number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,28 Sep 14,"Case One: Blood and Water",""
2,1,2,05 Oct 14,"Case Two: Sour Grapes",""
3,1,3,12 Oct 14,"Case Three: Playing the Lie",""
4,1,4,19 Oct 14,"Case Four: Hunting the Stag",""
5,2,1,27 Sep 15,"Case Five: Leather & Lace",""
6,2,2,04 Oct 15,"Case Six: To Die Or Not To Die",""
7,2,3,10 Oct 15,"Case Seven: Catch of the Day (120 min)",""
8,2,4,18 Oct 15,"Case Eight: Blood Pink",""
9,3,1,30 Oct 16,"Case Nine: The Black Widower",""
10,3,2,06 Nov 16,"Case Ten: Over Her Dead Body",""
11,3,3,13 Nov 16,"Case Eleven: The Killing Machine",""
12,3,4,20 Nov 16,"Case Twelve: A Merry Bloody Christmas",""
13,4,1,29 Oct 17,"Case Thirteen: Fall From Grace (120 min)",""
14,4,2,05 Nov 17,"Case Fourteen: Stone Cold Dead (120 min)",""
15,4,3,12 Nov 17,"Case Fifteen: The Scarecrow (120 min)",""
16,4,4,19 Nov 17,"Case Sixteen: As If Nothing Had Happened (120 min)",""
17,5,1,28 Oct 18,"Scared To Death",""
18,5,2,04 Nov 18,"Bride Not To Be",""
19,5,3,11 Nov 18,"Tontine",""
20,5,4,18 Nov 18,"The Dark Angel",""