number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Mar 14,"Patriarch of Perfection",""
2,1,2,11 Mar 14,"Not So Sweet Sixteen",""
3,1,3,18 Mar 14,"Jugs and Ammo",""
4,1,4,25 Mar 14,"Two Men and a Baby",""
5,1,5,01 Apr 14,"Todd-tervention",""
6,1,6,08 Apr 14,"Big Apple Blowup",""
7,1,7,15 Apr 14,"Date Night",""
8,1,8,22 Apr 14,"Hey Chloe, It's Your Birthday!",""
9,2,1,14 Oct 14,"Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter",""
10,2,2,14 Oct 14,"Misadventures in Babysitting",""
11,2,3,21 Oct 14,"Father's Day",""
12,2,4,21 Oct 14,"Confessions of a Beauty Queen",""
13,2,5,28 Oct 14,"Chase Turns 18",""
14,2,6,04 Nov 14,"Anger Management",""
15,2,7,11 Nov 14,"California Chrisleys",""
16,2,8,18 Nov 14,"Workin' for a Livin'",""
17,2,9,25 Nov 14,"The Great Outdoors",""
18,2,10,02 Dec 14,"Marriage Redux",""
19,2,11,09 Dec 14,"Houseguest from Hell",""
20,2,12,16 Dec 14,"Still Chrisley After All These Years",""
21,3,1,02 Jun 15,"Savannah's Big Id-ea",""
22,3,2,02 Jun 15,"Life's a Pitch",""
23,3,3,09 Jun 15,"Getting Testy",""
24,3,4,09 Jun 15,"My Chrisley Valentine",""
25,3,5,16 Jun 15,"Dollars and Sense",""
26,3,6,16 Jun 15,"Chrisley's on Campus",""
27,3,7,23 Jun 15,"Nurse Todd",""
28,3,8,30 Jun 15,"College Bootcamp",""
29,3,9,07 Jul 15,"Rules of Engagement",""
30,3,10,14 Jul 15,"Failure to Launch",""
31,3,11,21 Jul 15,"Mid-Life Chrisley",""
32,3,12,21 Jul 15,"Dude Ranch",""
33,3,13,10 Nov 15,"Chrisleys Take London",""
34,3,14,17 Nov 15,"Lord Chrisley",""
35,3,15,24 Nov 15,"Love and Marriage",""
36,3,16,01 Dec 15,"Sports Day",""
37,3,17,08 Dec 15,"Hometown Hero",""
38,3,18,15 Dec 15,"The Graduates",""
39,3,19,22 Dec 15,"A Very Chrisley Christmas 2",""
40,3,20,23 Dec 15,"Leaving the Nest",""
41,4,1,08 Mar 16,"Crowning Achievements",""
42,4,2,15 Mar 16,"The Wrath of Todd",""
43,4,3,22 Mar 16,"Todd Unleashed",""
44,4,4,29 Mar 16,"Lights, Camera, Chase",""
45,4,5,05 Apr 16,"Runaway Faye",""
46,4,6,12 Apr 16,"Moving On",""
47,4,7,10 May 16,"Too Close for Comfort",""
48,4,8,17 May 16,"Smoothie Operator",""
49,4,9,24 May 16,"Chase in Charge",""
50,4,10,31 May 16,"Family Matters",""
51,4,11,07 Jun 16,"Goat Farm Yourself",""
52,4,12,14 Jun 16,"Todd Goes Country",""
53,4,13,23 Aug 16,"Hawaii Love You So",""
54,4,14,23 Aug 16,"Don't Kale Yourself",""
55,4,15,30 Aug 16,"Todd's Not Dead",""
56,4,16,06 Sep 16,"Colon All Cards",""
57,4,17,13 Sep 16,"You Can't Handle the Truce",""
58,4,18,20 Sep 16,"Review and Renew",""
59,4,19,27 Sep 16,"Go Flip Yourself",""
60,4,20,04 Oct 16,"Message in a Bottle Rocket",""
61,4,21,11 Oct 16,"Crowning Around",""
62,4,22,11 Oct 16,"Pretty in Print",""
63,4,23,18 Oct 16,"Truth or Chair",""
64,4,24,25 Oct 16,"Rent Controlled",""
65,4,25,01 Nov 16,"The House That Todd Built",""
66,4,26,01 Nov 16,"A Very Grisly Chrisley",""
67,5,1,21 Feb 17,"50 Shades of Faye",""
68,5,2,28 Feb 17,"Client-hell",""
69,5,3,07 Mar 17,"Bunions, Bulldogs and Hedgehogs, Oh My!",""
70,5,4,14 Mar 17,"Market Crash",""
71,5,5,21 Mar 17,"Mannequin Challenge",""
72,5,6,28 Mar 17,"O Grayson, Where Art Thou?",""
73,5,7,04 Apr 17,"Matchmakers and Batchbakers",""
74,5,8,11 Apr 17,"Dancing Tween",""
75,5,9,12 Sep 17,"Moms Just Wanna Have Fun",""
76,5,10,19 Sep 17,"Twisted Sisters",""
77,5,11,26 Sep 17,"Prank Master",""
78,5,12,03 Oct 17,"Remission Control",""
79,5,13,10 Oct 17,"Differing Strokes",""
80,5,14,17 Oct 17,"Runaways and Segways",""
81,5,15,24 Oct 17,"Boys to Men",""
82,5,16,31 Oct 17,"Animal House",""
83,5,17,02 Nov 17,"Tantrums and Tiaras",""
84,5,18,02 Nov 17,"Quit Your Pitchin'",""
85,5,19,09 Nov 17,"Truckin' Good Time",""
86,5,20,16 Nov 17,"Granny's Gone Wild",""
87,5,21,23 Nov 17,"Baking Bad",""
88,5,22,30 Nov 17,"Pitch Perfection",""
89,5,23,05 Dec 17,"Bringing Up Baby",""
90,5,24,12 Dec 17,"Ready to Launch",""
91,5,25,19 Dec 17,"A Play in a Manger",""
92,5,26,19 Dec 17,"The Nightmare Before Chrisley",""
93,6,1,08 May 18,"Training Faye",""
94,6,2,15 May 18,"Todd and Pony Show",""
95,6,3,22 May 18,"A Date With Destiny",""
96,6,4,29 May 18,"Biddy Battle",""
97,6,5,05 Jun 18,"Painted Into A Corner",""
98,6,6,12 Jun 18,"Hearts And Crafts",""
99,6,7,19 Jun 18,"Top Dog",""
100,6,8,19 Jun 18,"Celebrating a Chrisley Century",""
101,6,9,26 Jun 18,"Panic at the Pageant",""
102,6,10,03 Jul 18,"No Men For Old Country",""
103,6,11,10 Jul 18,"Baking Up Is Hard To Do",""
104,6,12,17 Jul 18,"Running Gout Of Time",""
105,6,13,24 Jul 18,"Ride Or Die",""
106,6,14,31 Jul 18,"Going For Broker",""
107,6,15,07 Aug 18,"America's Next Todd Model",""
108,6,16,14 Aug 18,"Say It, Don't Spray It",""
109,6,17,21 Aug 18,"Emotionally In-vested",""
110,6,18,28 Aug 18,"White Nannies Can't Jump",""
111,6,19,28 Nov 18,"Restaurant Impossible",""
112,6,20,28 Nov 18,"Spoiled Sports",""
113,6,21,04 Dec 18,"The Perfect Equation",""
114,6,22,04 Dec 18,"Lord Of The Earrings",""
115,6,23,11 Dec 18,"Diplomatic Immunity",""
116,6,24,11 Dec 18,"Towing The Line",""
117,6,25,18 Dec 18,"Pool's Out For Summer",""
118,6,26,18 Dec 18,"The Big 50",""
S02,2,0,17 Dec 14,"A Very Chrisley Christmas",""
S03,3,0,22 Dec 15,"A Very Chrisley Christmas 2",""
S05,5,0,07 Dec 17,"A Very Merry Chrisley",""