number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,02 Sep 08,"We're Not in Kansas Anymore",""
2,1,2,02 Sep 08,"The Jet Set",""
3,1,3,09 Sep 08,"Lucky Strike",""
4,1,4,16 Sep 08,"The Bubble",""
5,1,5,23 Sep 08,"Wide Awake and Dreaming",""
6,1,6,30 Sep 08,"Model Behavior",""
7,1,7,07 Oct 08,"Hollywood Forever",""
8,1,8,28 Oct 08,"There's No Place Like Homecoming",""
9,1,9,04 Nov 08,"Secrets and Lies",""
10,1,10,11 Nov 08,"Games People Play",""
11,1,11,18 Nov 08,"That Which We Destroy",""
12,1,12,06 Jan 09,"Hello, Goodbye, Amen",""
13,1,13,13 Jan 09,"Love Me or Leave Me",""
14,1,14,20 Jan 09,"By Accident",""
15,1,15,03 Feb 09,"Help Me, Rhonda",""
16,1,16,10 Feb 09,"Of Heartbreaks and Hotels",""
17,1,17,31 Mar 09,"Life's a Drag",""
18,1,18,07 Apr 09,"Off the Rails",""
19,1,19,14 Apr 09,"Okaeri, Donna!",""
20,1,20,21 Apr 09,"Between a Sign and a Hard Place",""
21,1,21,28 Apr 09,"The Dionysian Debacle",""
22,1,22,05 May 09,"The Party's Over",""
23,1,23,12 May 09,"Zero Tolerance",""
24,1,24,19 May 09,"One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer",""
25,2,1,08 Sep 09,"To New Beginnings!",""
26,2,2,15 Sep 09,"To Sext or Not to Sext",""
27,2,3,22 Sep 09,"Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat",""
28,2,4,29 Sep 09,"The Porn King",""
29,2,5,06 Oct 09,"Environmental Hazards",""
30,2,6,13 Oct 09,"Wild Alaskan Salmon",""
31,2,7,20 Oct 09,"Unmasked",""
32,2,8,03 Nov 09,"Women's Intuition",""
33,2,9,10 Nov 09,"A Trip to the Moon",""
34,2,10,17 Nov 09,"To Thine Own Self Be True",""
35,2,11,01 Dec 09,"And Away They Go!",""
36,2,12,08 Dec 09,"Winter Wonderland",""
37,2,13,09 Mar 10,"Rats and Heroes",""
38,2,14,16 Mar 10,"Girl Fight",""
39,2,15,23 Mar 10,"What's Past is Prologue",""
40,2,16,30 Mar 10,"Clark Raving Mad",""
41,2,17,06 Apr 10,"Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees",""
42,2,18,13 Apr 10,"Another Another Chance",""
43,2,19,27 Apr 10,"Multiple Choices",""
44,2,20,04 May 10,"Meet the Parent",""
45,2,21,11 May 10,"Javianna",""
46,2,22,18 May 10,"Confessions",""
47,3,1,13 Sep 10,"Senior Year, Baby",""
48,3,2,20 Sep 10,"Age of Inheritance",""
49,3,3,27 Sep 10,"2021 Vision",""
50,3,4,04 Oct 10,"The Bachelors",""
51,3,5,11 Oct 10,"Catch Me If You Cannon",""
52,3,6,25 Oct 10,"How Much is That Liam in the Window",""
53,3,7,01 Nov 10,"I See London, I See France...",""
54,3,8,08 Nov 10,"Mother Dearest",""
55,3,9,15 Nov 10,"They're Playing Her Song",""
56,3,10,29 Nov 10,"Best Lei'd Plans",""
57,3,11,06 Dec 10,"Holiday Madness",""
58,3,12,24 Jan 11,"Liars",""
59,3,13,31 Jan 11,"It's Getting Hot in Here",""
60,3,14,07 Feb 11,"All About a Boy",""
61,3,15,14 Feb 11,"Revenge with the Nerd",""
62,3,16,21 Feb 11,"It's High Time",""
63,3,17,28 Feb 11,"Blue Naomi",""
64,3,18,18 Apr 11,"The Enchanted Donkey",""
65,3,19,25 Apr 11,"Nerdy Little Secrets",""
66,3,20,02 May 11,"Women on the Verge",""
67,3,21,09 May 11,"The Prom Before the Storm",""
68,3,22,16 May 11,"To the Future!",""
69,4,1,13 Sep 11,"Up in Smoke",""
70,4,2,20 Sep 11,"Rush Hour",""
71,4,3,27 Sep 11,"Greek Tragedy",""
72,4,4,04 Oct 11,"Let the Games Begin",""
73,4,5,11 Oct 11,"Party Politics",""
74,4,6,18 Oct 11,"Benefit of the Doubt",""
75,4,7,01 Nov 11,"It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark",""
76,4,8,08 Nov 11,"Vegas, Maybe?",""
77,4,9,15 Nov 11,"A Thousand Words",""
78,4,10,22 Nov 11,"Smoked Turkey",""
79,4,11,29 Nov 11,"Project Runaway",""
80,4,12,06 Dec 11,"O Holly Night",""
81,4,13,17 Jan 12,"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?",""
82,4,14,24 Jan 12,"Mama Can You Hear Me?",""
83,4,15,31 Jan 12,"Trust, Truth and Traffic",""
84,4,16,07 Feb 12,"No Good Deed",""
85,4,17,06 Mar 12,"Babes in Toyland",""
86,4,18,13 Mar 12,"Blood is Thicker Than Mud",""
87,4,19,20 Mar 12,"The Heart Will Go On",""
88,4,20,27 Mar 12,"Blue Ivy",""
89,4,21,24 Apr 12,"Bride and Prejudice",""
90,4,22,01 May 12,"'Tis Pity",""
91,4,23,08 May 12,"A Tale of Two Parties",""
92,4,24,15 May 12,"Forever Hold Your Peace",""
93,5,1,08 Oct 12,"Til Death Do Us Part",""
94,5,2,15 Oct 12,"The Sea Change",""
95,5,3,22 Oct 12,"It's All Fun and Games",""
96,5,4,05 Nov 12,"Into the Wild",""
97,5,5,12 Nov 12,"Hate 2 Love",""
98,5,6,19 Nov 12,"The Con",""
99,5,7,26 Nov 12,"99 Problems",""
100,5,8,03 Dec 12,"902-100",""
101,5,9,10 Dec 12,"The Things We Do for Love",""
102,5,10,21 Jan 13,"Misery Loves Company",""
103,5,11,28 Jan 13,"We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore",""
104,5,12,04 Feb 13,"Here Comes Honey Bye Bye",""
105,5,13,11 Feb 13,"#realness",""
106,5,14,18 Feb 13,"Brother from Another Mother",""
107,5,15,25 Feb 13,"Strange Brew",""
108,5,16,04 Mar 13,"Life's a Beach",""
109,5,17,11 Mar 13,"Dude, Where's My Husband?",""
110,5,18,15 Apr 13,"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl",""
111,5,19,22 Apr 13,"The Empire State Strikes Back",""
112,5,20,29 Apr 13,"You Can't Win 'Em All",""
113,5,21,06 May 13,"Scandal Royale",""
114,5,22,13 May 13,"We All Fall Down",""