number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 May 09,"Thicker Than Water",""
2,1,2,19 May 09,"Mama Knows Best",""
3,1,3,26 May 09,"Not One of Us",""
4,1,4,02 Jun 09,"Black & White and Read All Over",""
5,1,5,09 Jun 09,"Casinos and C-Cups",""
6,1,6,16 Jun 09,"Finale",""
7,1,7,18 Jun 09,"The Last Supper",""
8,1,8,23 Jun 09,"Watch What Happens Reunion Part 1",""
9,1,9,25 Jun 09,"Watch What Happens Reunion Part 2",""
10,1,10,09 Jul 09,"The Lost Footage",""
11,2,1,03 May 10,"Water Under the Table",""
12,2,2,10 May 10,"Generation Vexed",""
13,2,3,17 May 10,"Catty-Walk",""
14,2,4,24 May 10,"Babies, Bubbles and Bubbies",""
15,2,5,31 May 10,"Into the Lion's Den",""
16,2,6,07 Jun 10,"It's Not Me, It's You",""
17,2,7,14 Jun 10,"Play At Your Own Risk",""
18,2,8,21 Jun 10,"Bubbies Gone Bad",""
19,2,9,28 Jun 10,"Posche Spite",""
20,2,10,12 Jul 10,"Country Clubbed",""
21,2,11,19 Jul 10,"Staub Wounds",""
22,2,12,26 Jul 10,"Youth Will Be Served",""
23,2,13,02 Aug 10,"Don't Drink the Holy Water",""
24,2,14,09 Aug 10,"The Chanels of Venice",""
25,2,15,16 Aug 10,"Hills Are Alive With Giudice",""
26,2,16,23 Aug 10,"The Heads of Family Will Roll",""
27,2,17,30 Aug 10,"Reunion (1)",""
28,2,18,06 Sep 10,"Reunion (2)",""
29,3,1,16 May 11,"In the Name of the Father",""
30,3,2,23 May 11,"Drop Dead Gorgas",""
31,3,3,30 May 11,"Sealed With a Diss",""
32,3,4,06 Jun 11,"Gobblefellas",""
33,3,5,12 Jun 11,"Stick It",""
34,3,6,19 Jun 11,"Whine and Dine",""
35,3,7,26 Jun 11,"Teresa's Got a Gun",""
36,3,8,10 Jul 11,"Holidazed and Confused",""
37,3,9,17 Jul 11,"Twas the Fight Before Christmas",""
38,3,10,24 Jul 11,"There Arose Such a Clatter",""
39,3,11,31 Jul 11,"A Very Jersey Christmas",""
40,3,12,07 Aug 11,"Auld Lang Syne for an Eye",""
41,3,13,14 Aug 11,"Child's Play No More",""
42,3,14,21 Aug 11,"Belly Up & Up",""
43,3,15,28 Aug 11,"Black as Ink",""
44,3,16,11 Sep 11,"Singing in the Pain",""
45,3,17,18 Sep 11,"Get to the Punta!",""
46,3,18,02 Oct 11,"Blood is Thicker Than Guccis",""
47,3,19,09 Oct 11,"Portrait of an Italian Family",""
48,3,20,16 Oct 11,"Reunion, Part 1",""
49,3,21,23 Oct 11,"Reunion, Part 2",""
50,4,1,22 Apr 12,"High Tide, Low Blow",""
51,4,2,29 Apr 12,"Poker Face",""
52,4,3,06 May 12,"Third Eye Blind",""
53,4,4,13 May 12,"Drowning Pool",""
54,4,5,20 May 12,"Spoiled Sports",""
55,4,6,03 Jun 12,"Uncivil Union",""
56,4,7,10 Jun 12,"True Love, True Lies",""
57,4,8,17 Jun 12,"Best Friends for Never",""
58,4,9,24 Jun 12,"Public Display of Rejection",""
59,4,10,01 Jul 12,"Temporary Shrinkage",""
60,4,11,08 Jul 12,"The Sniff Test",""
61,4,12,15 Jul 12,"The Jersey Side Step",""
62,4,13,22 Jul 12,"Sit Down and Man Up",""
63,4,14,29 Jul 12,"Pack Your Baggage",""
64,4,15,12 Aug 12,"If This RV Is a Rockin'",""
65,4,16,19 Aug 12,"Whine Country",""
66,4,17,26 Aug 12,"Hot Tub of Sour Grapes",""
67,4,18,09 Sep 12,"Dinasty of Denial",""
68,4,19,16 Sep 12,"A Bald Canary Sings",""
69,4,20,23 Sep 12,"Strip Down Memory Lane",""
70,4,21,30 Sep 12,"Reunion, Part 1",""
71,4,22,07 Oct 12,"Reunion, Part 2",""
72,4,23,14 Oct 12,"Reunion (3)",""
73,4,24,21 Oct 12,"Lost Footage",""
74,5,1,02 Jun 13,"Garden State of Emergency",""
75,5,2,09 Jun 13,"A Manzo of Her Word",""
76,5,3,16 Jun 13,"It's My Party and I'll Fight if I Want To",""
77,5,4,23 Jun 13,"Gym Rats",""
78,5,5,30 Jun 13,"Everything Is Coming Up Rosie",""
79,5,6,07 Jul 13,"Drinking With the Enemy",""
80,5,7,14 Jul 13,"When Joes Collide",""
81,5,8,21 Jul 13,"Scum One, Scum All",""
82,5,9,28 Jul 13,"On Thin Guid-Ice",""
83,5,10,04 Aug 13,"Best Frenemies Forever",""
84,5,11,11 Aug 13,"Children of the Scorned",""
85,5,12,18 Aug 13,"Hair-Binger of Doom",""
86,5,13,25 Aug 13,"Spaghetti Western & Meatballs",""
87,5,14,01 Sep 13,"Horse Whisper to a Scream",""
88,5,15,08 Sep 13,"Zen Things I Hate About You",""
89,5,16,15 Sep 13,"The Blonde Drops a Bombshell",""
90,5,17,22 Sep 13,"Hair We Go Again",""
91,5,18,29 Sep 13,"Salon, Farewell",""
92,5,19,06 Oct 13,"Reunion: Part 1",""
93,5,20,13 Oct 13,"Reunion: Part 2",""
94,5,21,14 Oct 13,"Tell All Part 1",""
95,5,22,20 Oct 13,"Tell All Part 2",""
96,6,1,13 Jul 14,"What A Difference A Plea Makes",""
97,6,2,20 Jul 14,"O, Christmas Tre",""
98,6,3,27 Jul 14,"Trash-talking",""
99,6,4,03 Aug 14,"A Hairy Situation",""
100,6,5,10 Aug 14,"One Flew Over The Chicken's Nest",""
101,6,6,17 Aug 14,"The Family Business",""
102,6,7,24 Aug 14,"Roses Are Red, Dinah Is Blue",""
103,6,8,07 Sep 14,"Guilt Trip",""
104,6,9,14 Sep 14,"There Will Be Bloodwork",""
105,6,10,21 Sep 14,"The Day of Jacqueline",""
106,6,11,28 Sep 14,"Gators and Haters",""
107,6,12,05 Oct 14,"Pack Your Bags and Get Out!",""
108,6,13,12 Oct 14,"Sorry, Not Sorry",""
109,6,14,19 Oct 14,"Judgment Day",""
110,6,15,26 Oct 14,"Secrets Revealed Part 1",""
111,6,16,02 Nov 14,"Reunion Part 1",""
112,6,17,06 Nov 14,"Reunion Part 2",""
113,6,18,11 Nov 14,"Reunion Part 3",""
114,6,19,20 Nov 14,"Secrets Revealed Part 2",""
115,7,1,10 Jul 16,"Jingle Bells And Prison Cells",""
116,7,2,17 Jul 16,"A Very Hairy Christmas",""
117,7,3,24 Jul 16,"Leopard Is the New Black",""
118,7,4,31 Jul 16,"A Life to Envy",""
119,7,5,14 Aug 16,"Dinner Interrupted",""
120,7,6,21 Aug 16,"Swimming With the Gefilte Fishes",""
121,7,7,28 Aug 16,"Spa-Cation",""
122,7,8,05 Sep 16,"All Bets Are Off",""
123,7,9,11 Sep 16,"Driving Miss Siggy",""
124,7,10,18 Sep 16,"Cut the Cancer Out",""
125,7,11,25 Sep 16,"Rage on My Ass",""
126,7,12,02 Oct 16,"The Other C Word",""
127,7,13,09 Oct 16,"Picking Sides",""
128,7,14,16 Oct 16,"The Importance of Being Family",""
129,7,15,23 Oct 16,"Nama'Stay Away From Me",""
130,7,16,30 Oct 16,"And Then There Were Four",""
131,7,17,06 Nov 16,"Reunion Part 1",""
132,7,18,13 Nov 16,"Reunion Part 2",""
133,8,1,04 Oct 17,"Shaddy Beach",""
134,8,2,11 Oct 17,"Let Them Eat Cake",""
135,8,3,18 Oct 17,"The Apology",""
136,8,4,25 Oct 17,"The Public Shaming of Melissa",""
137,8,5,01 Nov 17,"Not Over It",""
138,8,6,08 Nov 17,"Growing Up Jersey",""
139,8,7,15 Nov 17,"A Retreat to Remember",""
140,8,8,29 Nov 17,"Walking on Broken Glass",""
141,8,9,06 Dec 17,"When Chairs Fly",""
142,8,10,13 Dec 17,"Meltdown In Milan",""
143,8,11,20 Dec 17,"Fauxpology",""
144,8,12,03 Jan 18,"Ain't No Misbehaving",""
145,8,13,10 Jan 18,"Prisons, Proposals and Parties",""
146,8,14,17 Jan 18,"Reunion Part 1",""
147,8,15,24 Jan 18,"Reunion Part 2",""
148,8,16,31 Jan 18,"Reunion Secrets Revealed",""
S06,6,0,27 Nov 14,"The Moment: Real Housewives Awards (1) (18 min)",""
S06,6,0,28 Aug 15,"The Moment: Real Housewives Awards (2) (36 min)",""
S07,7,0,18 Jun 16,"Season 7 First Look (1) (3 min)",""
S07,7,0,07 Aug 16,"The Bravoholic Special Edition",""
S07,7,0,21 Aug 16,"Social Edition: Dinner Interrupted",""
S07,7,0,28 Aug 16,"Social Edition: Swimming With the Gefilte Fishes",""
S07,7,0,04 Sep 16,"Social Edition: Spa-Cation",""
S07,7,0,11 Sep 16,"Social Edition: All Bets Are Off",""
S07,7,0,09 Sep 16,"Season 7 First Look (2) (2 min)",""
S07,7,0,18 Sep 16,"Social Edition: Driving Miss Siggy",""
S07,7,0,25 Sep 16,"Social Edition: Cut the Cancer Out",""
S07,7,0,09 Oct 16,"Social Edition: The Other "C" Word",""
S07,7,0,02 Oct 16,"Social Edition: Rage on My Ass",""
S07,7,0,16 Oct 16,"Social Edition: Picking Sides",""
S07,7,0,23 Oct 16,"Social Edition: The Importance of Being Family",""
S07,7,0,30 Oct 16,"Social Edition: Nama'Stay Away From Me",""
S08,8,0,22 Aug 17,"How They Got Here (30 min)",""