number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Jun 16,"A Time to Heal",""
2,1,2,22 Jun 16,"The Baptism",""
3,1,3,22 Jun 16,"We Shall See Him as He Is",""
4,1,4,29 Jun 16,"Behind Closed Doors",""
5,1,5,06 Jul 16,"Meaningful Survival",""
6,1,6,13 Jul 16,"Good Morning, Calvary",""
7,1,7,20 Jul 16,"One Train May Hide Another",""
8,1,8,27 Jul 16,"The Whole Book",""
9,1,9,03 Aug 16,"The Broken Road",""
10,1,10,10 Aug 16,"March to the Sea",""
11,1,11,17 Aug 16,"Men Like Trees Walking",""
12,1,12,24 Aug 16,"Veni, Vidi, Vici",""
13,1,13,31 Aug 16,"What Are You Doing Here?",""
14,2,1,15 Mar 17,"A House Divided",""
15,2,2,22 Mar 17,"Strange Bedfellows",""
16,2,3,29 Mar 17,"A Mother's Love",""
17,2,4,05 Apr 17,"Revival",""
18,2,5,12 Apr 17,"Point of No Return",""
19,2,6,19 Apr 17,"The Royal Family",""
20,2,7,26 Apr 17,"Born to Trouble",""
21,2,8,03 May 17,"And the Sparks Fly Upward",""
22,2,9,15 Aug 17,"The Bear",""
23,2,10,16 Aug 17,"Call Not Complete",""
24,2,11,23 Aug 17,"Changing Season",""
25,2,12,30 Aug 17,"House Rules",""
26,2,13,06 Sep 17,"Silence and Loneliness",""
27,2,14,13 Sep 17,"The Father's Will",""
28,2,15,20 Sep 17,"Two By Two",""
29,2,16,27 Sep 17,"The Pearl",""
S02,2,0,15 Feb 17,"Meet the Greenleaf Family (30 min)",""