number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Sep 68,"Fear of High Places",""
2,1,2,27 Sep 68,"The Witness",""
3,1,3,04 Oct 68,"The Taker",""
4,1,4,11 Oct 68,"Collector's Edition",""
5,1,5,18 Oct 68,"Nightmare",""
6,1,6,25 Oct 68,"Incident in Berlin",""
7,1,7,01 Nov 68,"Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil",""
8,1,8,08 Nov 68,"Lola in Lipstick",""
9,1,9,15 Nov 68,"The Protector",""
10,1,10,22 Nov 68,"Ordeal",""
11,1,11,29 Nov 68,"The White Birch",""
12,1,12,06 Dec 68,"High On A Rainbow",""
13,1,13,13 Dec 68,"The Black Answer",""
14,1,14,20 Dec 68,"Pineapple Rose",""
15,1,15,27 Dec 68,"The Revolutionary",""
16,1,16,10 Jan 69,"Swingers Only",""
17,1,17,17 Jan 68,"The Inquiry",""
18,1,18,24 Jan 68,"The Incomparable Connie Walker",""
19,1,19,31 Jan 68,"Love-In At Ground Zero",""
20,1,20,07 Feb 69,"The Suntan Mob",""
21,1,21,14 Feb 69,"Keep the Doctor Away",""
22,1,22,21 Feb 69,"The Bobby Currier Story",""
23,1,23,28 Feb 69,"A Wrath of Angels",""
24,1,24,07 Mar 69,"The Third Choice",""
25,1,25,14 Mar 69,"Breakout To A Fast Buck",""
26,1,26,21 Mar 69,"An Agent of The Plaintiff",""
27,2,1,19 Sep 69,"Lady on The Rocks",""
28,2,2,26 Sep 69,"A Hard Case of The Blues",""
29,2,3,03 Oct 69,"Blind Man's Bluff",""
30,2,4,10 Oct 69,"The Emissary",""
31,2,5,17 Oct 69,"Chains of Command",""
32,2,6,24 Oct 69,"Goodbye Harry",""
33,2,7,31 Oct 69,"Give Till It Hurts",""
34,2,8,07 Nov 69,"The Perfect Image",""
35,2,9,14 Nov 69,"The Prisoner Within",""
36,2,10,28 Nov 69,"The Civilized Men",""
37,2,11,05 Dec 69,"High Card",""
38,2,12,12 Dec 69,"The Power",""
39,2,13,19 Dec 69,"Laurie Marie",""
40,2,14,02 Jan 70,"The Tradition",""
41,2,15,09 Jan 70,"The Brass Ring",""
42,2,16,16 Jan 69,"Island of Gold And Precious Stones",""
43,2,17,23 Jan 70,"The Takeover",""
44,2,18,30 Jan 70,"The Garden",""
45,2,19,13 Feb 70,"Tarot",""
46,2,20,20 Feb 70,"The King of Denmark",""
47,2,21,27 Feb 70,"The Skin Game",""
48,2,22,06 Mar 70,"Man of The People",""
49,2,23,20 Mar 70,"Echo of A Nightmare",""
50,2,24,27 Mar 70,"Jenny Wilde Is Drowning",""
51,2,25,03 Apr 70,"One of The Girls in Research",""
52,2,26,10 Apr 70,"The Other Kind of Spy",""
53,3,1,18 Sep 70,"So Long, Baby, And Amen",""
54,3,2,25 Sep 70,"A Love to Remember",""
55,3,3,02 Oct 70,"Cynthia Is Alive And Living in Avalon",""
56,3,4,09 Oct 70,"Battle at Gannon's Bridge",""
57,3,5,16 Oct 70,"The Enemy Before Us",""
58,3,6,23 Oct 70,"The Time Is Now",""
59,3,7,30 Oct 70,"The War Merchants",""
60,3,8,06 Nov 70,"Little Bear Died Running",""
61,3,9,13 Nov 70,"All The Old Familar Faces",""
62,3,10,20 Nov 70,"I Love You, Billy Baker (1)",""
63,3,11,27 Nov 70,"I Love You, Billy Baker (2)",""
64,3,12,04 Dec 70,"Why I Blew Up Dakota",""
65,3,13,11 Dec 70,"Aquarius Descending",""
66,3,14,18 Dec 70,"The Glory Shouter",""
67,3,15,08 Jan 71,"A Sister From Napoli",""
68,3,16,15 Jan 71,"Los Angeles 2017",""
69,3,17,05 Feb 71,"The Man Who Killed A Ghost",""
70,3,18,05 Feb 71,"Seek And Destroy",""
71,3,19,12 Feb 71,"A Capitol Affair",""
72,3,20,19 Feb 71,"The Savage Eye",""
73,3,21,26 Feb 71,"Appointment in Palermo",""
74,3,22,05 Mar 71,"Beware of The Watchdog",""
75,3,23,12 Mar 71,"The Broken Puzzle",""
76,3,24,19 Mar 71,"The Showdown",""
S01,1,0,26 Nov 66,"Fame Is the Name of the Game (120 min)",""