number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Apr 10,"The Evidence (120 min)",""
2,1,2,27 Apr 10,"The Visitors (120 min)",""
3,1,3,04 May 10,"The Mission (120 min)",""
4,1,4,18 May 10,"Closer Encounters (120 min)",""
5,1,5,25 May 10,"The Return (120 min)",""
6,2,1,28 Oct 10,"Mysterious Places",""
7,2,2,04 Nov 10,"Gods & Aliens",""
8,2,3,11 Nov 10,"Underwater Worlds",""
9,2,4,18 Nov 10,"Underground Aliens",""
10,2,5,25 Nov 10,"Aliens and the Third Reich",""
11,2,6,02 Dec 10,"Alien Tech",""
12,2,7,09 Dec 10,"Angels and Aliens",""
13,2,8,16 Dec 10,"Unexplained Structures",""
14,2,9,23 Dec 10,"Alien Devastations",""
15,2,10,30 Dec 10,"Alien Contacts",""
16,3,1,28 Jul 11,"Aliens and the Old West",""
17,3,2,04 Aug 11,"Aliens and Monsters",""
18,3,3,11 Aug 11,"Aliens and Sacred Places",""
19,3,4,18 Aug 11,"Aliens and the Temples of Gold",""
20,3,5,25 Aug 11,"Aliens and Mysterious Rituals",""
21,3,6,01 Sep 11,"Aliens and Ancient Engineers",""
22,3,7,08 Sep 11,"Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics",""
23,3,8,15 Sep 11,"Aliens and Lost Worlds",""
24,3,9,22 Sep 11,"Aliens and Deadly Weapons",""
25,3,10,28 Sep 11,"Aliens and Evil Places",""
26,3,11,05 Oct 11,"Aliens and the Founding Fathers",""
27,3,12,12 Oct 11,"Aliens and Deadly Cults",""
28,3,13,19 Oct 11,"Aliens and the Secret Code",""
29,3,14,26 Oct 11,"Aliens and the Undead",""
30,3,15,16 Nov 11,"Aliens, Gods and Heroes",""
31,3,16,23 Nov 11,"Aliens and the Creation of Man",""
32,4,1,17 Feb 12,"The Mayan Conspiracy",""
33,4,2,17 Feb 12,"The Doomsday Prophecies",""
34,4,3,24 Feb 12,"The Greys",""
35,4,4,02 Mar 12,"Aliens and Mega-Disasters",""
36,4,5,09 Mar 12,"The NASA Connection",""
37,4,6,16 Mar 12,"The Mystery of Puma Punku",""
38,4,7,23 Mar 12,"Aliens and Bigfoot",""
39,4,8,06 Apr 12,"The Da Vinci Conspiracy",""
40,4,9,27 Apr 12,"The Time Travelers",""
41,4,10,04 May 12,"Aliens and Dinosaurs",""
42,5,1,21 Dec 12,"Secrets of the Pyramids",""
43,5,2,28 Dec 12,"Aliens and Cover-Ups",""
44,5,3,04 Jan 13,"Alien Power Plants",""
45,5,4,11 Jan 13,"Destination Orion",""
46,5,5,18 Jan 13,"The Einstein Factor",""
47,5,6,25 Jan 13,"Secrets of the Tombs",""
48,5,7,08 Feb 13,"Prophets and Prophecies",""
49,5,8,15 Feb 13,"Beyond Nazca",""
50,5,9,22 Feb 13,"Strange Abductions",""
51,5,10,05 Apr 13,"The von Däniken Legacy",""
52,5,11,12 Apr 13,"The Viking Gods",""
53,5,12,19 Apr 13,"The Monoliths",""
54,6,1,30 Sep 13,"The Power of Three",""
55,6,2,07 Oct 13,"The Crystal Skulls",""
56,6,3,14 Oct 13,"The Anunnaki Connection",""
57,6,4,21 Oct 13,"Magic of the Gods",""
58,6,5,28 Oct 13,"The Satan Conspiracy",""
59,6,6,01 Nov 13,"Alien Operations",""
60,6,7,08 Nov 13,"Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs",""
61,6,8,15 Nov 13,"Mysterious Relics",""
62,6,9,29 Nov 13,"Aliens and Forbidden Islands",""
63,6,10,06 Dec 13,"Aliens and the Lost Ark",""
64,6,11,13 Dec 13,"Aliens and Mysterious Mountains",""
65,7,1,24 Jan 14,"Aliens and Stargates",""
66,7,2,31 Jan 14,"Aliens in America",""
67,7,3,07 Feb 14,"The Star Children",""
68,7,4,14 Feb 14,"Treasure of the Gods",""
69,7,5,21 Feb 14,"Aliens and the Red Planet",""
70,7,6,28 Feb 14,"The Shamans",""
71,7,7,07 Mar 14,"Aliens and Insects",""
72,7,8,14 Mar 14,"Alien Breeders",""
73,8,1,13 Jun 14,"Alien Transports",""
74,8,2,20 Jun 14,"Mysterious Structures",""
75,8,3,27 Jun 14,"Mysterious Devices",""
76,8,4,25 Jul 14,"Faces of the Gods",""
77,8,5,25 Jul 14,"The Reptilians",""
78,8,6,01 Aug 14,"The Tesla Experiment",""
79,8,7,08 Aug 14,"The God Particle",""
80,8,8,15 Aug 14,"Alien Encounters",""
81,8,9,22 Aug 14,"Aliens & Superheroes",""
82,9,1,31 Oct 14,"Forbidden Caves",""
83,9,2,07 Nov 14,"Mysteries of the Sphinx",""
84,9,3,14 Nov 14,"Aliens Among Us",""
85,9,4,21 Nov 14,"The Genius Factor",""
86,9,5,28 Nov 14,"Secrets of the Mummies",""
87,9,6,05 Dec 14,"Alien Resurrections",""
88,9,7,19 Dec 14,"Alien Messages",""
89,9,8,23 Dec 14,"The Great Flood",""
90,9,9,10 Apr 15,"Aliens and the Civil War",""
91,9,10,17 Apr 15,"Hidden Pyramids",""
92,9,11,24 Apr 15,"The Vanishings",""
93,9,12,01 May 15,"The Alien Agenda",""
94,10,1,24 Jul 15,"Aliens B.C.",""
95,10,2,31 Jul 15,"NASA's Secret Agenda",""
96,10,3,07 Aug 15,"Aliens and Robots",""
97,10,4,14 Aug 15,"Dark Forces",""
98,10,5,21 Aug 15,"The Alien Evolution",""
99,10,6,28 Aug 15,"The Other Earth",""
100,10,7,04 Sep 15,"Creatures of the Deep",""
101,10,8,18 Sep 15,"Circles from the Sky",""
102,10,9,02 Oct 15,"The Alien Wars (63 min)",""
103,10,10,09 Oct 15,"The Forbidden Zones",""
104,11,1,06 May 16,"Pyramids of Antarctica",""
105,11,2,13 May 16,"Destination Mars",""
106,11,3,20 May 16,"The Next Humans",""
107,11,4,27 May 16,"The New Evidence",""
108,11,5,10 Jun 16,"The Visionaries",""
109,11,6,17 Jun 16,"Decoding the Cosmic Egg",""
110,11,7,24 Jun 16,"The Wisdom Keepers",""
111,11,8,08 Jul 16,"The Mysterious Nine",""
112,11,9,15 Jul 16,"The Hidden Empire",""
113,11,10,22 Jul 16,"The Prototypes",""
114,11,11,29 Jul 16,"Space Station Moon",""
115,11,12,12 Aug 16,"Russia's Secret Files",""
116,11,13,19 Aug 16,"Beyond Roswell",""
117,11,14,26 Aug 16,"The Returned",""
118,11,15,02 Sep 16,"Shiva the Destroyer",""
119,12,1,28 Apr 17,"The Alien Hunters",""
120,12,2,05 May 17,"Forged by the Gods (63 min)",""
121,12,3,12 May 17,"The Mystery of Rudloe Manor (63 min)",""
122,12,4,19 May 17,"The Alien Architects",""
123,12,5,26 May 17,"The Pharaohs' Curse",""
124,12,6,02 Jun 17,"The Science Wars",""
125,12,7,09 Jun 17,"City of the Gods",""
126,12,8,16 Jun 17,"The Alien Frequency (63 min)",""
127,12,9,07 Jul 17,"The Majestic Twelve (63 min)",""
128,12,10,14 Jul 17,"The Akashic Record",""
129,12,11,21 Jul 17,"Voices of the Gods",""
130,12,12,28 Jul 17,"The Animal Agenda",""
131,12,13,04 Aug 17,"The Replicants",""
132,12,14,11 Aug 17,"A Spaceship Made of Stone",""
133,12,15,08 Sep 17,"The Alien Disks",""
134,12,16,15 Sep 17,"Return to Gobekli Tepe",""
135,13,1,27 Apr 18,"The UFO Conspiracy (120 min)",""
136,13,2,04 May 18,"Da Vinci's Forbidden Codes",""
137,13,3,11 May 18,"The Alien Protocols",""
138,13,4,18 May 18,"Earth's Black Holes",""
139,13,5,25 May 18,"The Desert Codes",""
140,13,6,01 Jun 18,"Area 52",""
141,13,7,20 Jul 18,"Earth Station Egypt (120 min)",""
142,13,8,27 Jul 18,"Island of the Giants",""
143,13,9,03 Aug 18,"The Taken",""
144,13,10,10 Aug 18,"The Sentinels",""
145,13,11,17 Aug 18,"Russia Declassified",""
146,13,12,24 Aug 18,"They Came from the Sky",""
147,13,13,31 Aug 18,"The Artificial Human (120 min)",""
148,13,14,04 Jan 19,"The Alien Phenomenon (120 min)",""
149,13,15,07 Jan 19,"Return to Mars (120 min)",""
150,14,1,31 May 19,"Episode 1",""
S01,1,0,08 Mar 09,"Chariots, Gods & Beyond",""
S06,6,0,25 Jul 14,"Faces of the Gods",""
S09,9,0,15 May 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: Beyond Nazca",""
S09,9,0,22 May 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: The Monoliths",""
S09,9,0,29 May 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: The Tesla Experiment",""
S09,9,0,05 Jun 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Power Plants",""
S09,9,0,12 Jun 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: The Mystery of Puma Punku",""
S09,9,0,19 Jun 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Messages",""
S09,9,0,26 Jun 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Lost Ark",""
S10,10,0,24 Jul 15,"The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Creation of Man",""
S12,12,0,23 Jun 17,"Declassified: Top Secret Aliens (250 min)",""