number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 Oct 15,"Trick or Treats",""
2,1,2,12 Oct 15,"Monster Mash-Ups",""
3,1,3,19 Oct 15,"Field of Screams",""
4,1,4,26 Oct 15,"Haunted House Party",""
5,2,1,03 Oct 16,"Monsters, Monsters, Monsters",""
6,2,2,10 Oct 16,"Cravings from the Grave",""
7,2,3,17 Oct 16,"Haunted Circus",""
8,2,4,24 Oct 16,"Spirits Rising",""
9,2,5,31 Oct 16,"Ginger Dead House",""
10,3,1,25 Sep 17,"Filled With Surprises",""
11,3,2,02 Oct 17,"Bewitching Treats",""
12,3,3,09 Oct 17,"It's All in Your Head",""
13,3,4,16 Oct 17,"Sweet Screams",""
14,3,5,23 Oct 17,"The Candyman Cometh",""
15,3,6,30 Oct 17,"Extreme Halloween",""
16,4,1,24 Sep 18,"Hidden Halloween Horrors",""
17,4,2,01 Oct 18,"Fall Forward Desserts",""
18,4,3,08 Oct 18,"Monster Mania",""
19,4,4,15 Oct 18,"Hallowedding",""
20,4,5,22 Oct 18,"Circus of Dread",""
21,4,6,29 Oct 18,"Cranium Epicurean",""
S04,4,0,01 Oct 18,"Best Of Halloween Baking Championship",""