88,"Death of the Working Classes",""
623,1988,6,08 Feb 88,"The Greenhouse Effect",""
624,1988,7,15 Feb 88,"Struggling for Control",""
625,1988,8,22 Feb 88,"Thinking",""
626,1988,9,29 Feb 88,"Patients on Trial",""
627,1988,10,07 Mar 88,"Purple Warrior - Rules of Engagement",""
628,1988,11,14 Mar 88,"Purple Warrior - Limited War",""
629,1988,12,28 Mar 88,"The Heart of Another",""
630,1988,13,11 Apr 88,"Easter Island - The Secrets",""
631,1988,14,18 Apr 88,"Easter Island - The Story",""
632,1988,15,23 Apr 88,"Doctors to Be - Trial by Interview",""
633,1988,16,24 Apr 88,"Doctors to Be - The Knowledge",""
634,1988,17,25 Apr 88,"Doctors to Be - Welcome to the Real World",""
635,1988,18,02 May 88,"Cancer at Bay",""
636,1988,19,09 May 88,"Traces of Murder",""
637,1988,20,16 May 88,"The Hope of Progress",""
638,1988,21,23 May 88,"A Newsday Revolution",""
639,1988,22,06 Jun 88,"A Good Test?",""
640,1988,23,13 Jun 88,"Superconductor - The Race for the Prize",""
641,1988,24,27 Jun 88,"Believe Me",""
642,1988,25,04 Jul 88,"The Quest for Tannu Tuva",""
643,1989,1,09 Jan 89,"The Book of Man",""
644,1989,2,16 Jan 89,"The Poison That Waits",""
645,1989,3,23 Jan 89,"Perils of the Deep",""
646,1989,4,30 Jan 89,"Smart Weapons",""
647,1989,5,06 Feb 89,"Wasting the Alps",""
648,1989,6,13 Feb 89,"In the Last Resort",""
649,1989,7,20 Feb 89,"Gaze in Wonder",""
650,1989,8,27 Feb 89,"In My Lifetime?",""
651,1989,9,06 Mar 89,"Concerto",""
652,1989,10,13 Mar 89,"Black Schizophrenia",""
653,1989,11,20 Mar 89,"Trial in the Jungle",""
654,1989,12,03 Apr 89,"Who Will Make Me Better?",""
655,1989,13,17 Apr 89,"A Wonderful Life",""
656,1989,14,24 Apr 89,"Why Buildings Make You Sick",""
657,1989,15,08 May 89,"Jubilee",""
658,1989,16,15 May 89,"Crash",""
659,1989,17,22 May 89,"The New Sixth Sense",""
660,1989,18,12 Jun 89,"Clive Sinclair: The Anatomy of an Inventor",""
661,1989,19,19 Jun 89,"Newpin: A Lifetime",""
662,1989,20,26 Jun 89,"Time of Darkness",""
663,1990,1,08 Jan 90,"Oil Spill",""
664,1990,2,15 Jan 90,"Medicine 2000",""
665,1990,3,22 Jan 90,"Food Irradiation: Would You Buy It?",""
666,1990,4,29 Jan 90,"From Earth to Miranda",""
667,1990,5,05 Feb 90,"Encounter with Neptune",""
668,1990,6,12 Feb 90,"Guess What's Coming to Dinner?",""
669,1990,7,19 Feb 90,"The First 14 Days",""
670,1990,8,05 Mar 90,"The 10,000 Year Test",""
671,1990,9,12 Mar 90,"Hurricane!",""
672,1990,10,19 Mar 90,"The Britannic Greenhouse",""
673,1990,11,26 Mar 90,"Cold Fusion",""
674,1990,12,02 Apr 90,"The Quake of '89 - The Final Warning?",""
675,1990,13,09 Apr 90,"The Sharpest Show of the Universe",""
676,1990,14,23 Apr 90,"The Company of Ants and Bees",""
677,1990,15,30 Apr 90,"The Intelligent Island",""
678,1990,16,14 May 90,"Legacy of a Volcano",""
679,1990,17,21 May 90,"Do Cows Make You Mad?",""
680,1990,18,04 Jun 90,"The Child Mothers",""
681,1990,19,11 Jun 90,"Signs of Life",""
682,1990,20,25 Jun 90,"AIDS: A Quest for a Cure",""
683,1991,1,07 Jan 91,"Sudden Death",""
684,1991,2,14 Jan 91,"Keen as Mustard",""
685,1991,3,21 Jan 91,"Smokers Can Harm Your Health",""
686,1991,4,28 Jan 91,"Coming In from the Cold",""
687,1991,5,04 Feb 91,"Small Problems with the Mirror",""
688,1991,6,10 Feb 91,"Two Weeks to Save the Earth",""
689,1991,7,11 Feb 91,"California Dreaming",""
690,1991,8,25 Feb 91,"The Day the Earth Melted",""
691,1991,9,25 Feb 91,"The Curse of Karash",""
692,1991,10,04 Mar 91,"Playing at Noah",""
693,1991,11,11 Mar 91,"Cashing in on Paradise",""
694,1991,12,18 Mar 91,"The Terracotta Time Machine",""
695,1991,13,25 Mar 91,"Measuring the Roof of the World",""
696,1991,14,15 Apr 91,"The First Americans",""
697,1991,15,22 Apr 91,"Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus",""
698,1991,16,29 Apr 91,"Colonising Cyberspace",""
699,1991,17,13 May 91,"Emerging Viruses",""
700,1991,18,20 May 91,"Camelford - A Bitter Aftertaste",""
701,1991,19,03 Jun 91,"Of Big Bangs, Stick Men and Galactic Holes",""
702,1991,20,10 Jun 91,"Food for Thought",""
703,1991,21,17 Jun 91,"The Long Road to the West",""
704,1991,22,24 Jun 91,"Half Hearted About Semi-Skimmed",""
705,1991,23,01 Jul 91,"T-Rex Exposed",""
706,1992,1,06 Jan 92,"The Shadow of Breast Cancer",""
707,1992,2,13 Jan 92,"Pest Wars",""
708,1992,3,20 Jan 92,"Molecules with Sunglasses",""
709,1992,4,27 Jan 92,"In Search of the Noble Savage",""
710,1992,5,03 Feb 92,"Malaria: Battle of the Merozoites",""
711,1992,6,17 Feb 92,"The Black Sun",""
712,1992,7,24 Feb 92,"Hitler's Bomb",""
713,1992,8,02 Mar 92,"An Expensive Theology",""
714,1992,9,09 Mar 92,"The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing",""
715,1992,10,16 Mar 92,"Hot Jam in the Doughnut",""
716,1992,11,30 Mar 92,"A Diet for a Lifetime",""
717,1992,12,06 Apr 92,"Before Babel",""
718,1992,13,13 Apr 92,"The Man Who Moved the Mountains",""
719,1992,14,27 Apr 92,"Iceman",""
720,1992,15,11 May 92,"Taking the Credit",""
721,1992,16,18 May 92,"Fast Life in the Food Chain",""
722,1992,17,01 Jun 92,"Dodging Doomsday",""
723,1992,18,08 Jun 92,"A Question of Sport...",""
724,1992,19,15 Jun 92,"Genes R Us",""
725,1993,1,04 Jan 93,"Awakening the Frozen Addicts",""
726,1993,2,11 Jan 93,"Cheating Time",""
727,1993,3,18 Jan 93,"TB - The Forgotten Plague",""
728,1993,4,25 Jan 93,"No Ordinary Genius (1)",""
729,1993,5,01 Feb 93,"No Ordinary Genius (2)",""
730,1993,6,08 Feb 93,"Mars Alive",""
731,1993,7,15 Feb 93,"Suggers, Fruggers and Data-Muggers",""
732,1993,8,22 Feb 93,"The Pyramid Builders",""
733,1993,9,01 Mar 93,"Here Be Monsters",""
734,1993,10,08 Mar 93,"Iceman (Update)",""
735,1993,11,15 Mar 93,"Whatever Happened to Star Wars",""
736,1993,12,22 Mar 93,"Resurrecting the Dead Sea Scrolls",""
737,1993,13,29 Mar 93,"Dante Goes to Hell",""
738,1993,14,05 Apr 93,"Ghosts in the Dinosaur Graveyard",""
739,1993,15,19 Apr 93,"The New Alchemists",""
740,1993,16,10 May 93,"Allergic to the 20th Century",""
741,1993,17,24 May 93,"Wot U Looking At?",""
742,1993,18,07 Jun 93,"The Electronic Frontier",""
743,1993,19,14 Jun 93,"A Vital Poison",""
744,1993,20,21 Jun 93,"Chimp Talk",""
745,1993,21,28 Jun 93,"Life is Impossible",""
746,1994,1,10 Jan 94,"Small Arms, Soft Targets",""
747,1994,2,17 Jan 94,"The Last Mammoth",""
748,1994,3,24 Jan 94,"The Man Who Made Up His Mind",""
749,1994,4,31 Jan 94,"Genie",""
750,1994,5,07 Feb 94,"Death Wish - The Untold Story",""
751,1994,6,14 Feb 94,"Air Crash - The Deadly Puzzle",""
752,1994,7,28 Feb 94,"Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid",""
753,1994,8,07 Mar 94,"Hubble Vision",""
754,1994,9,14 Mar 94,"Some Like It Hot",""
755,1994,10,21 Mar 94,"Too Close to the Sun",""
756,1994,11,28 Mar 94,"Sir Walter's Journey",""
757,1994,12,18 Apr 94,"After the Flood",""
758,1994,13,25 Apr 94,"Against the Clock",""
759,1994,14,09 May 94,"The Blueprints of Genocide",""
760,1994,15,16 May 94,"Ulcer Wars",""
761,1994,16,07 Nov 94,"Deaf Whale, Dead Whale",""
762,1994,17,14 Nov 94,"Whispers of Creation",""
763,1994,18,21 Nov 94,"The Predator",""
764,1994,19,28 Nov 94,"Close Encounters",""
765,1994,20,12 Dec 94,"Orange Sherbet Kisses",""
766,1994,21,19 Dec 94,"Designer Wines",""
767,1995,1,09 Jan 95,"Tibet - The Ice Mother",""
768,1995,2,16 Jan 95,"Russia's Deep Secrets",""
769,1995,3,23 Jan 95,"Bones of Contention",""
770,1995,4,30 Jan 95,"Siamese Twins",""
771,1995,5,20 Feb 92,"Too Big Too Soon?",""
772,1995,6,27 Feb 95,"Farewell Fantastic Venus",""
773,1995,7,06 Mar 95,"Exodus",""
774,1995,8,13 Mar 95,"The Betrayers",""
775,1995,9,20 Mar 95,"Icon Earth",""
776,1995,10,27 Mar 95,"The I-Bomb",""
777,1995,11,03 Apr 95,"Foetal Attraction",""
778,1995,12,10 Apr 95,"Cracks in the Crust",""
779,1995,13,24 Apr 95,"Hearing Voices",""
780,1995,14,30 Oct 95,"Liar",""
781,1995,15,06 Nov 95,"The Human Laboratory",""
782,1995,16,13 Nov 95,"Nanotopia",""
783,1995,17,20 Nov 95,"Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid (Update)",""
784,1995,18,27 Nov 95,"A Code in the Nose",""
785,1995,19,04 Dec 95,"AIDS: Behind Closed Doors",""
786,1995,20,11 Dec 95,"The Runaway Mountain",""
787,1996,1,08 Jan 96,"The Butchers of Boxgrove",""
788,1996,2,15 Jan 96,"Fermat's Last Theorem",""
789,1996,3,22 Jan 96,"A Miracle for Cancer ?",""
790,1996,4,29 Jan 96,"Nature's Numbers",""
791,1996,5,05 Feb 96,"The Gene Race",""
792,1996,6,12 Feb 96,"Masters of the Ionosphere",""
793,1996,7,26 Feb 96,"Assault on the Male (revisited)",""
794,1996,8,04 Mar 96,"Death by Design",""
795,1996,9,11 Mar 96,"The Planet Hunters",""
796,1996,10,25 Mar 96,"Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus (Update)",""
797,1996,11,01 Apr 96,"Fallout from Chernobyl",""
798,1996,12,04 Nov 96,"TV is Dead, Long Live TV",""
799,1996,13,11 Nov 96,"Aliens from Mars",""
800,1996,14,25 Nov 96,"Living Death",""
801,1996,15,02 Dec 96,"The Time Lords",""
802,1996,16,16 Dec 96,"Noah's Flood",""
803,1997,1,27 Feb 97,"Psychedelic Science",""
804,1997,2,06 Mar 97,"Fat Cats, Thin Mice",""
805,1997,3,13 Mar 97,"Shipwreck",""
806,1997,4,20 Mar 97,"Genius of the Jet",""
807,1997,5,27 Mar 97,"Smallpox on Death Row",""
808,1997,6,03 Apr 97,"Silent Children, New Language",""
809,1997,7,17 Apr 97,"Turned On by Danger",""
810,1997,8,24 Apr 97,"A Perfect Oil Spill",""
811,1997,9,01 May 97,"The Great Balloon Race",""
812,1997,10,11 Sep 97,"Crater of Death",""
813,1997,11,18 Sep 97,"Mind Over Body",""
814,1997,12,25 Sep 97,"Out of Asia",""
815,1997,13,09 Oct 97,"The Virus That Cures",""
816,1997,14,16 Oct 97,"The Man Who Lost His Body",""
817,1997,15,23 Oct 97,"Dawn of the Clone Age",""
818,1998,1,19 Feb 98,"Saddam's Secrets",""
819,1998,2,26 Feb 98,"Dr Miller and the Islanders",""
820,1998,3,05 Mar 98,"The Rainmaker",""
821,1998,4,19 Mar 98,"Hopeful Monsters",""
822,1998,5,26 Mar 98,"The Limits to Birth",""
823,1998,6,02 Apr 98,"Overkill",""
824,1998,7,16 Apr 98,"The Curse of Vesuvius",""
825,1998,8,23 Apr 98,"Mir Mortals",""
826,1998,9,30 Apr 98,"The Computer That Ate Hollywood",""
827,1998,10,07 May 98,"Magic Bullet",""
828,1998,11,14 May 98,"The Gulf War Jigsaw",""
829,1998,12,10 Sep 98,"Sexual Chemistry",""
830,1998,13,01 Oct 98,"Chimps on Death Row",""
831,1998,14,08 Oct 98,"Dinosaurs in Your Garden",""
832,1998,15,15 Oct 98,"Mosquito!",""
833,1998,16,22 Oct 98,"The Life and Times of Life and Time",""
834,1998,17,29 Oct 98,"Thalidomide: A Necessary Evil",""
835,1998,18,05 Nov 98,"Beyond a Joke",""
836,1999,1,28 Jan 99,"From Here to Infinity",""
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838,1999,3,11 Feb 99,"Elephants or Ivory",""
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