number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Oct 07,"I'm Watching You",""
2,1,2,21 Oct 07,"Managing Mom",""
3,1,3,28 Oct 07,"Brody in the House",""
4,1,4,04 Nov 07,"Birthday Suit",""
5,1,5,11 Nov 07,"Remembering Dad",""
6,1,6,18 Nov 07,"You Are So Pregnant, Dude!",""
7,1,7,25 Nov 07,"Helping Hand",""
8,1,8,02 Dec 07,"Price of Fame",""
9,2,1,09 Mar 08,"Kim Becomes a Diva",""
10,2,2,16 Mar 08,"Khloe Wants to Act",""
11,2,3,23 Mar 08,"Rob's New Girlfriend",""
12,2,4,30 Mar 08,"Kris the Cheerleader",""
13,2,5,06 Apr 08,"Khloe's Blind Dates",""
14,2,6,13 Apr 08,"Learning Self Defense",""
15,2,7,27 Apr 08,"Kardashian Civil War",""
16,2,8,04 May 08,"Kardashian Family Vacation",""
17,2,9,11 May 08,"Kim's Calendar for Reggie",""
18,2,10,18 May 08,"A New Perspective in New Orleans",""
19,3,1,08 Mar 09,"Free Khloe",""
20,3,2,15 Mar 09,"Kourt's First Cover",""
21,3,3,22 Mar 09,"I'd Rather Go Naked...or Shopping",""
22,3,4,29 Mar 09,"Pussycat Vision",""
23,3,5,05 Apr 09,"All for One and One for Kim",""
24,3,6,19 Apr 09,"Cinderella Story",""
25,3,7,26 Apr 09,"The Two Year Itch",""
26,3,8,03 May 09,"Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder",""
27,3,9,10 May 09,"Leaving the Nest",""
28,3,10,17 May 09,"Meet the Kardashians",""
29,3,11,25 May 09,"What's Yours Is Mine",""
30,3,12,25 May 09,"Double Trouble",""
31,4,1,13 Dec 09,"Scott on the Rocks",""
32,4,2,20 Dec 09,"Hot Cup of Love",""
33,4,3,27 Dec 09,"Baby Blues",""
34,4,4,03 Jan 10,"Shape Up or Ship Out",""
35,4,5,10 Jan 10,"Must Love Dogs",""
36,4,6,24 Jan 10,"Body Blows",""
37,4,7,31 Jan 10,"Weekend from Hell",""
38,4,8,14 Feb 10,"I Want Your Sex",""
39,4,9,21 Feb 10,"Blame It on the Alcohol",""
40,4,10,28 Feb 10,"Delivering Baby Mason",""
41,5,1,22 Aug 10,"Kim's House Party",""
42,5,2,29 Aug 10,"Blind Date",""
43,5,3,05 Sep 10,"The Missing Ring",""
44,5,4,06 Sep 10,"My Bodyguard",""
45,5,5,12 Sep 10,"Botox and Cigarettes",""
46,5,6,19 Sep 10,"Kourt Goes A.W.O.L.",""
47,5,7,26 Sep 10,"Match Made in Hell",""
48,5,8,03 Oct 10,"No Boys Allowed",""
49,5,9,10 Oct 10,"Kris "The Cougar" Jenner",""
50,5,10,17 Oct 10,"Dash No More",""
51,5,11,24 Oct 10,"The Kardashians Take NYC",""
52,6,1,12 Jun 11,"Family vs. Money",""
53,6,2,19 Jun 11,"Kim Becomes a Stage Mom",""
54,6,3,26 Jun 11,"The Former Mrs. Jenner",""
55,6,4,10 Jul 11,"Out of Wedlock",""
56,6,5,17 Jul 11,"Thicker Than Water",""
57,6,6,24 Jul 11,"Kendall Goes on Birth Control",""
58,6,7,31 Jul 11,"The Have and Have Nots",""
59,6,8,07 Aug 11,"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas",""
60,6,9,14 Aug 11,"Talk to My Agent",""
61,6,10,21 Aug 11,"The Family Vacation",""
62,6,11,28 Aug 11,"Getting to Know You",""
63,6,12,04 Sep 11,"Trouble in Paradise",""
64,6,13,05 Sep 11,"The Proposal",""
65,7,1,20 May 12,"Who's Your Daddy",""
66,7,2,27 May 12,"Momager Dearest",""
67,7,3,28 May 12,"Everybody's Wigging Out",""
68,7,4,10 Jun 12,"The Family That Plays Together",""
69,7,5,17 Jun 12,"The Man in the Memoir",""
70,7,6,24 Jun 12,"The Dominican Republic (1)",""
71,7,7,01 Jul 12,"The Dominican Republic (2)",""
72,7,8,08 Jul 12,"Sometimes You Need to Adjust",""
73,7,9,09 Jul 12,"Kim's Man Calls, Kourtney's Man Falls",""
74,7,10,15 Jul 12,"The Royal Treatment",""
75,7,11,22 Jul 12,"Affairs of the Everhart",""
76,7,12,29 Jul 12,"Parent Trapped",""
77,7,13,05 Aug 12,"Mothers & Daughters",""
78,7,14,19 Aug 12,"Tales from the Kardashian Krypt",""
79,7,15,26 Aug 12,"Kardashian Therapy (1)",""
80,7,16,02 Sep 12,"Kardashian Therapy (2)",""
81,7,17,09 Sep 12,"Cuts Both Ways",""
82,7,18,16 Sep 12,"Baby, Baby, Baby",""
83,7,19,28 Oct 12,"Dishing It Out",""
84,8,1,02 Jun 13,"We're Having a Baby!",""
85,8,2,09 Jun 13,"Enough Is Enough",""
86,8,3,16 Jun 13,"Agree to Disagree",""
87,8,4,23 Jun 13,"Papa, Can You Hear Me?",""
88,8,5,30 Jun 13,"I Will Fix You",""
89,8,6,07 Jul 13,"Some Moms Just Wanna Have Fun",""
90,8,7,14 Jul 13,"Home Is Where Your Mom Is",""
91,8,8,21 Jul 13,"Greece Is the Word",""
92,8,9,28 Jul 13,"Greece Him Up",""
93,8,10,04 Aug 13,"Opa!",""
94,8,11,11 Aug 13,"100th Episode: Life's a Beach House",""
95,8,12,18 Aug 13,"Kris's Mother-In-Law",""
96,8,13,25 Aug 13,"The Kardashian Chainsaw Massacre",""
97,8,14,01 Sep 13,"Backdoor Bruiser",""
98,8,15,29 Sep 13,"Baby Shower Blues",""
99,8,16,06 Oct 13,"More to the Story",""
100,8,17,13 Oct 13,"Paparazzi & Papas",""
101,8,18,27 Oct 13,"All Signs Point to North",""
102,8,19,03 Nov 13,"Close Encounters of the Kardashian Kind",""
103,9,1,19 Jan 14,"Loving and Letting Go",""
104,9,2,20 Jan 14,"How to Deal",""
105,9,3,26 Jan 14,"And All That Jazzzzzzz",""
106,9,4,09 Feb 14,"A Surprise Engagement (1)",""
107,9,5,16 Feb 14,"A Surprise Engagement (2)",""
108,9,6,23 Feb 14,"2 Birthdays and a Yard Sale",""
109,9,7,09 Mar 14,"The Courage to Change",""
110,9,8,08 Jun 14,"Let It Go",""
111,9,9,15 Jun 14,"Color Me Lonely",""
112,9,10,22 Jun 14,"Doggy Blu's",""
113,9,11,29 Jun 14,"The Vienna Incidents",""
114,9,12,06 Jul 14,"Playing Dirty",""
115,9,13,13 Jul 14,"Move It or Lose It",""
116,9,14,20 Jul 14,"A Thailand Vacation (1)",""
117,9,15,27 Jul 14,"A Thailand Vacation (2)",""
118,9,16,03 Aug 14,"A Thailand Vacation (3)",""
119,9,17,10 Aug 14,"Design for Disaster",""
120,9,18,17 Aug 14,"Secrets of a Double Life",""
121,9,19,31 Aug 14,"Rocking the Cradle",""
122,9,20,01 Sep 14,"Kim's Journey to the Altar",""
123,10,1,15 Mar 15,"The New Normal",""
124,10,2,22 Mar 15,"Somewhere Over the Cuckoo's Nest",""
125,10,3,29 Mar 15,"The Carfather",""
126,10,4,05 Apr 15,"No Retreat",""
127,10,5,12 Apr 15,"On the Road",""
128,10,6,19 Apr 15,"Don't Panic!",""
129,10,7,26 Apr 15,"Special Delivery",""
130,10,8,03 May 15,"Buggy Boo",""
131,10,9,10 May 15,"Lip Service",""
132,10,10,17 May 15,"About Bruce (1)",""
133,10,11,18 May 15,"About Bruce (2)",""
134,10,12,24 May 15,"Moons Over Montana",""
135,10,13,31 May 15,"In the Blink of an Eye...",""
136,10,14,20 Sep 15,"Mother Armenia",""
137,10,15,27 Sep 15,"It Feels Good to Be Home",""
138,10,16,04 Oct 15,"Vanity Unfair",""
139,10,17,11 Oct 15,"The Last Straw",""
140,11,1,15 Nov 15,"That Was Then This Is Now",""
141,11,2,22 Nov 15,"The Price You Pay",""
142,11,3,29 Nov 15,"Rites of Passage",""
143,11,4,06 Dec 15,"All Grown Up",""
144,11,5,13 Dec 15,"Lions and Tigers and Texts",""
145,11,6,20 Dec 15,"Non-Bon Voyage",""
146,11,7,03 Jan 16,"Return from Paradise",""
147,11,8,10 Jan 16,"The Big Launch",""
148,11,9,17 Jan 16,"Fear of the Unknown",""
149,11,10,24 Jan 16,"Miscommunication",""
150,11,11,31 Jan 16,"The Great Kris",""
151,11,12,14 Feb 16,"Family First",""
152,11,13,21 Feb 16,"Unforeseen Future",""
153,12,1,01 May 16,"Out with the Old, In with the New",""
154,12,2,08 May 16,"A New York Family Affair",""
155,12,3,15 May 16,"Significant Others and Significant Brothers",""
156,12,4,22 May 16,"All About Meme",""
157,12,5,05 Jun 16,"Fake It 'Til You Make It",""
158,12,6,12 Jun 16,"The Kardashian Curse",""
159,12,7,19 Jun 16,"Snow You Didn't! (1)",""
160,12,8,26 Jun 16,"Snow You Didn't! (2)",""
161,12,9,03 Jul 16,"Oh Baby!",""
162,12,10,10 Jul 16,"Iced Out",""
163,12,11,17 Jul 16,"Got MILF?",""
164,12,12,31 Jul 16,"Havana Good Day",""
165,12,13,07 Aug 16,"Havana Good Night",""
166,12,14,21 Aug 16,"The Digital Rage",""
167,12,15,28 Aug 16,"Blood, Sweat, and Fears",""
168,12,16,04 Sep 16,"Love at First Fight",""
169,12,17,23 Oct 16,"Khloé's New Breast Friends",""
170,12,18,30 Oct 16,"Lord Disick Returns",""
171,12,19,06 Nov 16,"Lord of the Cougars",""
172,12,20,13 Nov 16,"Controversies & Legacies",""
173,12,21,20 Nov 16,"No Good Deeds",""
174,13,1,12 Mar 17,"Time to Dash",""
175,13,2,19 Mar 17,"Paris",""
176,13,3,26 Mar 17,"The Aftermath",""
177,13,4,02 Apr 17,"Kim's Last Ditch Effort",""
178,13,5,09 Apr 17,"When It Rains, It Pours",""
179,13,6,16 Apr 17,"When It Rains, It Pours Pt. 2",""
180,13,7,23 Apr 17,"The Ex Files",""
181,13,8,30 Apr 17,"Guilt Trip",""
182,13,9,07 May 17,"Family Trippin Pt. 1",""
183,13,10,14 May 17,"Family Trippin Pt. 2",""
184,13,11,21 May 17,"Classic Cars and Vintage Eggs",""
185,13,12,28 May 17,"Decisions, Decisions",""
186,13,13,04 Jun 17,"Loyalties and Royalties",""
187,13,14,11 Jun 17,"Sister Surrogacy",""
188,14,1,01 Oct 17,"The Cleveland Show",""
189,14,2,08 Oct 17,"MILFs Gone Wild",""
190,14,3,15 Oct 17,"Cheers to That",""
191,14,4,22 Oct 17,"Clothes Quarters",""
192,14,5,29 Oct 17,"Catch Me If You Cannes",""
193,14,6,05 Nov 17,"Fan Friction",""
194,14,7,12 Nov 17,"Beauty Queen.",""
195,14,8,19 Nov 17,"Close to Home",""
196,14,9,03 Dec 17,"Dog Tired",""
197,14,10,10 Dec 17,"Baby One More Time",""
198,14,11,17 Dec 17,"Press Pass",""
199,14,12,07 Jan 18,"My Mother's Keeper",""
200,14,13,14 Jan 18,"Mime Over Matter",""
201,14,14,15 Jan 18,"Bun in the Oven",""
202,14,15,21 Jan 18,"Diamonds Are Forever",""
203,14,16,11 Feb 18,"Tangled Web",""
204,14,17,18 Feb 18,"Kris Jenner's Legacy",""
205,14,18,25 Feb 18,"Trimester Trouble",""
206,14,19,04 Mar 18,"The Gender Reveal",""
207,15,1,05 Aug 18,"Photo Shoot Dispute",""
208,15,2,12 Aug 18,"The Art of the Prank",""
209,15,3,19 Aug 18,"Drop Dead Gorgeous",""
210,15,4,26 Aug 18,"The Nightmare Before Christmas",""
211,15,5,09 Sep 18,"The Family Feud",""
212,15,6,16 Sep 18,"We Love Chicago",""
213,15,7,23 Sep 18,"The Perfect Stormi",""
214,15,8,30 Sep 18,"An American Model in Paris",""
215,15,9,07 Oct 18,"The Kardashians take Japan",""
216,15,10,14 Oct 18,"Let's Play Ball!",""
217,15,11,28 Oct 18,"The Lord & His Lady",""
218,15,12,04 Nov 18,"The Betrayal",""
219,15,13,18 Nov 18,"Episode #1513",""
220,15,14,25 Nov 18,"Episode #1514",""
221,15,15,02 Dec 18,"Episode #1515",""
S02,2,0,25 May 08,"Junk in the Trunk",""
S06,6,0,09 Oct 11,"Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event (1)",""
S06,6,0,10 Oct 11,"Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event (2)",""
S06,6,0,19 Dec 11,"Kendall's Sweet 16",""
S04,4,0,08 Nov 09,"The Wedding",""
S05,5,0,20 Dec 10,"Junk in the Trunk 2",""
S08,8,0,01 Dec 13,"Keeping Up with the Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas",""
S10,10,0,01 Nov 15,"Keeping Up: Kardashian Rewind (30 min)",""
S11,11,0,01 Dec 15,"Keeping Up: Kardashian Family Rules (30 min)",""
S11,11,0,08 Dec 15,"Keeping Up: Kardashians on Vacation (30 min)",""
S13,13,0,24 Sep 17,"10 Year Anniversary Special (90 min)",""
S14,14,0,26 Nov 17,"A Very Kardashian Holiday",""