number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 May 13,"Dark Descent",""
2,1,2,20 May 13,"Darkness Visible",""
3,1,3,27 May 13,"Insolence & Wine",""
4,1,4,03 Jun 13,"My Adventurous Song",""
5,1,5,10 Jun 13,"The Vast Abyss",""
6,2,1,13 Nov 14,"These Troublesome Disguises",""
7,2,2,20 Nov 14,"Night Darkens the Streets",""
8,2,3,27 Nov 14,"Beauty Hath Strange Power",""
9,2,4,04 Dec 14,"The Mind is its Own Place",""
10,2,5,11 Dec 14,"The Perilous Edge of Battle",""
11,2,6,18 Dec 14,"What Is in Me Dark Illumine (90 min)",""
12,3,1,29 Sep 16,"Silence and Suffering",""
13,3,2,06 Oct 16,"His Troubled Thoughts",""
14,3,3,13 Oct 16,"The Gates of Light",""
15,3,4,20 Oct 16,"The Hell Within Him",""
16,3,5,27 Oct 16,"Wounds of Deadly Hate",""
17,3,6,28 Oct 16,"Their Solitary Way",""