number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Jul 19,"Berry Itchy Day; Herring Eggs or Bust",""
2,1,2,16 Jul 19,"First Fish; A-maze-ing Snow",""
3,1,3,17 Jul 19,"Bird in the Hand; Bye-Bye Birdie",""
4,1,4,21 Jul 19,"Culture Clash; Party Moose",""
5,1,5,22 Jul 19,"Cabbagezilla; Name Game",""
6,1,6,23 Jul 19,"Hot Springs Eternal; Tooey's Hero",""
7,1,7,28 Jul 19,"The Worm Turns; Little Dog Lost",""
8,1,8,29 Jul 19,"Eagle Egg Hunt; Dream Tube",""
9,1,9,30 Jul 19,"Suki's Bone; Brand New Flag",""
10,1,10,04 Aug 19,"Grandpa's Drum; Have Canoe, Will Paddle",""
11,1,11,11 Aug 19,"Sap Season/The Book of Mammoths",""
12,1,12,18 Aug 19,"New Nivagi/Crane Song",""
13,1,13,26 Aug 19,"Fiddle of Nowhere/A Splash of Mink",""
14,1,14,06 Oct 19,"Turn on The Northern Lights!/Fiddlesticks",""
15,1,15,07 Oct 19,"Mollyball/Visit Qyah",""
16,1,16,08 Oct 19,"The Night Manager/Not So Permafrost",""
17,1,17,09 Oct 19,"Tooth or Consequences/Qyah Spy",""
18,1,18,10 Oct 19,"Ice Sculpture/Tale of the Totem",""
19,1,19,10 Feb 20,"Welcome Home Balto/Snow Jam",""
20,1,20,11 Feb 20,"Seal Dance/Snowboarding Qyah Style",""
21,1,21,12 Feb 20,"Winter Champions/Hus-keys",""
22,1,22,13 Feb 20,"Operation Sleepover/Beneath the Surface",""
23,1,23,14 Feb 20,"Valentine's Day Disaster/Porcupine Slippers",""
24,1,24,25 May 20,"Froggy of Denali/Molly Mabray and the Mystery Stones",""
25,1,25,26 May 20,"Reading the Mud/Unsinkable Molly Mabray",""
26,1,26,27 May 20,"Busy Beavers/The Night Watchers",""
27,1,27,28 May 20,"Picking Cloudberries/Puzzled",""
28,1,28,29 May 20,"Rocky Rescue/Canoe Journey",""