number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Sep 08,"Forgotten Cakes",""
2,1,2,13 Sep 09,"Sunday Dinner",""
3,1,3,20 Sep 08,"Feeding a Crowd, Italian-Style",""
4,1,4,27 Sep 08,"Southern Regional Recipes",""
5,1,5,04 Oct 08,"Autumn Supper",""
6,1,6,11 Oct 08,"All-American Picnic",""
7,1,7,18 Oct 08,"Easy As Pie",""
8,1,8,25 Oct 08,"Steakhouse Favorites",""
9,1,9,01 Nov 08,"Barbecued Chicken",""
10,1,10,08 Nov 08,"Regional Chops",""
11,1,11,15 Nov 08,"Midwestern Favorites",""
12,1,12,22 Nov 08,"California Grilling",""
13,1,13,29 Nov 08,"Diner Favorites",""
14,2,1,05 Sep 09,"Old-Fashioned Roast Beef Dinner",""
15,2,2,12 Sep 09,"Pucker-Up Pies",""
16,2,3,19 Sep 09,"Rise and Shine",""
17,2,4,26 Sep 09,"Surefire Seafood",""
18,2,5,03 Oct 09,"Super Fudgy Cake",""
19,2,6,10 Oct 09,"Chili and Cornbread",""
20,2,7,17 Oct 09,"Southern BBQ",""
21,2,8,24 Oct 09,"Fail-Safe Thanksgiving",""
22,2,9,31 Oct 09,"Fried Chicken",""
23,2,10,07 Nov 09,"Texas Beef Barbecue",""
24,2,11,14 Nov 09,"Stovetop Desserts",""
25,2,12,21 Nov 09,"Perfect Pork",""
26,2,13,28 Nov 09,"Historical Cakes",""
27,3,1,04 Sep 10,"Two Perfect Pies",""
28,3,2,11 Sep 10,"Family Supper",""
29,3,3,18 Sep 10,"Old Fashioned Pork",""
30,3,4,25 Sep 10,"Southern Comfort Food",""
31,3,5,02 Oct 10,"Beef Meets Grill",""
32,3,6,09 Oct 10,"Everybody Loves Chocolate",""
33,3,7,16 Oct 10,"Hearty Italian Meals",""
34,3,8,23 Oct 10,"Northern Cookout",""
35,3,9,30 Oct 10,"The Chemistry of Cakes",""
36,3,10,06 Nov 10,"Southwestern Suppers",""
37,3,11,13 Nov 10,"Breakfast Show Stoppers",""
38,3,12,20 Nov 10,"Chicken Two Ways",""
39,3,13,27 Nov 10,"Ultimate Ham Dinner",""
40,4,1,10 Sep 11,"Roast Beef Dinner",""
41,4,2,17 Sep 11,"Icebox Desserts",""
42,4,3,24 Sep 11,"Fancy Chicken",""
43,4,4,01 Oct 11,"Tropical Barbecue",""
44,4,5,15 Oct 11,"Bayou Classics",""
45,4,6,22 Oct 11,"Retro Desserts",""
46,4,7,29 Oct 11,"Family Favorites",""
47,4,8,05 Nov 11,"Not Just for Kids",""
48,4,9,12 Nov 11,"Fried Chicken and Biscuits",""
49,4,10,07 Jan 12,"Road Food at Home",""
50,4,11,19 Nov 11,"Autumn Desserts",""
51,4,12,31 Dec 11,"Grilling",""
52,4,13,14 Jan 12,"St. Louis Cooking",""
53,5,1,15 Sep 12,"Hearty Autumn Dinner",""
54,5,2,22 Sep 12,"Breakfast Breads",""
55,5,3,29 Sep 12,"Dixie Chicken",""
56,5,4,06 Oct 12,"Italian Favorites Revisited",""
57,5,5,13 Oct 12,"Simple Summer Supper",""
58,5,6,20 Oct 12,"Fun Modern Cakes",""
59,5,7,27 Oct 12,"Upscale Meat and Potatoes",""
60,5,8,03 Nov 12,"Thrill of the Grill",""
61,5,9,10 Nov 12,"Forgotten Cookies",""
62,5,10,17 Nov 12,"Super-Easy Comfort Food",""
63,5,11,24 Nov 12,"Chicken for Everyone!",""
64,5,12,01 Dec 12,"Great American Cookout",""
65,5,13,08 Dec 12,"Dinner at the Diner",""
66,6,1,07 Sep 13,"Picnic in the Country",""
67,6,2,14 Sep 13,"Company's Coming",""
68,6,3,21 Sep 13,"Old-Fashioned Sweet Endings",""
69,6,4,28 Sep 13,"Great American Meat and Potatoes",""
70,6,5,05 Oct 13,"Italian Made Easy",""
71,6,6,12 Oct 13,"Backyard Barbecue",""
72,6,7,19 Oct 13,"Homespun Breakfast Treats",""
73,6,8,26 Oct 13,"Irish Country Cooking",""
74,6,9,02 Nov 13,"Sweet on Texas",""
75,6,10,09 Nov 13,"Get Your Chile Fix",""
76,6,11,28 Sep 13,"Dessert on Bourbon Street",""
77,6,12,16 Nov 13,"Favorites With a Chinese Accent",""
78,6,13,23 Nov 13,"Comfort Food Classics",""
79,7,1,30 Aug 14,"Short Order Breakfast Classics",""
80,7,2,06 Sep 14,"Dressing Up Meat and Potatoes",""
81,7,3,13 Sep 14,"Black and White Desserts",""
82,7,4,20 Sep 14,"Fresh and Spicy Spins to Roast Pork and Tacos",""
83,7,5,27 Sep 14,"Old-Fashioned Sunday Suppers",""
84,7,6,04 Oct 14,"Steakhouse Specials Off the Grill",""
85,7,7,11 Oct 14,"Dinner From the Prairie",""
86,7,8,18 Oct 14,"Memphis Ribs and Pretzel Salad",""
87,7,9,25 Oct 14,"Sweet Endings From the Icebox",""
88,7,10,01 Nov 14,"New Orleans Shrimp and Creamy Grits",""
89,7,11,08 Nov 14,"Great Grilled Chicken and Texas Potato Salad",""
90,7,12,15 Nov 14,"Oklahoma Onion Burgers and Louisiana Meat Pies",""
91,7,13,22 Nov 14,"Colorado Chili and Slow-Cooker Baked Ziti",""
92,8,1,13 Sep 15,"American Classics with a Twist",""
93,8,2,20 Sep 15,"Muffins and Doughnuts Get a Makeover",""
94,8,3,27 Sep 15,"A Hearty Fall Dinner",""
95,8,4,04 Oct 15,"Grilled and Smoked",""
96,8,5,11 Oct 15,"Pasta for Every Palate",""
97,8,6,18 Oct 15,"Fried Chicken and Grilled Peppers",""
98,8,7,25 Oct 15,"All-American Sweet Dough Desserts",""
99,8,8,01 Nov 15,"Break Out the Bourbon",""
100,8,9,08 Nov 15,"Southern Comfort",""
101,8,10,15 Nov 15,"Simplified Showstoppers",""
102,8,11,22 Nov 15,"Grilled Salmon and Stuffed Tomatoes",""
103,8,12,29 Nov 15,"Bringing Home Tex-Mex Favorites",""
104,8,13,06 Dec 15,"Chinese Comes Home",""
105,9,1,27 Aug 16,"Badger State Favorites",""
106,9,2,03 Sep 16,"Picnic Game Changers",""
107,9,3,10 Sep 16,"Sweet Indulgences",""
108,9,4,17 Sep 16,"Surf and Turf Goes Regional",""
109,9,5,24 Sep 16,"Big Family Breakfast",""
110,9,6,01 Oct 16,"A Taste of Tennessee",""
111,9,7,08 Oct 16,"The Devil Made Me Do It",""
112,9,8,15 Oct 16,"Latin Heat",""
113,9,9,22 Oct 16,"All Wrapped Up",""
114,9,10,29 Oct 16,"Southern Stews",""
115,9,11,05 Nov 16,"Biting into the Big Easy",""
116,9,12,12 Nov 16,"Prime Rib with All the Fixings",""
117,9,13,19 Nov 16,"Big Flavors from Little Italy",""
118,10,1,26 Aug 17,"Pork and Pierogi",""
119,10,2,02 Sep 17,"Spicy and Sour for Supper",""
120,10,3,09 Sep 17,"Smoky Barbecue Favorites",""
121,10,4,16 Sep 17,"Smothered and Dowdied",""
122,10,5,23 Sep 17,"BBQ Thighs and Fried Peach Pies",""
123,10,6,30 Sep 17,"Ribs and Mashed Potatoes Revisited",""
124,10,7,07 Oct 17,"Bourbon and Broccoli Hit the Grill",""
125,10,8,14 Oct 17,"Straight from So-Cal",""
126,10,9,21 Oct 17,"Southern Discoveries",""
127,10,10,28 Oct 17,"Cast Iron Comforts",""
128,10,11,04 Nov 17,"Plenty of Garlic and Parm",""
129,10,12,11 Nov 17,"When Only Chocolate Will Do",""
130,10,13,18 Nov 17,"The Italian-American Kitchen",""
131,11,1,25 Aug 18,"Ultimate Comfort Foods",""
132,11,2,01 Sep 18,"Ballpark Classics",""
133,11,3,08 Sep 18,"A Trip to Tarheel Country",""
134,11,4,15 Sep 18,"New Recipes for the Grill",""
135,11,5,22 Sep 18,"Spaghetti House Classics",""
136,11,6,29 Sep 18,"Tex-Mex Favorites",""
137,11,7,06 Oct 18,"Pacific Northwest Supper",""
138,11,8,13 Oct 18,"Summer Steak and Salad",""
139,11,9,20 Oct 18,"Re-imagining Italian-American Classics",""
140,11,10,27 Oct 18,"Southern Specialties",""
141,11,11,03 Nov 18,"Tri-state Treats",""
142,11,12,10 Nov 18,"Holiday Roast and Potatoes",""
143,11,13,17 Nov 18,"Pub-Style Seafood",""
144,12,1,26 Aug 19,"BBQ Brisket and Fritters",""
145,12,2,31 Aug 19,"Italian Comfort Food Classics",""
146,12,3,07 Sep 19,"Tacos Two Ways",""
147,12,4,14 Sep 19,"Beef, Dressed Up",""
148,12,5,21 Sep 19,"Regional Italian-American Favorites",""
149,12,6,28 Sep 19,"Aloha State Favorites",""
150,12,7,05 Oct 19,"Chicken and Cornbread",""
151,12,8,12 Oct 19,"The Perfect Cake",""
152,12,9,19 Oct 19,"Roast Beef and Potatoes",""
153,12,10,26 Oct 19,"Pork and Pie",""
154,12,11,02 Nov 19,"Holiday Feast",""
155,12,12,09 Nov 19,"A Trip to the Big Easy",""
156,12,13,16 Nov 19,"Comfort Food Done Right",""