number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Mar 12,"Warden Warriors",""
2,1,2,16 Mar 12,"Moose Mania",""
3,1,3,23 Mar 12,"Off Roadin'",""
4,1,4,30 Mar 12,"Gun Country",""
5,1,5,13 Apr 12,"On Thin Ice",""
6,1,6,20 Apr 12,"Maine Freeze",""
7,2,1,24 Jan 13,"Wicked Summer",""
8,2,2,31 Jan 13,"Boat Load of Trouble",""
9,2,3,07 Feb 13,"Harvest Time",""
10,2,4,21 Feb 13,"The Rookies",""
11,2,5,28 Feb 13,"Something's Afowl",""
12,2,6,07 Mar 13,"Racking Up the Bad Guys",""
13,2,7,14 Mar 13,"The Crime of the Century",""
14,2,8,21 Mar 13,"Deer Deception",""
15,2,9,28 Mar 13,"Crossing the Line",""
16,2,10,04 Apr 13,"Uncuffed",""
17,3,1,03 Oct 13,"Ice Out",""
18,3,2,10 Oct 13,"Turkey Dog",""
19,3,3,17 Oct 13,"24 Hours On the Job",""
20,3,4,24 Oct 13,"Running Cold and Fast",""
21,3,5,07 Nov 13,"Mud Season",""
22,3,6,14 Nov 13,"Summer Heats Up",""
23,3,7,21 Nov 13,"Mysteries in the Moose State",""
24,3,8,28 Nov 13,"Life On the Border",""
25,3,9,05 Dec 13,"Lost and Found",""
26,3,10,12 Dec 13,"Uncuffed 2",""
27,4,1,29 May 14,"Cheaters",""
28,4,2,05 Jun 14,"Just One More",""
29,4,3,12 Jun 14,"The End is Near",""
30,4,4,19 Jun 14,"Throttle Out",""
31,4,5,26 Jun 14,"Cold As Ice",""
32,4,6,05 Oct 14,"Outfoxed",""
33,4,7,05 Oct 14,"Man vs Animal",""
34,4,8,12 Oct 14,"Moose on the Loose",""
35,4,9,12 Oct 14,"Take the Plunge",""
36,4,10,19 Oct 14,"Distress Call",""
37,4,11,19 Oct 14,"All Hands On Deck",""
38,4,12,02 Nov 14,"Trail of Trouble",""
39,4,13,02 Nov 14,"Night and Day",""
40,4,14,16 Nov 14,"Star Spangled Weekend",""
41,4,15,23 Nov 14,"High Jinks",""
42,4,16,30 Nov 14,"Wild Kingdom",""
43,4,17,07 Dec 14,"Passing the Torch",""
44,4,18,21 Dec 14,"'Tis the Season",""
45,4,19,11 Jan 15,"Rapid Responders",""
46,5,1,08 Mar 15,"Takedown",""
47,5,2,15 Mar 15,"Judgement Day",""
48,5,3,22 Mar 15,"Wild Moose Chase",""
49,5,4,29 Mar 15,"Hot on the Heels",""
50,5,5,19 Jul 15,"To Serve and Protect",""
51,5,6,26 Jul 15,"Down to the Wire",""
52,5,7,26 Jul 15,"Deer Detectives",""
53,5,8,09 Aug 15,"The Nick of Time",""
54,5,9,16 Aug 15,"Warden vs Wild",""
55,6,1,15 Nov 15,"And the Little Ones Too",""
56,6,2,22 Nov 15,"Above and Beyond",""
57,6,3,29 Nov 15,"Dirty Habits",""
58,6,4,06 Dec 15,"Truth Be Told",""
59,6,5,03 Jan 16,"Occupational Hazards",""
60,6,6,10 Jan 16,"Catcher in the Wild",""
61,6,7,17 Jan 16,"In a Hot Second",""
62,6,8,17 Jan 16,"Close Encounters of the Wild Kind",""
63,6,9,31 Jan 16,"Can't Believe Your Eyes",""
64,6,10,14 Feb 16,"The Rescuers",""
65,7,1,02 Jun 16,"Long Shot",""
66,7,2,09 Jun 16,"Antlers and Antics",""
67,7,3,16 Jun 16,"Weed it and Reap",""
68,7,4,23 Jun 16,"Dead Moose Talking",""
69,7,5,30 Jun 16,"Excuses, Excuses (61 min)",""
70,7,6,07 Jul 16,"The Big Bad Woods",""
71,7,7,14 Jul 16,"Baiters Beware",""
72,7,8,21 Jul 16,"Crossed Wires",""
73,7,9,28 Jul 16,"Shifting Gears",""
74,7,10,04 Aug 16,"Buck Fever",""
75,7,11,11 Aug 16,"Homecoming",""
76,8,1,05 Mar 17,"New Hampshire - Fighting The Flood",""
77,8,2,12 Mar 17,"New Hampshire - Alligator Showdown",""
78,8,3,19 Mar 17,"New Hampshire - Hunting The Hunters",""
79,8,4,26 Mar 17,"New Hampshire - Manhunt",""
80,8,5,02 Apr 17,"New Hampshire - No Way Out",""
81,8,6,09 Apr 17,"New Hampshire - Into Thin Air",""
82,9,1,03 Sep 17,"When Duty Calls",""
83,9,2,10 Sep 17,"On the Run",""
84,9,3,17 Sep 17,"Truth or Consequences",""
85,9,4,24 Sep 17,"Blindsided",""
86,9,5,01 Oct 17,"Under Suspicion",""
87,9,6,08 Oct 17,"Crossing the Line",""
88,10,1,07 Jan 18,"Out Of Control",""
89,10,2,14 Jan 18,"Cold Case",""
90,10,3,21 Jan 18,"No Room For Error",""
91,10,4,28 Jan 18,"Breaking And Entering",""
92,10,5,11 Feb 18,"Weed Whackers",""
93,10,6,18 Feb 18,"Too Close For Comfort",""
94,10,7,25 Feb 18,"Caught In A Lie",""
95,10,8,04 Mar 18,"Bait And Switch",""
96,10,9,11 Mar 18,"Nothing To Hide",""
97,10,10,18 Mar 18,"Over The Edge",""
98,10,11,25 Mar 18,"The Hunt Begins",""
99,10,12,01 Apr 18,"Collision Course",""
S05,5,0,20 Sep 15,"Unwarranted Waste",""
S06,6,0,20 Dec 15,"Wardens vs. Poachers (62 min)",""
S06,6,0,19 Jun 16,"Wardens vs. The Elements",""
S08,8,0,10 Sep 17,"Protect and Preserve: Alligator Showdown",""
S08,8,0,17 Sep 17,"Protect and Preserve: Hunting the Hunters",""
S08,8,0,24 Sep 17,"Protect and Preserve: Manhunt",""
S08,8,0,01 Oct 17,"Protect and Preserve: No Way Out",""
S08,8,0,08 Oct 17,"Protect and Preserve: Into Thin Air",""