number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,02 Mar 14,"Peter Pan 'Sin'Drome",""
2,1,2,10 Mar 14,"Sh-epic Fail!",""
3,1,3,17 Mar 14,"In The Cups",""
4,1,4,24 Mar 14,"Is She or Isn't She?",""
5,1,5,31 Mar 14,"White Ties and White Lies",""
6,1,6,07 Apr 14,"The Glass Menagerie is Half Full",""
7,1,7,14 Apr 14,"The Third Man",""
8,1,8,21 Apr 14,"One of the Lost Boys Leaves Neverland",""
9,1,9,28 Apr 14,"Reunion",""
10,1,10,05 May 14,"Secrets Revealed",""
11,2,1,16 Mar 15,"Return to Neverland",""
12,2,2,23 Mar 15,"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner",""
13,2,3,30 Mar 15,"Raising the Roof",""
14,2,4,06 Apr 15,"No Good Deed",""
15,2,5,13 Apr 15,"Shep-Istotle",""
16,2,6,20 Apr 15,"In the Cups",""
17,2,7,27 Apr 15,"Better Late Than Never",""
18,2,8,04 May 15,"Unaware in Delaware",""
19,2,9,11 May 15,"Jekyll and Snide",""
20,2,10,18 May 15,"Election Day",""
21,2,11,25 May 15,"Dysfunction Junction",""
22,2,12,01 Jun 15,"Reunion",""
23,3,1,04 Apr 16,"HashtagNewCraig",""
24,3,2,11 Apr 16,"Miss Domesticated",""
25,3,3,18 Apr 16,"Hold Your Horses",""
26,3,4,25 Apr 16,"Birds of a Feather...",""
27,3,5,02 May 16,"Invite-gate (61 min)",""
28,3,6,09 May 16,"Beast of Bourbon",""
29,3,7,16 May 16,"Blue Ridge Mountain Blues",""
30,3,8,23 May 16,"Whit's End",""
31,3,9,30 May 16,"Saint And Sinners",""
32,3,10,06 Jun 16,"From Here To Paternity",""
33,3,11,13 Jun 16,"Words of Wisdom",""
34,3,12,20 Jun 16,"Founder's Brawl",""
35,3,13,27 Jun 16,"Reunion Part One",""
36,3,14,05 Jul 16,"Reunion Part Two",""
37,4,1,03 Apr 17,"While the Kat's Away...",""
38,4,2,10 Apr 17,"Roamin' Holiday",""
39,4,3,17 Apr 17,"Step and Release",""
40,4,4,24 Apr 17,"Shepwrecked",""
41,4,5,01 May 17,"Craig of All Trades, Master of None",""
42,4,6,08 May 17,"To Liver and Die in Charleston",""
43,4,7,15 May 17,"Fowl Play",""
44,4,8,22 May 17,"Sari, Not Sari...",""
45,4,9,29 May 17,"Guess Who's Coming to Lunch",""
46,4,10,05 Jun 17,"The Hangover",""
47,4,11,12 Jun 17,"Boys Gone Wild",""
48,4,12,19 Jun 17,"A Tribe Called Key West (75 min)",""
49,4,13,26 Jun 17,"Ain't No Thang Like A Chicken Wing (75 min)",""
50,4,14,10 Jul 17,"Reunion Part 1",""
51,4,15,17 Jul 17,"Reunion Part 2",""
52,5,1,05 Apr 18,"The Break-Up Bunch Part 1",""
53,5,2,12 Apr 18,"The Break-Up Bunch Part 2",""
54,5,3,19 Apr 18,"Groovy Baby",""
55,5,4,26 Apr 18,"All Talk No Action",""
56,5,5,03 May 18,"Pulp Friction",""
57,5,6,10 May 18,"Exes On The Half Shell",""
58,5,7,17 May 18,"Kat's Got Your Tongue",""
59,5,8,24 May 18,"What Da Fuskie",""
60,5,9,31 May 18,"Hilton Head-ache",""
61,5,10,07 Jun 18,"Family Ties",""
62,5,11,14 Jun 18,"Beer And Trembling",""
63,5,12,21 Jun 18,"Gone Girl",""
64,5,13,28 Jun 18,"Game Changer",""
65,5,14,12 Jul 18,"Ho, Ho, Ho",""
66,5,15,19 Jul 18,"Southern Charm Reunion Part One",""
67,5,16,26 Jul 18,"Southern Charm Reunion Part Two",""
S04,4,0,08 Mar 17,"How They Got Here (30 min)",""
S05,5,0,26 Mar 18,"Spring Break Preview Special",""
S02,2,0,10 Mar 15,"Preview Special",""
S05,5,0,30 Jul 18,"Reunion Part 3",""