number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Jul 08,"A Very 'Short' Trip",""
2,1,2,13 Jul 08,"Only the Weak Survive",""
3,1,3,20 Jul 08,"Heat's a Crowd",""
4,1,4,27 Jul 08,"Bamboozlin' Gone Bad",""
5,1,5,03 Aug 08,"Cry Me a River",""
6,1,6,10 Aug 08,"The Blonde Leading the Blonde",""
7,1,7,17 Aug 08,"The Good, the Bad, and the Confused",""
8,1,8,24 Aug 08,"Watch Your Back",""
9,1,9,31 Aug 08,"Drunk with Power",""
10,1,10,14 Sep 08,"Pole Riders in the Sky",""
11,1,11,21 Sep 08,"A Real Dilemma",""
12,1,12,28 Sep 08,"Clip Show",""
13,1,13,05 Oct 08,"The Final Four",""
14,1,14,12 Oct 08,"Reunion",""
15,2,1,02 Feb 09,"It's a Dirty Game, But Someone Has to Play It",""
16,2,2,09 Feb 09,"Stripper Moves",""
17,2,3,16 Feb 09,"It's in the Cards",""
18,2,4,23 Feb 09,"Kiss My...",""
19,2,5,02 Mar 09,"Alliances Are Dead - Or Are They?",""
20,2,6,09 Mar 09,"The Chickens Who Come Home to Roost",""
21,2,7,16 Mar 09,"Are You There, God? It's Me",""
22,2,8,23 Mar 09,"How Do You Say 'Implosion' in Spanish",""
23,2,9,30 Mar 09,"Thrown Under the Bus",""
24,2,10,06 Apr 09,"You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It",""
25,2,11,13 Apr 09,"You Can Scream All You Want",""
26,2,12,20 Apr 09,"Can You Hang?",""
27,2,13,27 Apr 09,"Big Boobs, Big Bucks",""
28,2,14,04 May 09,"The Final Showdown",""
29,2,15,10 May 09,"Reunion Show",""
30,3,1,16 Sep 10,"Game On!",""
31,3,2,23 Sep 10,"Bermuda Love Triangle",""
32,3,3,30 Sep 10,"Bedlam",""
33,3,4,06 Oct 10,"Tequila Girls Gone Wild",""
34,3,5,13 Oct 10,"It's All Part of the Game",""
35,3,6,20 Oct 10,"Millionaires Making Moves",""
36,3,7,27 Oct 10,"Battle of the Blonde Backstabber",""
37,3,8,03 Nov 10,"It's a Man's World, You're Just a Visitor in It",""
38,3,9,10 Nov 10,"Dealing with the Devil",""
39,3,10,17 Nov 10,"A Date with Destiny",""
40,3,11,24 Nov 10,"Eat Your Heart Out",""
41,3,12,01 Dec 10,"The Final Race",""