number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Apr 13,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,07 Apr 13,"Empty Box",""
3,1,3,14 Apr 13,"A Secret to the Heart Nearest",""
4,1,4,21 Apr 13,"Talking",""
5,1,5,28 Apr 13,"Bonds",""
6,1,6,05 May 13,"Reassembly",""
7,1,7,12 May 13,"Wrong Man",""
8,1,8,19 May 13,"Something Dangerous",""
9,2,1,06 Apr 14,"Children of Darkness, Children of Light",""
10,2,2,13 Apr 14,"Boundaries",""
11,2,3,20 Apr 14,"From Whose Bourn No Traveler Returns",""
12,2,4,27 Apr 14,"Also Be the Consolation",""
13,2,5,04 May 14,"Put Away Childish Things",""
14,2,6,11 May 14,"The Stories We Tell",""
15,2,7,18 May 14,"Cor Unum, Corambis",""
16,2,8,25 May 14,"Project Madman",""
17,3,1,04 Apr 15,"Our Rendezvous Is Fitly Appointed",""
18,3,2,04 Apr 15,"The Converging Objects of the Universe Perpetually Flow",""
19,3,3,04 Apr 15,"Mortised in Granite",""
20,3,4,04 Apr 15,"Form and Union and Plan",""
21,3,5,04 Apr 15,"The Threads That Were Spun Are Gathered",""
22,3,6,04 Apr 15,"Some Intricate Purpose",""
23,3,7,04 Apr 15,"The Terrible Doubt of Appearances",""
24,3,8,04 Apr 15,"All Truths Wait in All Things",""