number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Feb 07,"A New Friend",""
2,1,2,18 Feb 07,"Blood Is Thicker Than Walter",""
3,1,3,25 Feb 07,"The Finger of Fate or the Fateful Finger",""
4,1,4,04 Mar 07,"Fun King Johnny",""
5,1,5,11 Mar 07,"Work the Sack",""
6,1,6,18 Mar 07,"Moustache Ride",""
7,1,7,25 Mar 07,"What's Happening Down There?",""
8,1,8,01 Apr 07,"IC-CAWWWW!",""
9,1,9,08 Apr 07,"A Hammer in His Hand",""
10,1,10,15 Apr 07,"Children of Embers' Blaze",""
11,1,11,29 Apr 07,"Faster Robot! Upload! Upload!",""
12,1,12,06 May 07,"The Girly Bird Gets the Ring",""
13,1,13,20 May 07,"Saul Comes Back",""
14,1,14,27 May 07,"Spare Me My Beets",""
15,1,15,04 Jun 07,"Village of the Damned Dolls",""
16,1,16,10 Jun 07,"Poor Clancy's Almanack",""
17,1,17,24 Jun 07,"Saul-ID Rock",""
18,1,18,01 Jul 07,"The Call of the Zither",""
19,1,19,08 Jul 07,"A Rock and a Hard Place",""
20,1,20,15 Jul 07,"Master of Rock, Master of Destiny",""
S01,1,0,04 Feb 07,"Pilot",""