number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 May 14,"The Ambush",""
2,1,2,06 Jun 14,"Ring of Fire",""
3,1,3,13 Jun 14,"The Morgue",""
4,1,4,20 Jun 14,"Secrets and Lies",""
5,1,5,27 Jun 14,"Daters and Traitors",""
6,1,6,11 Jul 14,"Sex and the Secret",""
7,1,7,18 Jul 14,"Fate Comes Knocking",""
8,1,8,25 Jul 14,"Proposal or Disposal",""
9,2,1,09 Jan 15,"House of Lies",""
10,2,2,16 Jan 15,"Death and Divorce Court",""
11,2,3,23 Jan 15,"Played and Betrayed",""
12,2,4,30 Jan 15,"Picture Perfect Revenge",""
13,2,5,06 Feb 15,"Shock It to Me",""
14,2,6,13 Feb 15,"Lust or Bust",""
15,2,7,20 Feb 15,"The Exorcism",""
16,2,8,27 Feb 15,"Pushed to the Edge",""
17,2,9,06 Mar 15,"Deception Indicated",""
18,2,10,13 Mar 15,"The Ultimatum",""
19,3,1,29 May 15,"Shotgun Wedding",""
20,3,2,05 Jun 15,"Death Wish",""
21,3,3,12 Jun 15,"Sex, Lies and Audiotape",""
22,3,4,19 Jun 15,"Disorderly Courtship",""
23,3,5,26 Jun 15,"Troubled Waters",""
24,3,6,10 Jul 15,"Dangerous Liasons",""
25,3,7,17 Jul 15,"The Confession",""
26,3,8,24 Jul 15,"The Sex Tape",""
27,3,9,31 Jul 15,"Grave Injustice",""
28,3,10,07 Aug 15,"The Long Lie",""
29,3,11,14 Aug 15,"Web of Lies",""
30,3,12,21 Aug 15,"Diamonds Aren't Forever",""
31,3,13,28 Aug 15,"Secrets Revealed",""
32,4,1,04 Dec 15,"An Affair to Remember",""
33,4,2,11 Dec 15,"The Secret Weapon",""
34,4,3,18 Dec 15,"Dancing with the Devil",""
35,4,4,08 Jan 16,"The Low Blow",""
36,4,5,15 Jan 16,"Sugar Coated Lies",""
37,4,6,22 Jan 16,"Kiss and Tell",""
38,4,7,29 Jan 16,"Mocked and Rocked",""
39,4,8,05 Feb 16,"Love and Behold",""
40,4,9,12 Feb 16,"Poly-Wrath",""
41,4,10,19 Feb 16,"The Broken Heart",""
42,4,11,26 Feb 16,"Secrets Revealed",""
43,5,1,03 Jun 16,"Taradise Lost",""
44,5,2,10 Jun 16,"Over My Dead Body",""
45,5,3,17 Jun 16,"Loose Lips Kill Relationships",""
46,5,4,24 Jun 16,"Memp-hitz the Fan",""
47,5,5,08 Jul 16,"Hit Me with Your Best Shock",""
48,5,6,15 Jul 16,"Puppet Master",""
49,5,7,22 Jul 16,"Trainwrecking",""
50,5,8,29 Jul 16,"Panic in the Control Room",""
51,5,9,05 Aug 16,"Lying Up a Storm",""
52,5,10,12 Aug 16,"Unveil the Betrayal (122 min)",""
53,5,11,19 Aug 16,"Secrets Revealed",""
54,6,1,07 Oct 16,"Can I Get a Witness?",""
55,6,2,14 Oct 16,"The Deadly Storm",""
56,6,3,21 Oct 16,"Blood in the Water (120 min)",""
57,6,4,28 Oct 16,"Stranger Danger",""
58,6,5,04 Nov 16,"Pedal to the Meddle",""
59,6,6,11 Nov 16,"I Want a Husband and a Wife!",""
60,6,7,18 Nov 16,"The Weakest Link",""
61,6,8,02 Dec 16,"Black Heart Down",""
62,6,9,09 Dec 16,"Jersey House Lies",""
63,6,10,16 Dec 16,"Make Merika Great Again",""
64,7,1,06 Jan 17,"100 Questions and Counting",""
65,7,2,13 Jan 17,"Two of a Crime",""
66,7,3,20 Jan 17,"Bust a Move",""
67,7,4,27 Jan 17,"Children of the Scorned",""
68,7,5,03 Feb 17,"Let Them Eat Pie",""
69,7,6,10 Feb 17,"I'm Too Sexy for My Dirt",""
70,7,7,17 Feb 17,"Joe Blows",""
71,7,8,24 Feb 17,"What the Buck",""
72,7,9,03 Mar 17,"Lying in the Wait",""
73,7,10,10 Mar 17,"You Booze, You Lose (65 min)",""
74,8,1,28 Apr 17,"Family Edition: Wreck the Halls (65 min)",""
75,8,2,05 May 17,"Family Edition: Close Your Coffin (70 min)",""
76,8,3,12 May 17,"Family Edition: Another Brick in the Wall (64 min)",""
77,8,4,19 May 17,"Family Edition: Mama Don't Play (72 min)",""
78,8,5,02 Jun 17,"Family Edition: Can't Escape the Situation",""
79,8,6,09 Jun 17,"Family Edition: Ding Dong the Witch is Wed!",""
80,8,7,16 Jun 17,"Family Edition: Mamageddon",""
81,8,8,23 Jun 17,"The F Bomb (120 min)",""
82,9,1,13 Oct 17,"Becky With the Good Hair",""
83,9,2,20 Oct 17,"Murder He Wrote",""
84,9,3,27 Oct 17,"Great Balls of Blame!",""
85,9,4,03 Nov 17,"Single and Ready to Strangle",""
86,9,5,10 Nov 17,"Man Overboard",""
87,9,6,17 Nov 17,"There's No Crying in Threesomes!",""
88,9,7,01 Dec 17,"Prison Breakdown",""
89,9,8,08 Dec 17,"Playing with Fire",""
90,9,9,15 Dec 17,"Pretty Little Liars",""
91,9,10,22 Dec 17,"The Exorcism",""
92,10,1,09 Mar 18,"Family Edition: Show and Hell",""
93,10,2,16 Mar 18,"Family Edition: Snake in the Grass",""
94,10,3,23 Mar 18,"Family Edition: Who let the Dogs Out?",""
95,10,4,30 Mar 18,"Family Edition: Rose All Day",""
96,10,5,06 Apr 18,"Family Edition: Boot Camping",""
97,10,6,13 Apr 18,"Family Edition: Come Hell or High Water",""
98,10,7,20 Apr 18,"Family Edition: Scrooged and Abused",""
99,10,8,27 Apr 18,"Family Edition: Don't Hate, Participate",""
100,10,9,04 May 18,"Family Edition: The Last Lie",""
101,10,10,11 May 18,"Family Edition: A Family Affair",""
102,10,11,18 May 18,"Family Edition: Secrets Revealed",""
103,11,1,07 Sep 18,"Lovers & Liars: Prom Night",""
104,11,2,14 Sep 18,"Lovers & Liars: Check Your Baggage",""
105,11,3,21 Sep 18,"Lovers & Liars: Death Wish",""
106,11,4,28 Sep 18,"Lovers & Liars: Love Shock",""
107,11,5,05 Oct 18,"Lovers & Liars: Drunk in Love",""
108,11,6,12 Oct 18,"Lovers & Liars: Talk Dirty to Me",""
109,11,7,19 Oct 18,"Lovers & Liars: Night Terrors",""
110,11,8,26 Oct 18,"Lovers & Liars: Ice Ice Baby",""
111,11,9,02 Nov 18,"Lovers & Liars: Bachelor Secret Revealed!",""
112,11,10,09 Nov 18,"Lovers & Liars: End of the Road",""
S04,4,0,20 Nov 15,"Season 4, First Look (5 min)",""
S04,4,0,26 Feb 16,"Secrets Revealed; Baby Shower",""
S05,5,0,27 May 16,"Season 5, First Look (8 min)",""
S05,5,0,03 Jun 16,"Where Are They Now?",""
S05,5,0,23 Sep 16,"Season 6, First Look (16 min)",""
S06,6,0,07 Oct 16,"Most Outrageous Moments",""
S07,7,0,30 Dec 16,"Season 7 First Look (10 min)",""
S08,8,0,21 Apr 17,"Season 8 First Look (12 min)",""