number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,28 Oct 01,"Mr. Hell Moves In",""
2,1,2,04 Nov 01,"Edukashun",""
3,1,3,11 Nov 01,"Triple Indemnity",""
4,1,4,18 Nov 01,"From Here to Paternity",""
5,1,5,03 Dec 01,"Big Buzznizz",""
6,1,6,09 Dec 01,"Right Royal Rain Rin Re Rass/Mr. Hell Takes Buckingham Palace",""
7,1,7,16 Dec 01,"Hellathon",""
8,1,8,06 Jan 02,"The Animation Special",""
9,1,9,13 Jan 02,"Run Like Hell",""
10,1,10,20 Jan 02,"Prince Not So Charming",""
11,1,11,28 Jan 02,"Deep Thought -or- Shallow Hell",""
12,1,12,11 Feb 02,"Blinded by Science and Rosy Palmer",""
13,1,13,18 Feb 02,"The Seven Ages... of Parties",""