number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Jan 99,"A Fingerprint and a Prayer; My Brother the Killer; Murder of Bob Crane; Verdict Reversed",""
2,1,2,08 Jan 99,"The Boy and the Monster/Secret in the Cellar",""
3,1,3,15 Jan 99,"The Texas Drifter; The Fingerprint File/ A Rose Among Thorns",""
4,1,4,23 Jan 99,"The Answer in the Box/Maternal Instinct",""
5,1,5,29 Jan 99,"The Hunter Homicides; The Skulls of Stanley Park",""
6,1,6,06 Feb 99,"Through the Eyes of a Child; The Killer Next Door",""
7,1,7,12 Feb 99,"One Night on the Bayou; The Buckeye Misdemeanor",""
8,1,8,19 Feb 99,"The Mark of Cain; Death on the Freeway",""
9,1,9,26 Feb 99,"Terror in Telluride; Signature of a Killer",""
10,1,10,05 Mar 99,"Diary of a Serial Arsonist; Lost Clue",""
11,1,11,12 Mar 99,"Killer on the Strip; The Doll Murder",""
12,1,12,19 Mar 99,"Murder Illustrated; Blood Relations",""
13,1,13,26 Mar 99,"The Burning Secret/Justice Delayed",""
14,1,14,02 Apr 99,"Man in the Shadows; The Hitchhiker",""
15,1,15,09 Apr 99,"Reconstructing Murder; Fire Flicks",""
16,1,16,16 Apr 99,"Killer in the County",""
17,1,17,23 Apr 99,"Presumed Dead; The Tow Truck Killer",""
18,1,18,30 Apr 99,"The Missing Informant; Man's Best Friend",""
19,1,19,30 Apr 99,"The Tortured Truth; Portrait Of A Killer",""
20,1,20,07 May 99,"Vanished",""
21,1,21,14 May 99,"The Missing and the Dead",""
22,1,22,21 May 99,"Silent Witness; Innocence Lost",""
23,1,23,28 May 99,"Frozen in Time; Little Girl Lost",""
24,1,24,04 Jun 99,"Family Secret; Blood Trail",""
25,1,25,11 Jun 99,"Bodies In The Bay; 'Til Death Do Us Part",""
26,2,1,01 Jan 00,"Operation Jambalaya; Footprints in the Snow",""
27,2,2,08 Jan 00,"The South Side Rapist",""
28,2,3,15 Jan 00,"Mark of a Killer; Dead Ends",""
29,2,4,22 Jan 00,"The Baiting Game",""
30,2,5,29 Jan 00,"Ticket to Nowhere; The Paper Route",""
31,2,6,05 Feb 00,"Traces of Murder; The Bathtub Killer",""
32,2,7,12 Feb 00,"Pride and the Fall; The Nail File",""
33,2,8,19 Feb 00,"In the Care of a Killer; Deadly Lies",""
34,2,9,26 Feb 00,"Lady in the Box",""
35,2,10,05 Mar 00,"Crimes of the KKK",""
36,2,11,12 Mar 00,"Murder on the Menu",""
37,2,12,19 Mar 00,"The Widow and the Wolf; Unicorns and Alligators",""
38,2,13,26 Mar 00,"Vintage Murder; Trouble in Paradise",""
39,2,14,02 Apr 00,"The Perfect Murder; Death of Innocents",""
40,2,15,09 Apr 00,"The Unluckiest Man; The Deadly Triangle",""
41,2,16,16 Apr 00,"Cat and Mouse; Final Fare",""
42,2,17,23 Apr 00,"The Cuff Link; Graveyard Shift",""
43,2,18,30 Apr 00,"Good Samaritan; Gun Shy",""
44,2,19,07 May 00,"A Map to Murder; Life on the Run",""
45,2,20,14 May 00,"Soft Kill; Unsolved",""
46,2,21,21 May 00,"License to Kill; The Tell-Tale Mark; The Supermarket Mystery",""
47,2,22,28 May 00,"The Original Night Stalker",""
48,2,23,04 Jun 00,"Cold Hit; Silent Kill",""
49,2,24,11 Jun 00,"Mommie Dearest",""
50,2,25,18 Jun 00,"A Sealed Fate; Deadly Divorce",""
51,3,7,03 Feb 04,"The Green River Killer",""
52,3,25,25 Jun 01,"Innocent Prey; The Punishment",""
53,5,1,01 Dec 05,"Finding BTK",""
54,5,2,15 Dec 05,"Obsession: Dave Reichert and the Green River Killer",""
55,5,3,14 Jan 06,"Death of a Deacon; A Wife's Mission",""
56,5,4,21 Jan 06,"Snatched; A Detective's Promise",""
57,5,5,04 Feb 06,"The Sunday Morning Slasher",""
58,5,6,18 Feb 06,"Caught on Tape; A Son Remembers",""
59,5,7,11 Mar 06,"On the Case: Nacole's Killer",""
60,5,8,02 Apr 06,"Killer on Campus; Bow Hunter",""
61,5,9,09 Apr 06,"Something Snapped; A Killer's Dream",""
62,5,10,06 May 06,"Daddy Dearest; A Pastor's Wife",""
63,5,11,03 Jun 06,"A Killer's Skin; Where's Peggy?",""
64,5,12,08 Jul 06,"Innocence Stolen; Danger at the Door",""
65,5,13,15 Jul 06,"The Interrogation; The Slide",""
66,5,14,29 Jul 06,"The Taunt; Death in Deadwood",""
67,5,15,12 Aug 06,"A Child Remembers",""
68,5,16,09 Sep 06,"The Black Dahlia",""
69,5,17,23 Sep 06,"The Deadly Stroll; Unholy Secret",""
70,5,18,30 Sep 06,"A Deadly Affair; The Sting Operation",""
71,5,19,07 Oct 06,"NCIS; Exhuming the Truth",""
72,5,20,21 Oct 06,"Cross Country Connection; Eyes at the Window",""
73,5,21,28 Oct 06,"Abandoned Houses; A Son's Memory",""
74,5,22,18 Nov 06,"A Knock at the Door; Shattered",""
75,5,23,18 Nov 06,"A Deadly Pattern; A Desperate Housewife",""
76,5,24,21 Oct 06,"Murder He Wrote; Caught by the Past",""
77,5,25,28 Oct 06,"Evidence Kit",""
78,5,26,18 Nov 06,"Left for Dead; On the Case",""
79,5,27,26 Jul 07,"The Execution of Michael Johnson",""
80,5,28,20 Sep 07,"Innocence Files",""