number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Sep 11,"Amy Winehouse's Family",""
2,1,2,13 Sep 11,"Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe",""
3,1,3,14 Sep 11,"Abandoned at Birth: Baby Jane Doe & Miraculous Mary",""
4,1,4,15 Sep 11,"Sarah Jessica Parker and the Cast of "I Don't Know How She Does It"",""
5,1,5,16 Sep 11,"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: After the Tragedy",""
6,1,6,19 Sep 11,"The Story of My Mom: Gloria Vanderbilt",""
7,1,7,20 Sep 11,"Outrageous Custody Battles",""
8,1,8,21 Sep 11,"Conjoined Twins",""
9,1,9,22 Aug 11,"Wallace Jeffs & Former Members of FLDS",""
10,1,10,23 Sep 11,"Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld",""
11,1,11,26 Sep 11,"Twins: Abandoned and Abused",""
12,1,12,27 Sep 11,"Anderson's Food Intervention (1)",""
13,1,13,28 Sep 11,"'50/50' with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Anjelica Huston",""
14,1,14,29 Sep 11,"Former FLDS Teens, Plus Kody Brown & Sister Wives",""
15,1,15,30 Sep 11,"Anna Faris: Was My Ex 'The One'?",""
16,1,16,03 Oct 11,"When Teen Bullying Doesn't Get Better: The Deadly Consequences",""
17,1,17,04 Oct 11,"Second Chances with Paula Abdul, Morgan Freeman and 'America's Got Talent' Winner",""
18,1,18,05 Oct 11,"How Much Would You Pay for a Baby? Black Market Babies",""
19,1,19,06 Oct 11,"Taking Back Your Life From an Abusive Spouse",""
20,1,20,07 Oct 11,"Pet Extravaganza",""
21,1,21,10 Oct 11,"Black Market Babies Scandal",""
22,1,22,06 Oct 11,"Carré Otis",""
23,1,23,12 Oct 11,"Undercover Investigations: Psychics",""
24,1,24,13 Oct 11,"Whom Did I Marry?",""
25,1,25,14 Oct 11,"Big Family Adoption; Dani's Story",""
26,1,26,17 Oct 11,"Can Psychic John Edward Reach Deceased Members of Anderson & Gloria's Family?",""
27,1,27,18 Oct 11,"Are Parents Playing Favorites?",""
28,1,28,19 Oct 11,"Anderson Investigation... Germs",""
29,1,29,20 Oct 11,"Toddlers & Tiaras",""
30,1,30,21 Oct 11,"Meet the Johnstons: One Little Happy Family",""
31,1,31,24 Oct 11,"Anderson's Costco Adventure",""
32,1,32,25 Oct 11,"Stressed Out Family Meets the Simple Life",""
33,1,33,26 Oct 11,"Conquering Your Fears",""
34,1,34,27 Oct 11,"Anderson's Food Intervention (2)",""
35,1,35,28 Oct 11,"Mark Wahlberg Goes Back to His Hometown",""
36,1,36,31 Oct 11,"Is Anderson's House Haunted?",""
37,1,37,01 Nov 11,"Chaz Bono; Toddlers & Tiaras Update; Anderson Teaches Kindergarten",""
38,1,38,02 Nov 11,"Stephanie Madoff Mack Speaks Out; Top Chef Challenge",""
39,1,39,03 Nov 11,"Suburban Polygamy; Viewers' Trash or Treasure; 90-Year-Old Sorority Pledge",""
40,1,40,04 Nov 11,"The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy",""
41,1,41,07 Nov 11,"How to Survive Loss with Gloria Vanderbilt",""
42,1,42,08 Nov 11,"Intervention of a Mom Addicted to Perscription Pills | David Arquette & 'Top Chef' Challenge w/ Padm",""
43,1,43,09 Nov 11,"Scorned lovers Take Revenge on the Internet | Toni Braxton | Utah Motercycle Rescue Reunion",""
44,1,44,10 Nov 11,"Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Slander Lawsuit, Nancy Grace talks about 'Dancing w/ the Stars'",""
45,1,45,11 Nov 11,"Judge Spanking Teenage Daughter Goes Viral | Eva Longoria",""
46,1,46,14 Nov 11,"Stop Spending and Start Saving! Plus, Joy Behar",""
47,1,47,15 Nov 11,"Penn State Show",""
48,1,48,16 Nov 11,"Children & Teens Caught in the Wrong Bodies",""
49,1,49,17 Nov 11,"All-American Muslims Debate: How Do You Feel About Muslims Living in the U.S.",""
50,1,50,18 Nov 11,"Sperm Donor Reunion & Hugh Jackman",""
51,1,51,21 Nov 11,"Monster In-Laws; Hottest Holiday Trends With NeNe Leakes",""
52,1,52,22 Nov 11,"Private Lives Exposed; Ellen Barkin; Latest Dancing With the Stars Castoff, Hope Solo",""
53,1,53,23 Nov 11,"Thanksgiving Dinner With Jamie Oliver & Eric Stonestreet",""
54,1,54,28 Nov 11,"Melissa McCarthy; Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? The Turkey Lady's Story",""
55,1,55,29 Nov 11,"Dad Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery; Bullying PSA",""
56,1,56,30 Nov 11,"Tracey Gold; Teacher Abuse Caught on Tape; Elton John",""
57,1,57,01 Dec 11,"Hoarders; How to Clutter-Free Your Life",""
58,1,58,02 Dec 11,"Michael Pearl and Extreme Child Discipline; Miracle Dog; Healthy Cooking With Rocco DiSpirito",""
59,1,59,05 Dec 11,"Extreme Measures People Take for Beauty; Sperm Donors Reconnect Through Anderson Show; Dugan Smith U",""
60,1,60,06 Dec 11,"Meredith Vieira & Richard Cohen; Betty White; "The Help's" Octavia Spencer",""
61,1,61,07 Dec 11,"Teacher Abuse Caught on Tape; Stars of Hot in Cleveland",""
62,1,62,08 Dec 11,"Steve Harvey's Relationship Secrets Revealed; Anderson's Family Dinner Challenge Winners",""
63,1,63,09 Dec 11,"Look Your Best for Less With Heidi Klum",""
64,1,64,19 Dec 11,"Angelina Jolie & the Cast of In the Land of Blood and Honey",""
65,1,65,20 Dec 11,"Jane Fonda; Professor Charged With Serving Minors",""
66,1,66,21 Dec 11,"Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson & the Cast of We Bought a Zoo",""
67,1,67,22 Dec 11,"Anderson's Holiday Show",""
68,1,68,26 Dec 11,"Anderson's New Year's Eve Show With Kathy Griffin & Gloria Vanderbilt",""
69,1,69,02 Jan 12,"Anderson's Resolution Solutions",""
70,1,70,04 Jan 12,"Getting Failure Out of Your Life",""
71,1,71,09 Jan 12,"How Far Is Too Far?",""
72,1,72,10 Jan 12,"Daytime Exclusives: Dance Moms & Inside the Casey Anthony Trial",""
73,1,73,11 Jan 12,"The Mom Debate: Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy? Plus, Kathie Lee & Hoda",""
74,1,74,12 Jan 12,"Families in Crisis Over Money & More, Plus Suze Orman",""
75,1,75,13 Jan 12,"Women in Love With Prisoners",""
76,1,76,16 Jan 12,"Are Little Girls Growing Up Too Fast?",""
77,1,77,17 Jan 12,"Headline-Makers: The One-Man Sperm Bank & the Latest Author Phenom",""
78,1,78,18 Jan 12,"Winning the Lottery Ruined My Life; Bayou Billionaires",""
79,1,79,19 Jan 12,"Dolly Parton & the Human Lie Detector",""
80,1,80,20 Jan 12,"Purity: Promise or Myth?",""
81,1,81,23 Jan 12,"Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far? Mother Reveals She Spent Kids' College Tuition",""
82,1,82,24 Jan 12,"Man-imony: Should Women Have to Pay Their Ex-Husbands Alimony?",""
83,1,83,25 Jan 12,"Should You Call the Cops on Your Kids?",""
84,1,84,26 Jan 12,"Your Family's Secret Life: Sex Addiction & Shocking Teen Trends Uncovered",""
85,1,85,27 Jan 12,"What Does Confessed Murderer Joran van der Sloot's Guardian Angel Say Now?",""
86,1,86,30 Jan 12,"Unhappily Ever After: The Business of Divorce",""
87,1,87,31 Jan 12,"Families in Crisis; Is Your House Making You Fat?",""
88,1,88,01 Feb 12,"Katherine Heigl; Honduras Plane Crash Survivors Reunite With Rescuers",""
89,1,89,02 Feb 12,"Madonna: A Daytime Exclusive",""
90,1,90,03 Feb 12,"Drew Barrymore; The Real Story Behind JFK Jr.'s Final Days!",""
91,1,91,06 Feb 12,"My Mom's a Hoarder; Joan & Melissa Rivers",""
92,1,92,07 Feb 12,"OCD Is Ruining My Life; Howie Mandel",""
93,1,93,08 Feb 12,"How My Husband Became My Wife; The Latest Theory on Why Men Cheat",""
94,1,94,09 Feb 12,"Barbara Sheehan; What Would You Do? With John Quiñones",""
95,1,95,10 Feb 12,"Headline-Making Medical Mystery; The Strangest Addictions Ever",""
96,1,96,13 Feb 12,"MTV's Teen Mom and the Real Face of Teen Pregnancy; What Would You Do? With John Quiñones",""
97,1,97,14 Feb 12,"Could You Protect Yourself?; Animal Planet's Pit Boss Shorty Rossi",""
98,1,98,15 Feb 12,"Blended Family Boot Camp",""
99,1,99,16 Feb 12,"Making Money Off of Murder; Public Shaming",""
100,1,100,17 Feb 12,"New Toddlers & Tiaras Controversy",""
101,1,101,20 Feb 12,"Janet Jackson",""
102,1,102,21 Feb 12,"Courteney Cox & the Cast of Cougar Town",""
103,1,103,22 Feb 12,"Should You Be Worried About the End of the World?; Anderson Discusses the Headlines",""
104,1,104,23 Feb 12,"Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender: How to Protect Your Kids",""
105,1,105,24 Feb 12,"The Duggars; Lisa Kudrow & Blair Underwood",""
106,1,106,27 Feb 12,"The Voice's Adam Levine; Trapped in the Wrong Body ... I'm Not Paralyzed",""
107,1,107,28 Feb 12,"Help My Drug-Addicted Daughters; The Latest on Whitney's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina",""
108,1,108,29 Feb 12,"Are Teen Exorcists for Real? Plus, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson",""
109,1,109,01 Mar 12,"Life-Shattering Scams: Could It Happen to You?",""
110,1,110,02 Mar 12,"Freaky Food Hoarders; Danny DeVito",""
111,1,111,05 Mar 12,"Anderson's Easy Money Hour",""
112,1,112,06 Mar 12,"Could You Be Fired Over Your Facebook Page?; A Mom's Double Life",""
113,1,113,07 Mar 12,"One-of-a-Kind Primordial Twins",""
114,1,114,08 Mar 12,"Are ADHD Drugs Helping or Hurting Your Kids?; Kristin Davis",""
115,1,115,09 Mar 12,"Julianne Moore; Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures",""
116,1,116,12 Mar 12,"New STD Website Outs People Without Proof or Consent",""
117,1,117,13 Mar 12,"Families of Serial Killers; Olympic Boxing Hopeful Beats the Odds",""
118,1,118,14 Mar 12,"TV's Good Wife, Julianna Margulies & Polygamy Dating Sites",""
119,1,119,15 Mar 12,"Medical Mysteries With Sanjay Gupta; The Muppets' Miss Piggy",""
120,1,120,16 Mar 12,"Where Are They Now? John Ramsey 15 Years After JonBenét's Death",""
121,1,121,19 Mar 12,"Bethenny Frankel; Million-Dollar Female Inventors; DWTS Preview With Tom Bergeron",""
122,1,122,20 Mar 12,"TLC's Little Couple; American Idol Eliminated Contestant",""
123,1,123,21 Mar 12,"Caught on Tape; Ashley Judd",""
124,1,124,22 Mar 12,"The Boy Who Cannot Eat; Kathy Bates",""
125,1,125,23 Mar 12,"The Boy Who Can Not Eat; Mad Med: Jon Hamm & John Slattery",""
126,1,126,26 Mar 12,"Sleep Disorders; Kristin Chenoweth",""
127,1,127,27 Mar 12,"Modern Day Arranged Marriages; The Bully Project",""
128,1,128,28 Mar 12,"American Idol Contestant Castoff; Long Island Medium; Niecy Nash",""
129,1,129,29 Mar 12,"Renegade Moms; Kristen Johnston",""
130,1,130,30 Mar 12,"Miss Robbie & Her Son; Dangerous Distractions: What You Need to Know",""
131,1,131,09 Apr 12,"Outrageous Ways to Save Money; Hypnotism to Lose Weight",""
132,1,132,10 Apr 12,"Obsessed Moms and Extreme Pet-Owners",""
133,1,133,11 Apr 12,"Simple Steps to Change a Habit; Facebook Changed My Life",""
134,1,134,12 Apr 12,"Edie Falco; 85-Year-Old Food Critic",""
135,1,135,13 Apr 12,"My Husband Is a Murderer; How to Spot a Liar",""
136,1,136,16 Apr 12,"Dancing With the Stars Castoff; Natalie Morales and Fran Drescher",""
137,1,137,17 Apr 12,"Daytime Exclusive: Trayvon's Brother & Family Speaks Out; Racism in America",""
138,1,138,18 Apr 12,"Anderson's Fight Lab; Best-Selling Author Nicholas Sparks; American Idol Castoff",""
139,1,139,19 Apr 12,"Daytime Exclusive: My Husband Tried to Kill Me",""
140,1,140,20 Apr 12,"Extreme Groupies vs. Pro Athletes' Wives; Wedding Day Disasters",""
141,1,141,23 Apr 12,"Amazing Stories of Fate, Chance & Luck; Debra Messing",""
142,1,142,24 Apr 12,"I've Been Abducted by Aliens; Topher Grace",""
143,1,143,25 Apr 12,"Anderson's Live Auction & John Cusack",""
144,1,144,26 Apr 12,"Amish: Out of Order; Total Memory Makeover With Marilu Henner",""
145,1,145,27 Apr 12,"DWTS Castoff; True Crime Stories; Anderson's Mystery Guest",""
146,1,146,30 Apr 12,"Co-Host Monday With Kristen Johnston; Private Practice's Kate Walsh",""
147,1,147,01 May 12,"Daytime Exclusive: Judi Dench; Anderson Investigates: Why Are We Rude?",""
148,1,148,02 May 12,"Straight From the Headlines; Aziz Ansari",""
149,1,149,03 May 12,"Suburban Double Life: Mommy Madam's Husband; Vanessa Williams & Mother",""
150,1,150,04 May 12,"Daytime Exclusive: Inside the Jailhouse With a Teen Killer",""
151,1,151,07 May 12,"Co-Host Monday With Kristin Chenoweth",""
152,1,152,08 May 12,"The Truth Behind Deception",""
153,1,153,09 May 12,"Sister Wives; Kelly Osbourne; A Surprise From Lady Antebellum",""
154,1,154,10 May 12,"Latest Teen Modeling Scams Exposed With Kelly Cutrone; Susan Sarandon",""
155,1,155,11 May 12,"Anderson's Mother's Day Show With Gloria Vanderbilt; Chandra Wilson, Jessica Alba and Their Moms",""
156,1,156,14 May 12,"Co-Host Monday With Niecy Nash; Andy Cohen; Rosie Perez",""
157,1,157,15 May 12,"Jennifer Connelly; A Phobia Is Ruining My Life; Anderson's Spelling Bee",""
158,1,158,16 May 12,"Jeopardy; Top 10 Ways to Avoid ID Scams; Debt-Collector Nightmares",""
159,1,159,17 May 12,"Bridezilla Intervention With Kim Zolciak; Tennis Champion Serena Williams",""
160,1,160,18 May 12,"Suzanne Somers; Caught on Tape",""
161,1,161,21 May 12,"Co-Host Rebecca Romijn; Controversial Parenting Methods",""
162,1,162,22 May 12,"The New Human Barbie; Men Who Love Dolls",""
163,1,163,23 May 12,"Co-Host Ana Gasteyer; Storage Wars; Jimmy Fallon",""
164,1,164,24 May 12,"Kevin Costner; I Married Myself",""
165,1,165,25 May 12,"Moms Behaving Badly",""
166,1,166,28 May 12,"Co-Host Monday With Carrie Ann Inaba",""
167,1,167,29 May 12,"Hidden Health Risks; The World's Tallest Man",""
168,1,168,30 May 12,"HGH Debate; Kid Phenoms",""
169,1,169,31 May 12,"How I Cheated Death; Forced Sterilization",""
170,1,170,01 Jun 12,"The Most Controversial Guests and Outrageous Moments",""
171,2,1,10 Sep 12,"Co-Host Kristin Chenoweth | Honey Boo Boo | Beyonce",""
172,2,2,11 Sep 12,"Co-Host Niecy Nash | Jacqueline Laurita | Human Lie-Detector Janine Driver",""
173,2,3,12 Sep 12,"Co-Host Kelly Osbourne | Ryan Lochte | The Cast of Breaking Amish",""
174,2,4,13 Sep 12,"Co-Host Howie Mandel | William McKee",""
175,2,5,14 Sep 12,"Co-Host David Arquette | Richard Gere | Susan Sarandon & the Cast of Arbitrage",""
176,2,6,17 Sep 12,"Co-Host Tamar Braxton | Emma Watson | The Cast of The Perks of Being a Wallflower",""
177,2,7,18 Sep 12,"Co-Host Deborah Norville | Damien Echols",""
178,2,8,19 Sep 12,"Co-Host Cyndi Lauper | Jon Cryer | The Cast of Bayou Billionaires",""
179,2,9,20 Sep 12,"Co-Host Maria Menounos | Claire Danes | Tom Bergeron",""
180,2,10,21 Sep 12,"Co-Host Retta | Jake Gyllenhaal | Michael Peña",""
181,2,11,24 Sep 12,"Co-Host Goldie Hawn | Athlete Cheryl Leitner",""
182,2,12,25 Sep 12,"Co-Host Katherine Schwarzenegger | Viola Davis | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Rosie Perez & the Cast of Won't",""
183,2,13,26 Sep 12,"Co-Host Kellie Pickler | Kelsey Grammer | Teresa Giudice",""
184,2,14,27 Sep 12,"Co-Host Taraji Henson | Ty Burrell | Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan",""
185,2,15,28 Sep 12,"Co-Host Rosanna Scotto | Carol Burnett | Vicki Lawrence | Tim Conway | Reality-TV stars Bridgette & Brad",""
186,2,16,01 Oct 12,"Co-Host Amy Brenneman | Ramona Singer",""
187,2,17,02 Oct 12,"Co-Host Bethenny Frankel | Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow",""
188,2,18,03 Oct 12,"Co-Host Martin Short | Julie Bowen",""
189,2,19,04 Oct 12,"Co-Host Andy Cohen | The Cast of Steel Magnolias",""
190,2,20,05 Oct 12,"Co-Host Keke Palmer | Stephen Colbert",""
191,2,21,08 Oct 12,"Co-Host Kellie Pickler | 'X Factor' Alum Chris Rene",""
192,2,22,09 Oct 12,"Co-Host Deborah Norville | Daughter of Alleged 'Coffee Cup Killer'",""
193,2,23,10 Oct 12,"Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | 'Half-Ton Killer' | 1,100-Pound Woman Confesses to Murder | Celebrity Mystery Guest",""
194,2,24,11 Oct 12,"Co-Host Alexa Chung | Human Lie Detector Janine Driver | Kenny Rogers",""
195,2,25,12 Oct 12,"Co-Host Nancy O'Dell | Ben Affleck | John Goodman | Bryan Cranston",""
196,2,26,15 Oct 12,"Co-Host Tasha Smith | Anderson Live's Next Big Idea | Gina & Pat Neely",""
197,2,27,16 Oct 12,"Co-Host Sara Ramirez | Kerry Washington | Cynthia Nixon",""
198,2,28,17 Oct 12,"Co-Host Rachel Dratch | Julie Andrews",""
199,2,29,18 Oct 12,"Co-Host D.L. Hughley | John Edward | Eric LeGrand",""
200,2,30,19 Oct 12,"Co-Host Susan Barnett | Hugh Laurie | Amazing Stories Caught on Tape",""
201,2,31,22 Oct 12,"Co-Host Yvette Nicole Brown | Buyer Beware: We Bought a Meth House | Stump Anderson",""
202,2,32,23 Oct 12,"Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Janine Driver | True Crime Tuesday",""
203,2,33,24 Oct 12,"Co-Host Lisa Ling | Anderson Live Investigates",""
204,2,34,25 Oct 12,"Co-Host Martina McBride | Secrets from American Pickers",""
205,2,35,26 Oct 12,"Co-Host Suze Orman | Frugal Friday Hour",""
206,2,36,29 Oct 12,"Co-Host Ashleigh Banfield | The Latest on Hurricane Sandy",""
207,2,37,30 Oct 12,"Co-Host Gabrielle Union | Cesar Millan | Ripley's Believe It or Not",""
208,2,38,01 Nov 12,"Co-Host Deborah Norville | The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy",""
209,2,39,02 Nov 12,"Co-Host Nancy Grace | Phaedra & Porsha from Real Housewives",""
210,2,40,05 Nov 12,"Co-Host Kyle Richards | Krysten Ritter",""
211,2,41,06 Nov 12,"Co-Host Keke Palmer | Election Day | True Crime Tuesday",""
212,2,42,07 Nov 12,"Co-Hosts Meghan McCain & Deborah Norville | Anderson Live's Post Election Day Special",""
213,2,43,08 Nov 12,"Co-Host Keke Palmer | Cheech Marin | Scams",""
214,2,44,09 Nov 12,"Co-Host Iyanla Vanzant | Norman Reedus",""
215,2,45,12 Nov 12,"Co-Host Kelly Osbourne | Kandi Burruss | Extreme Hoarding",""
216,2,46,13 Nov 12,"Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | True Crime Tuesday | Nick Cannon",""
217,2,47,14 Nov 12,"Co-Host Andy Cohen | Adam Levine",""
218,2,48,15 Nov 12,"Co-Host Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi | Bow Wow",""
219,2,49,16 Nov 12,"Co-Host Cynee Simpson | Frugal Friday",""
220,2,50,19 Nov 12,"Co-Host NeNe Leakes | James Spader",""
221,2,51,20 Nov 12,"Co-Host Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb | Ashley Greene",""
222,2,52,21 Nov 12,"Anderson Live's Thanksgiving Special",""
223,2,53,03 Dec 12,"Co-Host Caroline Manzo | New Online Danger | Extreme Obsessions",""
224,2,54,04 Dec 12,"Co-Host Christie Brinkley | Gilles Marini",""
225,2,55,05 Dec 12,"Co-Host Meghan McCain | James Van Der Beek",""
226,2,56,06 Dec 12,"Co-Host Stacy London | Bobbi Brown",""
227,2,57,07 Dec 12,"Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Melissa Benoist",""
228,2,58,10 Dec 12,"Co-Host Judy Greer | The Full 60",""
229,2,59,11 Dec 12,"Co-Host Rosanna Scotto | Medical Mysteries",""
230,2,60,12 Dec 12,"Co-Host Sharon Osbourne | Anderson Live Alert",""
231,2,61,13 Dec 12,"Co-Host Christina Milian | The Full 60",""
232,2,62,14 Dec 12,"Co-Host Challenge Winner | Frugal Friday | Cast of The Hobbit",""
233,2,63,17 Dec 12,"Co-Host Stacy London | Scam Alert",""
234,2,64,18 Dec 12,"Co-Host Judy Gold | The Full 60",""
235,2,65,19 Dec 12,"Co-Host Jane Seymour | Gina Gershon | Reality Check",""
236,2,66,20 Dec 12,"Co-Host Rosie Perez | Cast of Downton Abbey",""
237,2,67,21 Dec 12,"Co-Host Leslie Mann | Paul Rudd | Judd Apatow | Winner of The Voice | Frugal Friday",""
238,2,68,24 Dec 12,"Anderson's Christmas Episode",""
239,2,69,31 Dec 12,"Anderson's Live New Year's Eve Special",""
240,2,70,01 Jan 13,"Anderson's Live New Year's Day Special!",""
241,2,71,02 Jan 13,"Co-Host Carmen Electra | 2013 Resolution Solutions",""
242,2,72,03 Jan 13,"Co-Host Melissa Joan Hart | 2013 Resolution Solutions",""
243,2,73,04 Jan 13,"Co-Host Barbara Lee Edwards | Reality Check | Gina Gershon",""
244,2,74,07 Jan 13,"Co-Host Soledad O'Brien | New Online Danger Targeting Women",""
245,2,75,08 Jan 13,"Co-Host Lisa Vanderpump | Betty White | Losing Weight Tips",""
246,2,76,09 Jan 13,"Co-Host Cyndi Lauper | Andrew Rannells",""
247,2,77,10 Jan 13,"Co-Host Marlon Wayans | Bridget Moynahan | Dating Rules in 2013",""
248,2,78,11 Jan 13,"Co-Host Robin Robinson | Frugal Friday",""
249,2,79,14 Jan 13,"Co-Host T-Boz | Chris Colfer",""
250,2,80,15 Jan 13,"Co-Host Stacy London | Kenya Moore | Clare Bowen",""
251,2,81,16 Jan 13,"Co-Host Dari Alexander | Busy Philipps",""
252,2,82,17 Jan 13,"Co-Host Tatyana Ali | Shorty Rossi & His Dog, Hercules",""
253,2,83,18 Jan 13,"Co-Host D.L. Hughley | Mark Wahlberg | Jeffrey Wright",""
254,2,84,21 Jan 13,"Co-Host Meghan McCain | Josh Gad",""
255,2,85,22 Jan 13,"Co-Host Judge Marilyn Milian | Anderson Live Investigates",""
256,2,86,23 Jan 13,"Co-Host Deborah Tillman | America's Supernanny Helps a Family of Three",""
257,2,87,24 Jan 13,"Co-Host Rosie Perez | Liam McIntyre",""
258,2,88,25 Jan 13,"Co-Host Maria Sansone | Frugal Friday | Animal Planet's Gator Boys",""
259,2,89,28 Jan 13,"Co-Host Emmitt Smith | Online Hoax Alert",""
260,2,90,29 Jan 13,"Co-Host Deborah Norville | Patrick Duffy & Linda Gray",""
261,2,91,30 Jan 13,"Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Tony Goldwyn",""
262,2,92,31 Jan 13,"Co-Host Stacy London | Hoda Kotb",""
263,2,93,01 Feb 13,"Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Frugal Friday",""
264,2,94,04 Feb 13,"Co-Host Jill Martin | Max Greenfield",""
265,2,95,05 Feb 13,"Co-Host Kimora Lee Simmons | Clare Bowen",""
266,2,96,06 Feb 13,"Co-Host Tiffani Thiessen | Rashida Jones",""
267,2,97,07 Feb 13,"Co-Host Stacy London | Allison Williams",""
268,2,98,08 Feb 13,"Co-Host Toni Braxton | Judith Light",""
269,2,99,11 Feb 13,"Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Anderson's Oscar Pick",""
270,2,100,12 Feb 13,"Co-Host Regina King | Emmy Rossum",""
271,2,101,13 Feb 13,"Co-Host Fran Drescher | Libby Phelps Alvarez | Inside the Controversial Westboro Baptist Church",""
272,2,102,14 Feb 13,"Co-Host Christie Brinkley | Jackie Collins | Aaron McCargo Jr.",""
273,2,103,15 Feb 13,"Co-Host Brandi Glanville | Josh Duhamel & Julianne Hough",""
274,2,104,18 Feb 13,"Co-Host Willie Geist | Kimora Lee Simmons",""
275,2,105,19 Feb 13,"Co-Host Robin Meade | Psychic Medium Char Margolis | Jennifer Finnigan",""
276,2,106,20 Feb 13,"Co-Host Yvette Nicole Brown | Jillian Michaels | Melissa Rauch",""
277,2,107,21 Feb 13,"Co-Host Patti Stanger | Andrew Zimmern | Mystery Celebrity Guest",""
278,2,108,22 Feb 13,"Co-Host Marilu Henner | Extreme Hoarding Intervention",""
279,2,109,25 Feb 13,"Co-Host Stacy London | Madeleine Stowe",""
280,2,110,26 Feb 13,"Co-Host Kenya Moore | Wendi McLendon-Covey",""
281,2,111,27 Feb 13,"Co-Host Heather McDonald | Al Roker",""
282,2,112,28 Feb 13,"Co-Host La La Anthony | Mom Turned Private Investigator",""
283,2,113,01 Mar 13,"Co-Host Vivica A. Fox | Dulé Hill",""
284,2,114,04 Mar 13,"Co-Host Sunny Hostin | Maggie Q",""
285,2,115,05 Mar 13,"Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Marlee Matlin",""
286,2,116,06 Mar 13,"Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Ricky Schroder",""
287,2,117,07 Mar 13,"Co-Host Molly Sims | Matthew Fox",""
288,2,118,08 Mar 13,"Co-Host Jackée | Katherine Heigl | Extreme OCD",""
289,2,119,11 Mar 13,"Co-Host Daisy Fuentes | Jesse Tyler Ferguson",""
290,2,120,12 Mar 13,"Co-Host Isha Sesay | Rev Run & Actor & Tyrese | Hidden Home Dangers",""
291,2,121,13 Mar 13,"Co-Host Cynthia McFadden",""
292,2,122,14 Mar 13,"Co-Host Tamar Braxton | Trina, Traci, Towanda & Evelyn Braxton",""
293,2,123,15 Mar 13,"Co-Host Padma Lakshmi | Josh Henderson",""
294,2,124,18 Mar 13,"Co-Host Ana Gasteyer | Budget-Friendly Dinner Secrets",""
295,2,125,19 Mar 13,"Co-Host Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi | Meatball Secrets with Owners of The Meatball Shop Restaurant",""
296,2,126,20 Mar 13,"Co-Hosts Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi & Jenni 'JWoww' Farley | Matthew Rhys",""
297,2,127,21 Mar 13,"Co-Host Marilu Henner | Fran Drescher",""
298,2,128,22 Mar 13,"Co-Host Marilyn Milian | Frugal Friday",""
299,2,129,25 Mar 13,"Co-Hosts Marilyn Milian & Vinny Guadagnino | The Duggar Family",""
300,2,130,26 Mar 13,"Co-Host Kyra Phillips | Crazy Obsessions",""
301,2,131,27 Mar 13,"Co-Host Padma Lakshmi | Video Vigilantes Solve Crimes",""
302,2,132,28 Mar 13,"Co-Host Kathy Griffin | Caroline Manzo",""
303,2,133,29 Mar 13,"Co-Host Jill Martin | Julianne Moore",""
304,2,134,05 Apr 13,"Co-Host Andy Cohen | Jessica Walter",""
305,2,135,12 Apr 13,"Seven Little Johnstons | Ask Your Favorite Celebrities",""
306,2,136,15 Apr 13,"Co-Host Jane Pratt | Jesse Metcalfe",""
307,2,137,24 Apr 13,"Co-Host Sunny Anderson | Celebrity Mystery Guest",""
308,2,138,25 Apr 13,"Co-Host Erica Hill | Tim Gunn",""
309,2,139,26 Apr 13,"Co-Host Kathy Griffin | Anderson & Kathy's Truth or Dare Game",""
310,2,140,29 Apr 13,"Co-Host Marilu Henner | Cast of TV Land's Forever Young",""
311,2,141,30 Apr 13,"Co-Host Vivica A. Fox | Dana Delany",""
312,2,142,01 May 13,"Ripped from the Headlines: An Entire Hour of True Crime Exclusives",""
313,2,143,02 May 13,"Co-Host Norah O'Donnell | Are You a Food Addict?",""
314,2,144,03 May 13,"Co-Host Andy Cohen | 3 Ways to Get Out of Debt on Just $10 a Day",""
315,2,145,06 May 13,"Co-Host Judy Gold | Amazing Caught-on-Tape Stories",""
316,2,146,07 May 13,"Anderson Live's Biggest Newsmakers & Exclusives",""
317,2,147,08 May 13,"Co-Host Natalie Morales | Medical Mystery: Boy Who Can't Eat",""
318,2,148,09 May 13,"Co-Host Brandy | Wendy Williams | Custody Battle Mistakes",""
319,2,149,10 May 13,"Anderson Live's Biggest Surprises & Most Embarrassing Moments | Celebrity Mystery Guest",""
320,2,150,20 May 13,"Anderson Live Undercover: Entire Hour of Hidden-Camera Investigations",""