number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Mar 89,"Fear of Flying",""
2,1,2,14 Mar 89,"Deadline",""
3,1,3,21 Mar 89,"Burning the Toad (a.k.a. The Jack Story)",""
4,1,4,28 Mar 89,"Love and Death",""
5,1,5,04 Apr 89,"Dorothy Dearest",""
6,1,6,11 Apr 89,"This is Not a Date",""
7,2,1,27 Sep 89,"Ch-Ch-Changes",""
8,2,2,07 Mar 89,"Those Lips, Those Thais",""
9,2,3,11 Oct 89,"It's My Party and I'll Schvitz If I Want To",""
10,2,4,18 Oct 89,"Scared Straight",""
11,2,5,25 Oct 90,"Mr. Mom",""
12,2,6,01 Nov 89,"Just the Facts, Ma'am",""
13,2,7,08 Nov 89,"Bang You're Dead",""
14,2,8,15 Nov 89,"Truth or Consequences",""
15,2,9,22 Nov 89,"It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed",""
16,2,10,29 Nov 89,"Hearts and Bones",""
17,2,11,06 Dec 89,"Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown",""
18,2,12,13 Dec 89,"Breast of Friends",""
19,2,13,10 Jan 90,"Hotel of the Damned",""
20,2,14,17 Jan 90,"All About Allison",""
21,2,15,24 Jan 90,"Proof It All Night",""
22,2,16,07 Feb 90,"Three Men on a Match",""
23,2,17,14 Feb 90,"Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow",""
24,2,18,28 Feb 90,"The Icewoman Cometh",""
25,2,19,07 Mar 90,"Hooray for Hollywood",""
26,2,20,14 Mar 90,"Robin Q. Public",""
27,2,21,21 Mar 90,"The Days of Whine and...",""
28,2,22,28 Mar 90,"Thirty... Something",""
29,3,1,06 Feb 91,"Say It Again, Han (1)",""
30,3,2,13 Feb 91,"Martus Interruptus (2)",""
31,3,3,27 Feb 91,"Hello... Mali (3)",""
32,3,4,13 Mar 91,"Long Day's Journey Into... What",""
33,3,5,20 Mar 91,"The Day After",""
34,3,6,27 Mar 91,"The Torrid Zone",""
35,3,7,01 Apr 91,"My New Best Friend",""
36,3,8,10 Apr 91,"Adventures in Baby-sitting",""
37,3,9,17 Apr 91,"Isn't It Romantic?",""
38,3,10,08 May 91,"Scream a Little Scream",""
39,3,11,15 May 91,"Pot of Gold",""
40,4,1,25 Sep 91,"Enormous Changes at the Last Minute",""
41,4,2,02 Oct 91,"I Feel a Cult Coming On",""
42,4,3,09 Oct 91,"A Tale of Two Kiddies",""
43,4,4,16 Oct 91,"M is for the Many Things She Forgot She Gave Me",""
44,4,5,23 Oct 91,"Gimme an O",""
45,4,6,30 Oct 91,"Training Film",""
46,4,7,20 Nov 91,"First Lady Sings the Blues",""
47,4,8,04 Dec 91,"Stop Me Before I... Again (1)",""
48,4,9,11 Dec 91,"Stop Me Before I... Again (2)",""
49,4,10,18 Dec 91,"Salmonella is Coming to Town",""
50,4,11,08 Jan 92,"The Call of the Mild",""
51,4,12,15 Jan 92,"I'd Kill for a Mink",""
52,4,13,22 Jan 92,"Catherine Honey, I'm Home",""
53,4,14,05 Feb 92,"Angst for the Memories",""
54,4,15,14 Feb 92,"Tryst and Shout",""
55,4,16,27 May 92,"The Waiting",""
56,4,17,03 Jun 92,"Marty Walks",""