number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jun 07,"Hook, Line and Sucker / Maxfield Parish Art Heist",""
2,1,2,28 Jun 07,"The Imposter: Dr. Barnes / Interstate Bank Mart Bandit",""
3,1,3,05 Jul 07,"Art Heist: Fine Arts Express / Medical Scams: Dr. Martinez",""
4,1,4,12 Jul 07,"Meth Identity Thieves / The Wheaton Bandit",""
5,1,5,19 Jul 07,"Religious Prey: Baptist Foundation of Arizona / Medical Scams: Dr. Mikos",""
6,1,6,26 Jul 07,"Religious Prey: Greater Ministries Int'l / It Takes a Thief",""
7,2,1,30 Jan 08,"The Martin Frankel Case",""
8,2,2,06 Feb 08,"When Greed and Giving Collide / Confessions of a Con Man",""
9,2,3,13 Feb 08,"Unsolved: $300 Million Art Heist / Preying on Faith",""
10,2,4,20 Feb 08,"Stealing $$$ from Scientologists / The Art of Fraud",""
11,2,5,27 Feb 08,"Deadly RX for Greed",""
12,2,6,05 Mar 08,"Inside the WorldCom Scam / DHS: Department of Hollywood Scams",""
13,2,7,12 Mar 08,"Fraud in Cyberspace",""
14,2,8,19 Mar 08,"Party's Over: Tyco's Kozlowski",""
15,2,9,26 Mar 08,"Driven by Greed / Conned in the Caribbean",""
16,2,10,30 Mar 08,"Robbing Hollywood's A-List / Soaking the Rich at Auction",""
17,3,1,07 Jan 09,"The Bonnie and Clyde of Mortgage Fraud",""
18,3,2,14 Jan 09,"Boy Band Mogul",""
19,3,3,21 Jan 09,"A Wall Street Wonder Takes a Fall",""
20,3,4,28 Jan 09,"Two Brothers, Two Murders",""
21,3,5,04 Feb 09,"Skin Doctor Takes His Cut / Revolutionary Guru of Greed",""
22,3,6,11 Feb 09,"A Scam Exposed: Strippers and Insider Trading / Economan: Superthief",""
23,3,7,18 Feb 09,"The Mustang Ranch: Money, Women and Murder",""
24,3,8,25 Feb 09,"The Body Snatcher",""
25,4,1,03 Feb 10,"Suicide is Painless: Sam Israel III",""
26,4,2,10 Feb 10,"The Black Widows: Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt",""
27,4,3,10 Mar 10,"Raffaello Follieri",""
28,4,4,10 Mar 10,"The Mad Max of Wall Street",""
29,4,5,17 Mar 10,"Crash and Burn",""
30,4,6,24 Mar 10,"Sholam Weiss",""
31,4,7,31 Mar 10,"Funny Money",""
32,4,8,07 Apr 10,"Flipping Frenzy Scam",""
33,4,9,14 Apr 10,"Sexual Performance Pill / Kirk Wright",""
34,4,10,21 Apr 10,"Kentucky Fen-Phen Attorneys",""
35,4,11,28 Apr 10,"Dr. Stokes / C & D Distributors",""
36,4,12,05 May 10,"Computer Hacker Masterminds",""
37,5,1,19 Jan 11,"Bank Robbing Broker",""
38,5,2,26 Jan 11,"Financial Guru Gone Bad",""
39,5,3,02 Feb 11,"Fool's Gold",""
40,5,4,09 Feb 11,"Hackers: Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin'",""
41,5,5,16 Feb 11,"A More Generous Criminal",""
42,5,6,23 Feb 11,"$1.2 Billion Scam: Ft. Frauderdale",""
43,5,7,09 Mar 11,"The Bling Ring / The Fraudster / The Ex-Stripper and the Missing Millions",""
44,5,8,16 Mar 11,"Fraudster of the Opera / Frozen Assets - The Ice Capers",""
45,5,9,23 Mar 11,"The Slaughterhouse",""
46,5,10,30 Mar 11,"The Royal Scam: Kings of Counterfeit",""
47,5,11,06 Apr 11,"The Art of the Steal / The Folsom Felon",""
48,5,12,13 Apr 11,"Hedge Fund Imposter",""
49,5,13,20 Apr 11,"The Wizard of Sarasota",""
50,5,14,27 Apr 11,"Mark Weinberger: Nose No Bounds",""
51,6,1,25 Jan 12,"Celebrity Scam Artist",""
52,6,2,01 Feb 12,"Master of Deadly Deceit",""
53,6,3,08 Feb 12,"Major League Fraud",""
54,6,4,15 Feb 12,"Baby Broker Scam",""
55,6,5,22 Feb 12,"Tom Petters Generous with Other Peoples Money",""
56,6,6,29 Feb 12,"Galleon Group: The Insider - Raj Rajaratnam",""
57,6,7,14 Mar 12,"Fine Art: Portrait of a Fraud",""
58,6,8,21 Mar 12,"Loan Scam Money for Nothing",""
59,6,9,04 Apr 12,"William Erpenbeck Real Estate Home Wrecker",""
60,6,10,02 May 12,"Nicholas Cosmo: All Interest, No Return",""
61,6,11,09 May 12,"Michael Lock Pimp Preachers Profiteer",""
62,6,12,30 May 12,"The Tran Organization: Blackjack Cheaters",""
63,6,13,20 Jun 12,"The Mormon Madoff",""
64,6,14,27 Jun 12,"Crash for Cash",""
65,6,15,11 Jul 12,"Financial Home Invasion",""
66,6,16,25 Jul 12,"The Jersey Score",""
67,6,17,01 Aug 12,"Allen Stanford: The Dark Knight",""
68,7,1,22 Feb 13,"Shipwrecked",""
69,7,2,28 Feb 13,"The Wealth Builder Club",""
70,7,3,04 Mar 13,"The Prisoner of Wall Street",""
71,7,4,11 Mar 13,"Deadly Payout",""
72,7,5,01 Apr 13,"Wild West Rip-Off",""
73,7,6,10 Apr 13,"Union Bu$ter / The Fool's Gold",""
74,7,7,16 Apr 13,"Windy City Wipeout / Miami Burn",""
75,7,8,15 Apr 13,"Dealing in Deceit",""
76,7,9,21 May 13,"Talk Radio Takedown",""
77,7,10,29 May 13,"Brooklyn's Madoff / Corrupted Software",""
78,7,11,14 Jun 13,"Greedy Groovy Guru / Doomsday Profit",""
79,7,12,18 Jul 13,"The Lady Killer",""
80,7,13,31 Jul 13,"Rapper$ Delight / Grapes of Greed",""
81,8,1,19 Mar 14,"Murder in Memphis",""
82,8,2,26 Mar 14,"Young Lust Gone Bust",""
83,8,3,02 Apr 14,"The Cunning Cowgirl Crook / Dollars for Dumps",""
84,8,4,09 Apr 14,"Sudden Death / Hip Hop Hustle",""
85,8,5,16 Apr 14,"Make Me Rich or Die / Kids for Cash",""
86,8,6,30 Apr 14,"Detroit 'Crime Boss' Mayor",""
87,8,7,30 Apr 14,"The Falcon and the Con Man",""
88,8,8,18 Jun 14,"Extreme Home Ripoffs / Greedings from Florida",""
89,8,9,25 Jun 14,"Insider Trading Trio / Cocaine Cash Cleaner",""
90,8,10,16 Jul 14,"Lights! Camera! Fraud!",""
91,8,11,23 Jul 14,"The Car Con",""
92,8,12,30 Jul 14,"A Wolf in Priest's Clothing",""
93,8,13,06 Aug 14,"The Home Invaders / Nashville's Predator",""
94,8,14,13 Aug 14,"Hail to the Thief",""
95,9,1,15 Jan 15,"A Con Man's Deadly Revenge",""
96,9,2,22 Jan 15,"The Playboy of Indiana",""
97,9,3,29 Jan 15,"Ea$y Being Green / Burglar to the Stars",""
98,9,4,05 Feb 15,"A Widow's Web",""
99,9,5,12 Feb 15,"The Cash King",""
100,9,6,19 Feb 15,"The Dirtiest Con",""
101,9,7,26 Feb 15,"Charity Begins at Home",""
102,9,8,05 Mar 15,"The Real Wolf of Wall Street",""
103,9,9,10 Jul 15,"Kevin Trudeau's Secrets / Remington Steal",""
104,9,10,17 Jul 15,"Fake It to Make It / Kill the Witnesses",""
105,9,11,24 Jul 15,""Vintage" Wine Fraud",""
106,9,12,31 Jul 15,"In Harm's Way",""
107,9,13,16 Oct 15,"The Lawyer Lies / Black Gold Bust",""
108,9,14,23 Oct 15,"Friends Without Benefits",""
109,9,15,30 Oct 15,"The Spy Who Scammed Me",""
110,9,16,06 Nov 15,"The Sky's the Limit",""
111,10,1,31 Mar 16,"Ray Nagin: New Orleans Shakedown",""
112,10,2,07 Apr 16,"The Surfer Slayer?",""
113,10,3,14 Apr 16,"A Mother's Costly Revenge",""
114,10,4,28 Apr 16,"Vanity and Greed: Deadly Beauty",""
115,10,5,12 May 16,"Psychic Fiend's Network",""
116,10,6,19 May 16,"The Bar Girls Trap",""
117,10,7,26 May 16,"Sick Profits / Hollywood Swinging",""
118,10,8,09 Jun 16,"Capturing the Fugitives",""
119,10,9,23 Jun 16,"Six Feet Plunder",""
120,10,10,30 Jun 16,"Jersey Car Stealer Dealer / Facebook Face-Off",""
121,10,11,07 Jul 16,"Pain Killer Profits",""
122,10,12,14 Jul 16,"Jamaican Lottery Scam",""
123,10,13,04 Aug 16,"The Bad Neighbors",""
124,10,14,11 Aug 16,"The Phantom Fraudster of Broadway",""
125,10,15,18 Aug 16,"Medical Gloves with Holes",""
126,10,16,25 Aug 16,"Hack Me If You Can / Goodfella Gone Bad",""
127,10,17,08 Sep 16,"Seattle Roasted / The Stealing Socialite",""
128,10,18,15 Sep 16,"Diagnosis: Blood Money / Chicago Jailbrake",""
129,10,19,22 Sep 16,"Family Fortune Feud",""
130,10,20,29 Sep 16,"Silk Road: Digital Drug Dealers",""
131,11,1,23 Jan 17,"Deadly Gold Digger",""
132,11,2,30 Jan 17,"The Real "War Dogs"",""
133,11,3,06 Feb 17,"Badge of Dishonor",""
134,11,4,13 Feb 17,"Billionaire Boys Bust",""
135,11,5,27 Feb 17,"Clean Teeth, Dirty Money / Comic Book Murder",""
136,11,6,06 Mar 17,"Sticky Fingers / Life in the Fraud Lane",""
137,11,7,13 Mar 17,"Making a Killing / Doctor Drug Dealer",""
138,11,8,20 Mar 17,"Fouled Out / Rumeal Robinson",""
139,11,9,19 Jun 17,"Recipe for Murder",""
140,11,10,26 Jun 17,"Junk in a Box / Been Caught Stealing",""
141,11,11,03 Jul 17,"From Peanuts to Sick Millions",""
142,11,12,10 Jul 17,"A Glamorous Showbiz Lie",""
143,11,13,17 Jul 17,"Deadly Black Gold Riches",""
144,11,14,24 Jul 17,"Art Schlichter: All-American Fraud",""
145,11,15,31 Jul 17,"Red Carpet Rip-Off",""
146,11,16,07 Aug 17,"Wine, Women and Fraud",""
147,11,17,14 Aug 17,"Neighborhood Inferno",""
148,11,18,21 Aug 17,"Fraud Collectors",""
149,11,19,28 Aug 17,"Lesson In Greed/Soldier Scam",""
150,11,20,04 Sep 17,"Top Gun of Fraud",""
151,12,1,26 Feb 18,"The Most Hated Man in America",""
152,12,2,05 Mar 18,"Deadly Opioids, Dirty Doctors",""
153,12,3,12 Mar 18,"Murderous Plot Meets Reality Tv",""
154,12,4,19 Mar 18,"The Polka King Con",""
155,12,5,26 Mar 18,"Stolen Valor Scam",""
156,12,6,02 Apr 18,"Conn's Job",""
157,12,7,09 Apr 18,"Blood Relatives / End of Life Scam",""
158,12,8,18 Jun 18,"Dangerous Luxury",""
159,12,9,25 Jun 18,"Billion Dollar Fraud Goes Viral",""
160,12,10,02 Jul 18,"Florida Rehab Gone Wild",""
161,12,11,13 Aug 18,"Operation Crook, Line and Stinker",""
162,12,12,20 Aug 18,"Artistic License to Steal",""
163,12,13,27 Aug 18,"The Fake Housewife of Orange County",""
164,12,14,03 Sep 18,"Online Dating Trap",""
165,12,15,10 Sep 18,"An Ungodly Scammer",""
166,12,16,17 Sep 18,"Just a Dollar and a Scheme / Lousy Landlord",""
167,12,17,24 Sep 18,"Something's Fishy: The Codfather",""
168,12,18,01 Oct 18,"Scams on Film / God and Gold",""
169,12,19,08 Oct 18,"Baby-Faced Drug Lords",""
170,12,20,22 Oct 18,"From Bouncer to Millionaire Fraudster (120 min)",""
171,13,1,12 Aug 19,"The College Admissions Scandal",""
172,13,2,19 Aug 19,"The Fyre Festival",""
173,13,3,26 Aug 19,"Paul Manafort",""
174,13,4,02 Sep 19,"Prophets of Greed",""
175,13,5,09 Sep 19,"Black Market Dirty Gold",""
176,13,6,16 Sep 19,"The House Flipping Reality Star Fraudster",""
177,13,7,06 Jan 20,"The Fake Prince's Royal Scam",""
178,13,8,13 Jan 20,"Diagnosis: Temptress Health Scam",""
179,13,9,20 Jan 20,"The Fast and the Fraudulent",""
180,13,10,27 Jan 20,"Painful Greed Turns Deadly",""
181,13,11,03 Feb 20,"Starstruck Studio Swindle",""
182,13,12,10 Feb 20,"The Luxury Curse Scam",""
183,13,13,17 Feb 20,"Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino",""
184,13,14,24 Feb 20,"Fake Heiress Cons High Society",""
185,13,15,02 Mar 20,"All-Star Sports Scam",""
186,13,16,09 Mar 20,"Judgment of Terror",""