number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Sep 94,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,22 Sep 94,"Over the Rainbow",""
3,1,3,29 Sep 94,"Food Chains",""
4,1,4,06 Oct 94,"With the Greatest of Ease",""
5,1,5,13 Oct 94,"You Gotta Have Heart",""
6,1,6,20 Oct 94,"Shutt Down",""
7,1,7,03 Nov 94,"Genevieve and Fat Boy",""
8,1,8,10 Nov 94,"Death Be Proud",""
9,1,9,01 Jan 95,"Heartbreak",""
10,1,10,02 Jan 95,"The Quarantine",""
11,1,11,09 Jan 95,"Love and Hope",""
12,1,12,16 Jan 95,"Great White Hope",""
13,1,13,23 Jan 95,"Small Sacrifices",""
14,1,14,06 Feb 95,"Cutting Edges",""
15,1,15,13 Feb 95,"Life Support",""
16,1,16,20 Feb 95,"Freeze Outs",""
17,1,17,27 Feb 95,"Growth Pains",""
18,1,18,13 Mar 95,"Informed Consent",""
19,1,19,20 Mar 95,"Internal Affairs",""
20,1,20,08 May 95,"The Virus",""
21,1,21,15 May 95,"Full Moon",""
22,1,22,22 May 95,"Songs from the Cuckoo Birds",""
23,2,1,18 Sep 95,"Hello Goodbye",""
24,2,2,25 Sep 95,"Rise from the Dead",""
25,2,3,02 Oct 95,"A Coupla Stiffs",""
26,2,4,09 Oct 95,"Every Day a Little Death",""
27,2,5,16 Oct 95,"Wild Cards",""
28,2,6,30 Oct 95,"Who Turned Out the Lights?",""
29,2,7,06 Nov 95,"From Soup to Nuts",""
30,2,8,13 Nov 95,"Leave of Absence",""
31,2,9,20 Nov 95,"Stand",""
32,2,10,27 Nov 95,"The Ethics of Hope",""
33,2,11,11 Dec 95,"Christmas Truce",""
34,2,12,08 Jan 96,"Transplanted Affection",""
35,2,13,15 Jan 96,"Three Men and a Lady",""
36,2,14,22 Jan 96,"Right to Life",""
37,2,15,05 Feb 96,"Hearts and Minds",""
38,2,16,12 Feb 96,"Women on the Verge",""
39,2,17,26 Feb 96,"Life Lines",""
40,2,18,11 Mar 96,"Sexual Perversity in Chicago Hope",""
41,2,19,18 Mar 96,"Sweet Surrender",""
42,2,20,29 Apr 96,"The Parent Rap",""
43,2,21,06 May 96,"Quiet Riot",""
44,2,22,13 May 96,"Ex Marks the Spot",""
45,2,23,20 May 96,"Last One Out, Get the Lights",""
46,3,1,16 Sep 96,"Out of Africa",""
47,3,2,23 Sep 96,"Back to the Future",""
48,3,3,30 Sep 96,"Papa's Got a Brand New Bag",""
49,3,4,07 Oct 96,"Liver Let Die",""
50,3,5,14 Oct 96,"Liar, Liar",""
51,3,6,21 Oct 96,"Higher Powers",""
52,3,7,04 Nov 96,"A Time to Kill",""
53,3,8,11 Nov 96,"A Day in the Life",""
54,3,9,18 Nov 96,"Divided Loyalty",""
55,3,10,25 Nov 96,"V-Fibbing",""
56,3,11,09 Dec 96,"Mummy Dearest",""
57,3,12,06 Jan 97,"Split Decisions",""
58,3,13,13 Jan 97,"Verdicts",""
59,3,14,20 Jan 97,"The Day of the Rope",""
60,3,15,03 Feb 97,"Take My Wife, Please",""
61,3,16,10 Feb 97,"Missed Conception",""
62,3,17,17 Feb 97,"Mother, May I?",""
63,3,18,10 Mar 97,"Growing Pains",""
64,3,19,17 Mar 97,"The Son Also Rises",""
65,3,20,07 Apr 97,"Second Chances",""
66,3,21,13 Apr 97,"Positive I.D.s",""
67,3,22,21 Apr 97,"Leggo My Ego",""
68,3,23,28 Apr 97,"Colonel of Truth",""
69,3,24,05 May 97,"Lamb to the Slaughter",""
70,3,25,12 May 97,"Love on the Rocks",""
71,3,26,19 May 97,"Hope Against Hope",""
72,4,1,01 Oct 97,"Guns 'n' Roses",""
73,4,2,08 Oct 97,"The Incredible Adventures of Baron von Munchausen... by Proxy",""
74,4,3,15 Oct 97,"Brain Salad Surgery",""
75,4,4,22 Oct 97,"Sympathy for the Devil",""
76,4,5,29 Oct 97,"... And the Hand Played On",""
77,4,6,05 Nov 97,"The Lung and the Restless",""
78,4,7,12 Nov 97,"White Trash",""
79,4,8,19 Nov 97,"Winging It",""
80,4,9,26 Nov 97,"Cabin Fever",""
81,4,10,10 Dec 97,"All in the Family",""
82,4,11,17 Dec 97,"On Golden Pons",""
83,4,12,07 Jan 98,"Broken Hearts",""
84,4,13,14 Jan 98,"Memento Mori",""
85,4,14,21 Jan 98,"Psychodrama",""
86,4,15,04 Feb 98,"The Ties That Bind",""
87,4,16,04 Mar 98,"The Things We Do for Love",""
88,4,17,11 Mar 98,"Liver, Hold the Mushrooms",""
89,4,18,18 Mar 98,"Waging Bull",""
90,4,19,25 Mar 98,"Objects Are Closer Than They Appear",""
91,4,20,01 Apr 98,"Deliverance",""
92,4,21,08 Apr 98,"Bridge Over Troubled Watters",""
93,4,22,29 Apr 98,"Risky Business",""
94,4,23,06 May 98,"Absent Without Leave",""
95,4,24,13 May 98,"Physician, Heal Thyself",""
96,5,1,30 Sep 98,"Sarindipity",""
97,5,2,07 Oct 98,"Austin Space",""
98,5,3,14 Oct 98,"Wag the Doc",""
99,5,4,21 Oct 98,"The Breast and the Brightest",""
100,5,5,28 Oct 98,"One Hundred and One Damnations",""
101,5,6,04 Nov 98,"Viagra-Vated Assault",""
102,5,7,11 Nov 98,"Austin, We Have a Problem",""
103,5,8,18 Nov 98,"The Other Cheek",""
104,5,9,25 Nov 98,"Tantric Turkey",""
105,5,10,09 Dec 98,"Gun with the Wind",""
106,5,11,16 Dec 98,"McNeil and Pray",""
107,5,12,13 Jan 99,"Adventures in Babysitting",""
108,5,13,20 Jan 99,"Karmic Relief",""
109,5,14,03 Feb 99,"Playing Through",""
110,5,15,10 Feb 99,"Big Hand for the Little Lady",""
111,5,16,17 Feb 99,"Home is Where the Heartache Is",""
112,5,17,10 Mar 99,"A Goy and His Dog",""
113,5,18,24 Mar 99,"Teacher's Pet",""
114,5,19,31 Mar 99,"Vanishing Acts",""
115,5,20,14 Apr 99,"From Here to Maternity",""
116,5,21,21 Apr 99,"And Baby Makes 10",""
117,5,22,28 Apr 99,"Kiss of Death",""
118,5,23,17 May 99,"The Heavens Can Wait",""
119,5,24,19 May 99,"Curing Cancer",""
120,6,1,23 Sep 99,"Team Play",""
121,6,2,30 Sep 99,"Y'Gotta Have Heart",""
122,6,3,07 Oct 99,"Oh, What a Piece of Work is Man",""
123,6,4,14 Oct 99,"Vigilance and Care",""
124,6,5,21 Oct 99,"Humpty Dumpty",""
125,6,6,28 Oct 99,"Upstairs, Downstairs",""
126,6,7,11 Nov 99,"White Rabbit",""
127,6,8,18 Nov 99,"The Heart to Heart",""
128,6,9,09 Dec 99,"The Golden Hour",""
129,6,10,06 Jan 00,"Hanlon's Choice",""
130,6,11,13 Jan 00,"Faith, Hope & Surgery",""
131,6,12,20 Jan 00,"Letting Go",""
132,6,13,03 Feb 00,"Boys Will Be Girls",""
133,6,14,10 Feb 00,"Gray Matters",""
134,6,15,17 Feb 00,"Painful Cuts",""
135,6,16,24 Feb 00,"Simon Sez",""
136,6,17,30 Mar 00,"Cold Hearts",""
137,6,18,06 Apr 00,"Devoted Attachment",""
138,6,19,13 Apr 00,"Miller Time",""
139,6,20,20 Apr 00,"Thoughts of You",""
140,6,21,27 Apr 00,"Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope",""
141,6,22,04 May 00,"Have I Got a Deal for You",""