number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Sep 02,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,24 Sep 02,"Weather or Not",""
3,1,3,01 Oct 02,"Dream",""
4,1,4,08 Oct 02,"Don't Act Your Age, Just Act",""
5,1,5,15 Oct 02,"Duets",""
6,1,6,22 Oct 02,"Is It Just Us?",""
7,1,7,29 Oct 02,"A Day in the Life",""
8,1,8,05 Nov 02,"Happy Day",""
9,1,9,12 Nov 02,"Money Plus Marlens Makes Four",""
10,1,10,19 Nov 02,"Partly Sunny",""
11,1,11,26 Nov 02,"What If?",""
12,1,12,10 Dec 02,"Christmastime in the City",""
13,1,13,17 Dec 02,"Okay, Thanks",""
14,1,14,07 Jan 03,"Deuce is Wild",""
15,1,15,14 Jan 03,"Assaulted Nuts",""
16,1,16,04 Feb 03,"Psychic",""
17,1,17,11 Feb 03,"The Graduate",""
18,1,18,18 Feb 03,"Buy the Book",""
19,1,19,11 Mar 03,"In Need of Assistants",""
20,1,20,18 Mar 03,"Stealing Home",""
21,1,21,25 Mar 03,"Ding, Ding, Ding Went the Truth",""
22,1,22,25 Mar 03,"Till Next Time",""
23,2,1,26 Sep 03,"Ironing Out Our Differences",""
24,2,2,03 Oct 03,"Pontiac Bonnie-Ville",""
25,2,3,10 Oct 03,"Everything Old is New Again",""
26,2,4,17 Oct 03,"No Matter Where You Go, There You Are",""
27,2,5,24 Oct 03,"Boyhood to Womanhood",""
28,2,6,31 Oct 03,"The Merry Ole Land of Oz",""
29,2,7,07 Nov 03,"Places, Stat!",""
30,2,8,14 Nov 03,"Queer Eye for the Straight Lie",""
31,2,9,21 Nov 03,"Boomerang",""
32,2,10,05 Dec 03,"Food for Thought",""
33,2,11,12 Dec 03,"It's a Wonderful Job",""
34,2,12,09 Jan 04,"Trifecta, Try Friendship",""
35,2,13,23 Jan 04,"Live and Let Live",""
36,2,14,30 Jan 04,"Space Heaters",""
37,2,15,13 Feb 04,"Dare to Be Different",""
38,2,16,20 Feb 04,"Nightshift",""
39,2,17,27 Feb 04,"Act Natural",""
40,2,18,05 Mar 04,"Therabeautic",""
41,2,19,19 Mar 04,"Striking a Match",""
42,2,20,26 Mar 04,"Don't Stress, Express",""
43,2,21,02 Apr 04,"Nip, Tuck and Roll",""
44,2,22,09 Apr 04,"Father and Son: A Table for Two",""