number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,11 Sep 67,"with Jim Nabors",""
2,1,2,18 Sep 67,"with Sid Caesar, Liza Minnelli",""
3,1,3,25 Sep 67,"with Jonathan Winters, Eddie Albert",""
4,1,4,02 Oct 67,"with Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Gloria Loring",""
5,1,5,09 Oct 67,"with Imogene Coca, Lainie Kazan",""
6,1,6,16 Oct 67,"with Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon, Bobbie Gentry",""
7,1,7,23 Oct 67,"with Smothers Brothers, Diahann Carroll, Richard Kiley",""
8,1,8,06 Nov 67,"with Nanette Fabray, Sonny & Cher",""
9,1,9,13 Nov 67,"with Richard Chamberlin, Gloria Loring",""
10,1,10,20 Nov 67,"with Juliet Prowse, Martha Raye",""
11,1,11,27 Nov 67,"with Don Adams, Lesley-Anne Warren",""
12,1,12,04 Dec 67,"with Jonathan Winters, Barbara Eden, Lenard Nimoy",""
13,1,13,11 Dec 67,"with Mickey Rooney, John Davidson",""
14,1,14,25 Dec 67,"with Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald",""
15,1,15,01 Jan 68,"with Lynn Redgrave, Mike Douglas",""
16,1,16,08 Jan 68,"with Lana Turner, Frank Gorshin",""
17,1,17,15 Jan 68,"with Trini Lopez, Ken Berry",""
18,1,18,22 Jan 68,"with George Chakiris, Shirley Jones",""
19,1,19,29 Jan 68,"with Jonathan Winters, Dionne Warwick",""
20,1,20,05 Feb 68,"with Jack Palance, Liza Minnelli",""
21,1,21,12 Feb 68,"with Betty Grable, Martha Raye",""
22,1,22,19 Feb 68,"with Nanette Fabray, Art Carney",""
23,1,23,26 Feb 68,"with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby, John Gary",""
24,1,24,04 Mar 68,"with Imogene Coca, Mel Torme",""
25,1,25,18 Mar 68,"with Tim Conway, Jack Jones",""
26,1,26,25 Mar 68,"with Soupy Sales, Gloria Loring",""
27,1,27,15 Apr 68,"with Peter Lawford, Minnie Pearl",""
28,1,28,29 Apr 68,"with Tim Conway, Shani Wallis",""
29,1,29,06 May 68,"with Sid Caesar, Barbara McNair",""
30,1,30,13 May 68,"Family Show",""
31,2,1,23 Sep 68,"with Jim Nabors",""
32,2,2,30 Sep 68,"with Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Carol Channing",""
33,2,3,07 Oct 68,"with Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez",""
34,2,4,14 Oct 68,"with George Gobel, Bobbie Gentry",""
35,2,5,21 Oct 68,"with Edie Adams, Tim Conway",""
36,2,6,04 Nov 68,"with Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson",""
37,2,7,11 Nov 68,"with Nanette Fabray, Mel Torme, Don Rickles",""
38,2,8,18 Nov 68,"with Sid Caesar, Ella Fitzgerald",""
39,2,9,25 Nov 68,"with Garry Moore, Durwald Kirby",""
40,2,10,02 Dec 68,"with Michele Lee, Flip Wilson, Vivian Blondell",""
41,2,11,09 Dec 68,"with Imogene Coca, Vic Damone",""
42,2,12,16 Dec 68,"with Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne",""
43,2,13,30 Dec 68,"with Mickey Rooney, Nancy Wilson, Emmaline Henry, Roland Winters",""
44,2,14,06 Jan 69,"with Tim Conway",""
45,2,15,20 Jan 69,"with Tim Conway, Perry Como, Sidney Omarr",""
46,2,16,27 Jan 69,"with Martha Raye, Mel Torme",""
47,2,17,03 Feb 69,"with Vinnie Edwards, Chita Rivera",""
48,2,18,17 Feb 69,"with Ken Berry, Shirley Jones",""
49,2,19,24 Feb 69,"with Soupy Sales, Barbara McNair",""
50,2,20,03 Mar 69,"with Ethel Merman, Tim Conway",""
51,2,21,10 Mar 69,"with Ross Martin, John Davidson",""
52,2,22,17 Mar 69,"with Martha Raye, Mike Douglas",""
53,2,23,24 Mar 69,"with Barrie Chase, Larry Hovis",""
54,2,24,31 Mar 69,"with Ronnie Schell, Vikki Carr",""
55,2,25,07 Apr 69,"with Imogene Coca, Robert Goulet",""
56,2,26,28 Apr 69,"with Yolanda Merido, Sergio Bustamante",""
57,2,27,09 Jun 69,"with Edie Adams, Tim Conway, Jimmie Rodgers",""
58,3,1,22 Sep 69,"with Jim Nabors",""
59,3,2,29 Sep 69,"with Nancy Wilson, Bernadette Peters",""
60,3,3,06 Oct 69,"with Steve Lawrence, Edward Villella",""
61,3,4,13 Oct 69,"with Scoey Mitchell, Bobbie Gentry",""
62,3,5,20 Oct 69,"with Ken Berry, Tim Conway, Kay Medford",""
63,3,6,03 Nov 69,"with Gwen Verdon, Pat Boone",""
64,3,7,10 Nov 69,"with Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin",""
65,3,8,17 Nov 69,"with Andy Griffith, Merv Griffin",""
66,3,9,24 Nov 69,"with Lucille Ball, George Carlin",""
67,3,10,08 Dec 69,"with Martha Raye and Tim Conway",""
68,3,11,15 Dec 69,"with Garry Moore, Durward Kirby",""
69,3,12,29 Dec 69,"wjth Donald O'Connor, Nancy Wilson",""
70,3,13,05 Jan 70,"with Kaye Stevens, Audrey Meadows",""
71,3,14,12 Jan 70,"with Nanette Fabray, Nancy Wilson",""
72,3,15,19 Jan 70,"with Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr",""
73,3,16,26 Jan 70,"with Soupy Sales, Mel Torme, Ronald Reagan",""
74,3,17,02 Feb 70,"with Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers",""
75,3,18,09 Feb 70,"with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Kay Medford",""
76,3,19,16 Feb 70,"Family Show",""
77,3,20,23 Feb 70,"with Pat Carroll, Jack Jones",""
78,3,21,02 Mar 70,"with Tim Conway, Jane Connell",""
79,3,22,09 Mar 70,"with Nanette Fabray, Trini Lopez",""
80,3,23,16 Mar 70,"with Ronnie Schell, Nancy Wilson",""
81,3,24,23 Mar 70,"with Martha Raye, Mel Torme",""
82,3,25,30 Mar 70,"with Tim Conway, Peggy Lee",""
83,3,26,13 Apr 70,"with Nanette Fabray, Michele Lee",""
84,3,27,27 Apr 70,"Family Show",""
85,4,1,14 Sep 70,"with Jim Nabors",""
86,4,2,21 Sep 70,"with Cass Elliott, Pat Paulsen",""
87,4,3,28 Sep 70,"with Nanette Fabray, Steve Lawrence",""
88,4,4,05 Oct 70,"with Eydie Gorme, Joan Rivers",""
89,4,5,12 Oct 70,"with Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry",""
90,4,6,19 Oct 70,"with Lucille Ball, Mel Torme",""
91,4,7,26 Oct 70,"with Donald O'Connor, Bernadette Peters",""
92,4,8,02 Nov 70,"with Ricardo Montlban, Cass Elliott",""
93,4,9,09 Nov 70,"with Juliet Prowse",""
94,4,10,16 Nov 70,"with Martha Raye, Ross Martin",""
95,4,11,23 Nov 70,"with Dyan Cannon, Paul Lynde",""
96,4,12,30 Nov 70,"with Debbie Reynolds",""
97,4,13,07 Dec 70,"with Mel Torme, Don Rickles",""
98,4,14,14 Dec 70,"with Steve Lawrence, Julie Budd, Durward Kirby",""
99,4,15,28 Dec 70,"with Pat Carroll, Robert Goulet, Rich Little",""
100,4,16,04 Jan 71,"with Art Carney, Pat Carroll",""
101,4,17,11 Jan 71,"with Jerry Lewis, Lesley Uggams",""
102,4,18,18 Jan 71,"with Michele Lee, Mel Torme",""
103,4,19,25 Jan 71,"with Martha Raye, Edward Villella, Violette Verdy",""
104,4,20,01 Feb 71,"with Rita Hayworth, Jim Bailey",""
105,4,21,15 Feb 71,"with Ken Berry, Totie Fields",""
106,4,22,22 Feb 71,"with Chita Rivera, Bob Newhart",""
107,4,23,01 Mar 71,"with Pat Carroll, Karen Wyman, Tim Conway",""
108,4,24,08 Mar 71,"with Mike Douglas, Bernadette Peters",""
109,4,25,22 Mar 71,"with David Frost, Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne",""
110,4,26,25 Mar 71,"with Paul Lynde, Nanette Fabray",""
111,5,1,15 Sep 71,"with Jim Nabors",""
112,5,2,22 Sep 71,"with Tim Conway, The Carpenters",""
113,5,3,06 Oct 71,"with Steve Lawrence, Carol Channing",""
114,5,4,13 Oct 71,"with Ken Berry, Cass Elliott",""
115,5,5,20 Oct 71,"with Peggy Lee, Dom DeLuise",""
116,5,6,27 Oct 71,"with Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll",""
117,5,7,03 Nov 71,"with Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde",""
118,5,8,10 Nov 71,"with Cass Elliott, Bernadette Peters",""
119,5,9,17 Nov 71,"with Nanette Fabray, Mel Torme",""
120,5,10,24 Nov 71,"with Eydie Gorme, Shecky Green",""
121,5,11,01 Dec 71,"with Tim Conway, Cass Elliott",""
122,5,12,08 Dec 71,"with Andy Griffith, Barbara McNair",""
123,5,13,15 Dec 71,"with Ken Berry, Dionne Warwick",""
124,5,14,29 Dec 71,"with Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin",""
125,5,15,19 Jan 72,"with Paul Lynde, Peggy Lee",""
126,5,16,19 Jan 72,"with Ken Berry, Nanette Fabray, The Carpenters",""
127,5,17,26 Jan 72,"with Tim Conway, Ray Charles",""
128,5,18,09 Feb 72,"with Eydie Gorme, Vincent Price",""
129,5,19,16 Feb 72,"with Steve Lawrence, Kaye Ballard",""
130,5,20,23 Feb 72,"with Burt Reynolds, Nanette Fabray",""
131,5,21,01 Mar 72,"with Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme",""
132,5,22,08 Mar 72,"with Jack Klugman, Tony Randall",""
133,5,23,22 Mar 72,"with Paul Lynde, Karen Black",""
134,5,24,29 Mar 72,"Family Show",""
135,6,1,15 Sep 72,"with Jim Nabors",""
136,6,2,20 Sep 72,"with Carol Channing, Marty Feldman",""
137,6,3,27 Sep 72,"with Andy Griffith, Helen Reddy",""
138,6,4,04 Oct 72,"with Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand",""
139,6,5,11 Oct 72,"with Eydie Gorme, Jack Gilford",""
140,6,6,18 Oct 72,"with Joel Grey, Cass Elliott",""
141,6,7,25 Oct 72,"with Tim Conway, Pearl Bailey",""
142,6,8,01 Nov 72,"with Peggy Lee, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara",""
143,6,9,08 Nov 72,"with Steve Lawrence, Lily Tomlin",""
144,6,10,15 Nov 72,"with Ruth Buzzi, John Davidson",""
145,6,11,22 Nov 72,"with Ray Charles, Vincent Price",""
146,6,12,29 Nov 72,"with Carl Reiner, Melba Moore",""
147,6,13,16 Dec 72,"with Anthony Newley, Bernadette Peters",""
148,6,14,23 Dec 72,"with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway",""
149,6,15,06 Jan 73,"with Jack Cassidy, Tim Conway",""
150,6,16,20 Jan 73,"with Ruth Buzzi, Jack Gilford",""
151,6,17,27 Jan 73,"with Tim Conway, Kaye Ballard",""
152,6,18,03 Feb 73,"Family Show",""
153,6,19,10 Feb 73,"with Petula Clark, Jack Byner",""
154,6,20,17 Feb 73,"with Tim Conway, Valerie Harper",""
155,6,21,24 Feb 73,"with Eydie Gorme, Ken Berry",""
156,6,22,10 Mar 73,"with David Hartman, Paula Kelly",""
157,6,23,17 Mar 73,"with Peggy Lee, William Conrad",""
158,6,24,24 Mar 73,"Family Show",""
159,7,1,15 Sep 73,"with Jim Nabors",""
160,7,2,22 Sep 73,"with Tim Conway, Charo, Petula Clark",""
161,7,3,29 Sep 73,"with Gloria Swanson",""
162,7,4,06 Oct 73,"with Helen Reddy, John Byner",""
163,7,5,13 Oct 73,"with Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand",""
164,7,6,20 Oct 73,"with Ken Berry, Jack Weston, Tim Conway",""
165,7,7,27 Oct 73,"with John Byner",""
166,7,8,03 Nov 73,"with Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand",""
167,7,9,10 Nov 73,"with Petula Clark, Tim Conway",""
168,7,10,17 Nov 73,"with Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence",""
169,7,11,01 Dec 73,"Family Show",""
170,7,12,08 Dec 73,"The Australia Show",""
171,7,13,15 Dec 73,"with Ruth Buzzi, Richard Crenna",""
172,7,14,22 Dec 73,"with Anthony Newley, Dick Martin",""
173,7,15,05 Jan 74,"with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway",""
174,7,16,12 Jan 74,"with Eydie Gorme, Paul Sand",""
175,7,17,19 Jan 74,"with Carl Reiner",""
176,7,18,02 Feb 74,"with Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence",""
177,7,19,09 Feb 74,"with Vincent Price, Joel Grey",""
178,7,20,16 Feb 74,"with Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters",""
179,7,21,23 Feb 74,"with Eydie Gorme, Tim Conway",""
180,7,22,09 Mar 74,"with Steve Lawrence",""
181,7,23,16 Mar 74,"with Roddy McDowall, Jackson Five",""
182,7,24,23 Mar 74,"with John Byner, Francine Beers",""
183,7,25,06 Apr 74,"Family Show",""
184,8,1,14 Sep 74,"with Jim Nabors",""
185,8,2,21 Sep 74,"with Steve Lawrence",""
186,8,3,28 Sep 74,"with James Coco",""
187,8,4,05 Oct 74,"with Jack Weston and Michele Lee",""
188,8,5,12 Oct 74,"with Telly Savalas and The Smothers Brothers",""
189,8,6,26 Oct 74,"with Eydie Gorme and Rich Little",""
190,8,7,02 Nov 74,"with Alan King and Lena Zavaroni",""
191,8,8,09 Nov 74,"with John Byner and Ken Mars",""
192,8,9,16 Nov 74,"with John Byner and Helen Reddy",""
193,8,10,23 Nov 74,"with Maggie Smith and Tim Conway",""
194,8,11,07 Dec 74,"with Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, and Steven Warner",""
195,8,12,14 Dec 74,"with Carl Reiner and Ken Berry",""
196,8,13,21 Dec 74,"with Alan Alda",""
197,8,14,04 Jan 75,"with Vincent Price and Joan Rivers",""
198,8,15,11 Jan 75,"with Tim Conway",""
199,8,16,25 Jan 75,"with William Conrad and The Jackson Five",""
200,8,17,08 Feb 75,"with Tim Conway and The Pointer Sisters",""
201,8,18,15 Feb 75,"with Rock Hudson and Nancy Walker",""
202,8,19,22 Feb 75,"with Tim Conway and Dick Patterson",""
203,8,20,08 Mar 75,"with Wayne Rogers and Buddy Ebson",""
204,8,21,15 Mar 75,"with Roddy McDowall and Bernadette Peters",""
205,8,22,22 Mar 75,"with Steve Lawrence and Sally Struthers",""
206,8,23,29 Mar 75,"with Jean Stapleton and Phil Silvers",""
207,8,24,05 Apr 75,"Family Show",""
208,9,1,13 Sep 75,"with Jim Nabors",""
209,9,2,20 Sep 75,"with Sammy Davis, Jr.",""
210,9,3,27 Sep 75,"with Cher",""
211,9,4,04 Oct 75,"with Shirley MacLaine",""
212,9,5,11 Oct 75,"with Bernadette Peters",""
213,9,6,18 Oct 75,"with Maggie Smith",""
214,9,7,25 Oct 75,"with The Pointer Sisters",""
215,9,8,01 Nov 75,"with Roddy McDowall",""
216,9,9,08 Nov 75,"Episode 9",""
217,9,10,15 Nov 75,"with Maggie Smith",""
218,9,11,22 Nov 75,"with Betty White",""
219,9,12,29 Nov 75,"with The Pointer Sisters",""
220,9,13,06 Dec 75,"with Eydie Gorme",""
221,9,14,13 Dec 75,"with Jessica Walters",""
222,9,15,20 Nov 75,"with Steve Lawrence",""
223,9,16,03 Jan 76,"with Rita Moreno",""
224,9,17,10 Jan 76,"with Steve Lawrence",""
225,9,18,24 Jan 76,"with Emmett Kelly and The Jackson Five",""
226,9,19,31 Jan 76,"with The Pointer Sisters",""
227,9,20,07 Feb 76,"Family Show",""
228,9,21,14 Feb 76,"with Joanne Woodward",""
229,9,22,21 Feb 76,"with Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall",""
230,9,23,06 Mar 76,"with Jack Klugman",""
231,9,24,13 Mar 76,"Family Show",""
232,10,1,25 Sep 76,"with Jim Nabors",""
233,10,2,02 Oct 76,"with Sammy Davis, Jr.",""
234,10,3,09 Oct 76,"Family Show",""
235,10,4,16 Oct 76,"with Madeline Kahn",""
236,10,5,23 Oct 76,"with Steve Lawrence",""
237,10,6,30 Oct 76,"with Roddy McDowall",""
238,10,7,06 Nov 76,"with Kay Cole",""
239,10,8,13 Nov 76,"with Dinah Shore",""
240,10,9,20 Nov 76,"with Ken Berry",""
241,10,10,27 Nov 76,"with The Pointer Sisters",""
242,10,11,04 Dec 76,"with Alan King",""
243,10,12,11 Dec 76,"with Betty White",""
244,10,13,18 Dec 76,"with Dick Van Dyke",""
245,10,14,25 Dec 76,"Family Show",""
246,10,15,15 Jan 77,"with Glen Campbell",""
247,10,16,22 Jan 77,"Family Show",""
248,10,17,29 Jan 77,"with Rock Hudson and Steve Lawrence",""
249,10,18,05 Feb 77,"with Helen Reddy",""
250,10,19,12 Feb 77,"with Eydie Gorme",""
251,10,20,26 Feb 77,"with Ben Vereen",""
252,10,21,05 Mar 77,"with Hal Linden",""
253,10,22,19 Mar 77,"with Neil Sedaka",""
254,10,23,26 Mar 77,"with Ken Berry",""
255,10,24,02 Apr 77,"Tenth Anniversary Show",""
256,11,1,24 Sep 77,"with Jim Nabors",""
257,11,2,01 Oct 77,"with Steve Lawrence",""
258,11,3,08 Oct 77,"Family Show",""
259,11,4,15 Oct 77,"with Nancy Dussault",""
260,11,5,22 Oct 77,"Family Show",""
261,11,6,29 Oct 77,"with Ken Berry",""
262,11,7,05 Nov 77,"Family Show",""
263,11,8,12 Nov 77,"Family Show",""
264,11,9,19 Nov 77,"with Ben Vereen",""
265,11,10,26 Nov 77,"Family Show",""
266,11,11,03 Dec 77,"with Bernadette Peters",""
267,11,12,11 Dec 77,"with Rock Hudson",""
268,11,13,18 Dec 77,"with Helen Reddy and Ken Berry",""
269,11,14,01 Jan 78,"with Steve Lawrence",""
270,11,15,08 Jan 78,"with Ken Berry and Roddy McDowall",""
271,11,16,22 Jan 78,"with Eydie Gorme",""
272,11,17,29 Jan 78,"with Steve Lawrence and Captain and Tennille",""
273,11,18,05 Feb 78,"with Natalie Cole and Ken Berry",""
274,11,19,19 Feb 78,"with Ken Berry",""
275,11,20,26 Feb 78,"with Steve Lawrence",""
276,11,21,05 Mar 78,"with Betty White and Steve Martin",""
277,11,22,12 Mar 78,"with James Garner, George Carlin and Ken Berry",""
278,11,23,19 Mar 78,"with Steve Lawrence and Bernadette Peters",""
279,11,24,29 Mar 78,"A Special Evening with Carol Burnett",""
S11,11,0,03 Dec 17,"The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special (120 min)",""