number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Oct 59,"Malihini Holiday (Pilot)",""
2,1,2,14 Oct 59,"Waikiki Widow",""
3,1,3,21 Oct 59,"Second Day of Infamy",""
4,1,4,28 Oct 59,"All Expenses Paid",""
5,1,5,04 Nov 59,"Dangerous Eden",""
6,1,6,11 Nov 59,"Cloud Over Koala",""
7,1,7,18 Nov 59,"Beach Boy",""
8,1,8,25 Nov 59,"Three Tickets to Lani",""
9,1,9,02 Dec 59,"The Quick Return",""
10,1,10,09 Dec 59,"Secret of the Second Door",""
11,1,11,16 Dec 59,"Shipment from Kihei",""
12,1,12,23 Dec 59,"A Dime a Dozen",""
13,1,13,30 Dec 59,"The Koa Man",""
14,1,14,06 Jan 60,"Stamped for Danger",""
15,1,15,13 Jan 60,"The Kamehameha Cloak",""
16,1,16,20 Jan 60,"The Kikiki Kid",""
17,1,17,27 Jan 60,"Then There Were Three",""
18,1,18,03 Feb 60,"Sword of the Samurai",""
19,1,19,10 Feb 60,"Hong Kong Passage",""
20,1,20,17 Feb 60,"Cut of Ice",""
21,1,21,24 Feb 60,"Fatal Cruise",""
22,1,22,02 Mar 60,"Danger on Credit",""
23,1,23,09 Mar 60,"Bequest of Arthur Goodwin",""
24,1,24,16 Mar 60,"Birthday Boy",""
25,1,25,23 Mar 60,"Second Fiddle",""
26,1,26,30 Mar 60,"Kim Quixote",""
27,1,27,06 Apr 60,"The Lady's Not for Traveling",""
28,1,28,13 Apr 60,"Murder, Anyone",""
29,1,29,27 Apr 60,"Typhoon",""
30,1,30,04 May 60,"Shadow of the Blade",""
31,1,31,11 May 60,"Dead Ringer",""
32,1,32,18 May 60,"Little Blalah",""
33,1,33,25 May 60,"Assignment: Manila",""
34,2,1,14 Sep 60,"I Wed Three Wives",""
35,2,2,21 Sep 60,"Princess from Manhattan",""
36,2,3,28 Sep 60,"With This Ring",""
37,2,4,05 Oct 60,"Sea Fire",""
38,2,5,12 Oct 60,"Jade Song",""
39,2,6,19 Oct 60,"The Blue Goddess",""
40,2,7,26 Oct 60,"White Pigeon Ticket",""
41,2,8,02 Nov 60,"Vanessa Vanishes",""
42,2,9,09 Nov 60,"The Kahuna Curtain",""
43,2,10,16 Nov 60,"Girl on a String",""
44,2,11,23 Nov 60,"Kakua Woman",""
45,2,12,30 Nov 60,"The Contenders",""
46,2,13,07 Dec 60,"Swan Song for a Hero",""
47,2,14,14 Dec 60,"The Money Blossom",""
48,2,15,21 Dec 60,"Services Rendered",""
49,2,16,28 Dec 60,"Baker's Half Dozen",""
50,2,17,04 Jan 61,"Made in Japan",""
51,2,18,11 Jan 61,"A Touch of Velvet",""
52,2,19,18 Jan 61,"Talk and You're Dead",""
53,2,20,25 Jan 61,"Robinson Koyoto",""
54,2,21,01 Feb 61,"The Manabi Figurine",""
55,2,22,08 Feb 61,"Caves of Pele",""
56,2,23,15 Feb 61,"Man in a Rage",""
57,2,24,22 Feb 61,"The Stanhope Brand",""
58,2,25,01 Mar 61,"The Trouble with Murder",""
59,2,26,08 Mar 61,"The Man from Manila",""
60,2,27,15 Mar 61,"Her Father's House",""
61,2,28,22 Mar 61,"The Humukumunukunukuapuaa Kid",""
62,2,29,29 Mar 61,"Don't Kiss Me Goodbye",""
63,2,30,05 Apr 61,"Dragon Road",""
64,2,31,12 Apr 61,"It Ain't Cricket",""
65,2,32,19 Apr 61,"The Comics",""
66,2,33,26 Apr 61,"Father, Dear Father",""
67,2,34,03 May 61,"The Manchu Formula",""
68,2,35,10 May 61,"The Pretty People",""
69,2,36,17 May 61,"The Big Dealer",""
70,2,37,24 May 61,"Maid in America",""
71,2,38,31 May 61,"A Taste for Money",""
72,3,1,27 Sep 61,"Satan City",""
73,3,2,04 Oct 61,"The Kupua of Coconut Bay",""
74,3,3,11 Oct 61,"The Moon of Mindanao",""
75,3,4,18 Oct 61,"The Doctor's Lady",""
76,3,5,25 Oct 61,"Thomas Jefferson Chu",""
77,3,6,01 Nov 61,"Pill in the Box",""
78,3,7,08 Nov 61,"Kill a Grey Fox",""
79,3,8,15 Nov 61,"Point Zero",""
80,3,9,22 Nov 61,"The Queen from Kern County",""
81,3,10,29 Nov 61,"The Final Score",""
82,3,11,06 Dec 61,"Two for the Money",""
83,3,12,13 Dec 61,"Tusitala",""
84,3,13,20 Dec 61,"The Classic Cab",""
85,3,14,27 Dec 61,"Concert in Hawaii",""
86,3,15,03 Jan 62,"The Missile Rogues",""
87,3,16,10 Jan 62,"Little Miss Rich Witch",""
88,3,17,17 Jan 62,"Big Fever",""
89,3,18,24 Jan 62,"Year of Grace",""
90,3,19,31 Jan 62,"My Love But Lightly",""
91,3,20,07 Feb 62,"Cricket's Millionaire",""
92,3,21,14 Feb 62,"Four-Cornered Triangle",""
93,3,22,21 Feb 62,"Total Eclipse",""
94,3,23,28 Feb 62,"Blackmail in Satin",""
95,3,24,07 Mar 62,"A Scent of Whales",""
96,3,25,14 Mar 62,"A Likely Story",""
97,3,26,21 Mar 62,"Meeting on Molokai",""
98,3,27,28 Mar 62,"Payoff",""
99,3,28,04 Apr 62,"An Echo of Honor",""
100,3,29,11 Apr 62,"Nightmare in Paradise",""
101,3,30,18 Apr 62,"Aloha, Cricket",""
102,3,31,25 Apr 62,"The Last Samurai",""
103,3,32,02 May 62,"Rx Cricket",""
104,3,33,09 May 62,"Location Shooting",""
105,3,34,16 May 62,"Across the River Lethe",""
106,3,35,23 May 62,"Scene of the Crime",""
107,3,36,30 May 62,"Among the Living",""
108,3,37,06 Jun 62,"'V' is for Victim",""
109,3,38,13 Jun 62,"Koko Kate",""
110,3,39,20 Jun 62,"Lalama Lady",""
111,4,1,02 Oct 62,"Day in the Sun",""
112,4,2,09 Oct 62,"Somewhere There's Music",""
113,4,3,16 Oct 62,"There'll Be Some Changes Made",""
114,4,4,23 Oct 62,"The Broken Thread",""
115,4,5,30 Oct 62,"Lament for a Saturday Warrior",""
116,4,6,13 Nov 62,"The After Hours Heart",""
117,4,7,20 Nov 62,"The Sign-Off",""
118,4,8,27 Nov 62,"A Night with Nora Stewart",""
119,4,9,04 Dec 62,"To See, Perchance to Dream",""
120,4,10,11 Dec 62,"Pursuit of a Lady",""
121,4,11,18 Dec 62,"Shannon Malloy",""
122,4,12,01 Jan 63,"Go Steady with Danger",""
123,4,13,08 Jan 63,"Kupikio Kid",""
124,4,14,15 Jan 63,"Maybe Menehunes",""
125,4,15,22 Jan 63,"Pretty Pigeon",""
126,4,16,29 Jan 63,"Two Too Many",""
127,4,17,05 Feb 63,"Boar Hunt",""
128,4,18,12 Feb 63,"Go for Baroque",""
129,4,19,19 Feb 63,"The Long Way Home",""
130,4,20,26 Feb 63,"Two Million Too Much",""
131,4,21,05 Mar 63,"Blow Low, Blow Blue",""
132,4,22,19 Mar 63,"Gift of Love",""
133,4,23,26 Mar 63,"The Sisters",""
134,4,24,02 Apr 63,"Passport",""