number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 Jan 12,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,10 Jan 12,"Double Down and Bean Town",""
3,1,3,17 Jan 12,"Bullship",""
4,1,4,17 Jan 12,"Cash for Tanks",""
5,1,5,24 Jan 12,"Pain in the Caboose",""
6,1,6,24 Jan 12,"Camel in Tow",""
7,1,7,31 Jan 12,"Tavern on the Greenbacks",""
8,1,8,31 Jan 12,"Jennifer's Arch",""
9,1,9,07 Feb 12,"Baja or Bust",""
10,1,10,07 Feb 12,"May the Ship Be with You",""
11,2,1,07 Aug 12,"Two Halves of the Same Willie",""
12,2,2,07 Aug 12,"The King and His Axe",""
13,2,3,14 Aug 12,"One Crystal Short of a Geode",""
14,2,4,14 Aug 12,"Love at First Flight",""
15,2,5,21 Aug 12,"From Sphere to Infinity & Beyond",""
16,2,6,21 Aug 12,"Chicken Ship",""
17,2,7,28 Aug 12,"Mud Bug Boogie",""
18,2,8,28 Aug 12,"Not with a Whimper But a Bang",""
19,2,9,11 Sep 12,"Planes, Pains, and a Spire of Flames",""
20,2,10,11 Sep 12,"Flux Capacity",""
21,2,11,18 Sep 12,"Wheels of Misfortune",""
22,2,12,18 Sep 12,"Wings, a Prayer, and a Now-It-All",""
23,2,13,02 Oct 12,"Crusin' for a Bruisin'",""
24,2,14,02 Oct 12,"Big Idea, Bad Idea",""
25,3,1,12 Dec 12,"More Bullship",""
26,3,2,12 Dec 12,"Safari So Good",""
27,3,3,19 Dec 12,"Geometrically Challenged",""
28,3,4,19 Dec 12,"Return to Send-Arrrggghhh!",""
29,3,5,26 Dec 12,"The Carney Code",""
30,3,6,09 Jan 13,"Frankenship Horrors",""
31,3,7,09 Jan 13,"Damaged Goods",""
32,3,8,16 Jan 13,"Candy, Karma, and Catastrophes",""
33,3,9,16 Jan 13,"Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Ride 'Em, Drop 'Em",""
34,3,10,23 Jan 13,"The Good, The Bad, and The Evel",""
35,3,11,23 Jan 13,"Warheads and Gearheads",""
36,3,12,30 Jan 13,"Tyrannosaurus Hex",""
37,4,1,11 Jun 13,"Monkey Business",""
38,4,2,11 Jun 13,"Dsyfunction Junction",""
39,4,3,18 Jun 13,"Manner's Meltdown and Minor Mishaps",""
40,4,4,18 Jun 13,"If the Boat's a Rockin' ...",""
41,4,5,25 Jun 13,"A Fairy Tale Disaster",""
42,4,6,25 Jun 13,"Crypto-Prank-ology",""
43,4,7,02 Jul 13,"Punch Drunk Love",""
44,4,8,02 Jul 13,"Broken Down & Busted",""
45,4,9,09 Jul 13,"High Tech Rednecks",""
46,4,10,16 Jul 13,"Old Man and the Sea Life",""
47,4,11,23 Jul 13,"Bidder Bee-ware!",""
48,4,12,30 Jul 13,"Ready, Set... Pedal!",""
49,5,1,03 Dec 13,"A Whole Bunch of Cluck-Ups",""
50,5,2,03 Dec 13,"Guys and Dolls",""
51,5,3,10 Dec 13,"Buggin' Out",""
52,5,4,10 Dec 13,"Flight of the Giant Baby Head",""
53,5,5,17 Dec 13,"We Come in Pieces!",""
54,5,6,17 Dec 13,"Chivalry's Dead... Roy Killed It",""
55,5,7,24 Dec 13,"War of the Roses",""
56,5,8,24 Dec 13,"Pop, the Tragic Dragon",""
57,5,9,07 Jan 14,"Drilling & Probing",""
58,5,10,07 Jan 14,"What NOT to Expect When You're Expecting Jarrett",""
59,5,11,14 Jan 14,"Jack Pots & Cheap Shots",""
60,5,12,14 Jan 14,"It's My Party and I'll Shoot You If I Want To",""
61,6,1,03 Jun 14,"Giant Pains in the Ass",""
62,6,2,03 Jun 14,"Who Ya Gonna Call? ...Not Two Blondes and a Truck",""
63,6,3,10 Jun 14,"Highway to the Stranger Zone",""
64,6,4,10 Jun 14,"Three Horses and a Funeral",""
65,6,5,17 Jun 14,"A Tactical Disaster",""
66,6,6,17 Jun 14,"Head Today, Gong Tomorrow",""
67,6,7,24 Jun 14,"Spaced Invaders",""
68,6,8,24 Jun 14,"I Can't Believe It's Not Better",""
69,6,9,01 Jul 14,"Fiberglass, Steel, and Iron Wills",""
70,6,10,01 Jul 14,"Perfect Like Roy",""
71,6,11,08 Jul 14,"Hernias and Hissy Fits",""
72,6,12,08 Jul 14,"Punk-Drunk Love",""
73,6,13,15 Jul 14,"Do No Bodily Harm",""
74,6,14,15 Jul 14,"Hummers and Bummers",""
75,6,15,22 Jul 14,"Love Is a Crazy Carnival Ride",""
76,6,16,22 Jul 14,"Monsters, Mannequins, and Mayhem",""
77,6,17,29 Jul 14,"To the Moon and Back",""
78,6,18,29 Jul 14,"Problems Set in Stone",""
79,6,19,05 Aug 14,"Big Wine & Bigger Pine",""
80,6,20,05 Aug 14,"Stuck in the Vending Vortex",""
81,7,1,18 Nov 14,"Goose Bumps in the Road",""
82,7,2,18 Nov 14,"The Silver Whining Playbook",""
83,7,3,25 Nov 14,"Smooth Sailin', Rough Ridin'",""
84,7,4,25 Nov 14,"Mini Golf & Massive Headaches",""
85,7,5,02 Dec 14,"Power Rangers & Vampire Dangers",""
86,7,6,02 Dec 14,"Big Pigs Fly, Little Pirates Cry",""
87,7,7,09 Dec 14,"It's a Rock-A-Fire Implosion!",""
88,7,8,09 Dec 14,"Up in Smoke & Going Broke",""
89,7,9,10 Feb 15,"Fire and Rescue",""
90,7,10,10 Feb 15,"Can't See the Sherwood Forrest for the Trees",""
91,7,11,17 Feb 15,"Crying for Your Art",""
92,7,12,17 Feb 15,"Looney Tunes Blues",""
93,7,13,24 Feb 15,"Big Bertha & The Molar Express",""
94,7,14,03 Mar 15,"Broken Dolls & Duck Boat Stalls",""
95,7,15,01 Apr 15,"A Tiger Chase and a Tight Place",""
96,7,16,01 Apr 15,"A Disco Robot and Castle Hassle",""
97,7,17,08 Apr 15,"The Empire Ships Back",""
98,7,18,15 Apr 15,"Gumby's 60th Veggie Surprise",""
99,7,19,22 Apr 15,"Holy Horrible Voice, Batman!",""
100,7,20,29 Apr 15,"Munsters...the Final Frontier",""