number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Sep 96,"First Episode",""
2,1,2,26 Sep 96,"Dr. No",""
3,1,3,03 Oct 96,"The Best Laid Plans",""
4,1,4,10 Oct 96,"Suddenly Susan Unplugged",""
5,1,5,17 Oct 96,"Hoop Dreams",""
6,1,6,31 Oct 96,"Lie! Lie! My Darling",""
7,1,7,07 Nov 96,"Golden Girl Friday",""
8,1,8,14 Nov 96,"Beauty and the Beasty Boy",""
9,1,9,21 Nov 96,"Cold Turkey",""
10,1,10,12 Dec 96,"Was it Something I Said?",""
11,1,11,19 Dec 96,"The Walk-Out",""
12,1,12,09 Jan 97,"The Me Nobody Nose",""
13,1,13,27 Feb 97,"The Ways and Means",""
14,1,14,06 Mar 97,"What a Card",""
15,1,15,13 Mar 97,"Love and Divorce American Style (1)",""
16,1,16,20 Mar 97,"Love and Divorce American Style (2)",""
17,1,17,27 Mar 97,"Love and Divorce American Style (3)",""
18,1,18,10 Apr 97,"With Friends Like These",""
19,1,19,17 Apr 97,"Where the Wild Things Aren't",""
20,1,20,24 Apr 97,"A Boy Like That",""
21,1,21,01 May 97,"Family Affairs",""
22,1,22,08 May 97,"I'll See That and Raise You Susan",""
23,2,1,22 Sep 97,"I Love You, I Think",""
24,2,2,29 Sep 97,"Past Tense",""
25,2,3,06 Oct 97,"Truth and Consequences",""
26,2,4,13 Oct 97,"Next Stop, Heaven",""
27,2,5,20 Oct 97,"Susan's Minor Complication",""
28,2,6,03 Nov 97,"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Maddy World",""
29,2,7,10 Nov 97,"It's My Nana and I'll Cry If I Want To",""
30,2,8,17 Nov 97,"A Kiss Before Dying ... on Stage",""
31,2,9,24 Nov 97,"The Old and the Beautiful",""
32,2,10,08 Dec 97,"I Didn't Write This",""
33,2,11,15 Dec 97,"Yule Never Know",""
34,2,12,05 Jan 98,"A Kiss is Just Amiss",""
35,2,13,12 Jan 98,"The Big Shalom",""
36,2,14,19 Jan 98,"Matchmaker, Matchmaker",""
37,2,15,26 Jan 98,"Car Trouble",""
38,2,16,02 Feb 98,"Ready ... aim ... Fong!",""
39,2,17,09 Mar 98,"Daddy Piper",""
40,2,18,16 Mar 98,"Not in This Life",""
41,2,19,06 Apr 98,"Models and Strippers and Wasps, Oh My!",""
42,2,20,06 Apr 98,"Poetry in Notion",""
43,2,21,06 Apr 98,"Pucker Up",""
44,2,22,20 Apr 98,"5,947 Miles",""
45,2,23,04 May 98,"A Tale of Two Pants (1)",""
46,2,24,04 May 98,"A Tale of Two Pants (2)",""
47,2,25,18 May 98,"Oh, How They Danced (1)",""
48,2,26,18 May 98,"Oh, How They Danced (2)",""
49,3,1,21 Sep 98,"Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Some of These Do It",""
50,3,2,28 Sep 98,"Feels Like the First Time",""
51,3,3,05 Oct 98,"Don't Tell",""
52,3,4,12 Oct 98,"Sleeping With the Enemy",""
53,3,5,26 Oct 98,"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Susan's Party",""
54,3,6,02 Nov 98,"War Games",""
55,3,7,09 Nov 98,"Seems Like Old Times",""
56,3,8,16 Nov 98,"Trash-Test Dummies",""
57,3,9,30 Nov 98,"The Thanksgiving Episode",""
58,3,10,30 Nov 98,"The Apartment Hunt",""
59,3,11,14 Dec 98,"Merry Ex-Mas",""
60,3,12,11 Jan 99,"Wedding-Bell Blues",""
61,3,13,18 Jan 99,"On a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever",""
62,3,14,25 Jan 99,"One Man's Intervention is Another Man's Tupperware Party",""
63,3,15,08 Feb 99,"Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut",""
64,3,16,22 Feb 99,"Ben Rubenstein, Meet Joe Black",""
65,3,17,01 Mar 99,"The Song Remains Insane",""
66,3,18,15 Mar 99,"Revenge of the Gophers",""
67,3,19,03 May 99,"In This Corner ... Susan Keane! (1)",""
68,3,20,10 May 99,"In This Corner ... Susan Keane! (2)",""
69,3,21,17 May 99,"The First Picture Show",""
70,3,22,24 May 99,"Bowled Over",""
71,3,23,24 May 99,"A Day in the Life",""
72,4,1,20 Sep 99,"The New Gate",""
73,4,2,27 Dec 99,"Luis Gets His Groove Back",""
74,4,3,04 Oct 99,"The Pushkin Letters",""
75,4,4,27 Sep 99,"The Billboard",""
76,4,5,11 Oct 99,"Vicki Moves In",""
77,4,6,18 Oct 99,"Halloween",""
78,4,7,01 Nov 99,"Cheerleaders",""
79,4,8,06 Dec 99,"The Wish List",""
80,4,9,13 Dec 99,"First Date",""
81,4,10,13 Dec 99,"The Gay Parade",""
82,4,11,20 Dec 99,"The Birthday Party",""
83,4,12,27 Dec 99,"Susan's Ex",""
84,4,13,03 Jan 00,"Dinner Party",""
85,4,14,03 Jan 00,"Stock Tip",""
86,4,15,06 Jun 00,"I Love You",""
87,4,16,13 Jun 00,"The Break Up",""
88,4,17,20 Jun 00,"Girls Night Out",""
89,4,18,27 Jun 00,"The Bird in the Wall",""
90,4,19,26 Dec 00,"Susan and the Professor",""
91,4,20,26 Dec 00,"The Reversal",""
92,4,21,26 Dec 00,"The Finale (1)",""
93,4,22,26 Dec 00,"The Finale (2)",""